Saturday, April 28, 2012


Another ad from Wisconsin for Falk:

I can't wait to see what faux outrage I'll be seeing from this one.


  1. Not one man (save for the boy) pictured in her ad. I feel she is trying to get as much traction from this (faux) war on women that she can.

    1. Wow! A little hypersensitive, are we?

  2. Just don't see how Falk wins north of, say, Oshkosh. She'll do well in Madison, parts of Milwaukee, parts of our other larger towns/cities... but please explain how this Madtown liberal, as she is seen by many Wisconsinites, can win in Green Bay and other blue collar cities?
    Falk would make a fine governor, but realistically Barrett appeals to a much broader section of voters.
    Your total zeal for Falk is puzzling. As I remember Falk from my Madison days, she was constantly at odds with others, even those on her own side.

  3. 2006 election:

    Brown County, Doyle -2 points
    Winnebago County, Doyle +3.3

    2010 election:

    Brown County, Barrett -13.6 points
    Winnebago County, Barrett -9.6

    Not exactly a picture of electoral strength up north. The good news is it couldn't get worse.