Monday, August 18, 2008

In The Interest Of Fairness

Apparently, when I wrote a post yesterday about Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi getting married, it struck a sore spot with some people on the right. I have been accused of being a hypocrite and of having a double standard, because I had the audacity of including a clip in which Ellen Degeneres explained to John McCain how she felt not having the same rights as other Americans.

The odd thing is they seemed more outraged that I did not have a clip of Degeneres confronting Barack Obama about the same issue. This is even though no such clip exists.

I do find it quite ironic that now, the right is all for the Fairness Doctrine.

But, unlike Charlie Sykes, I won't whine about how the right is trying to shut me up. Instead, I will acquiesce to their demands by showing not one, but three different clips with Obama and Degeneres.

The first one shows that Obama has a dirty, shameful family secret:

Then we have one that comes via Brew City Brawler, showing how Obama really wants to take over the world:

And finally, another one in which Obama gets grilled over his role as a father. Please note, I think this may be where the Messiah thing got started:

There. Three separate videos. But somehow, I don't think this will satisfy the right's craving for histrionic, selective outrage.

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