Sunday, May 6, 2012

What Walker Is Saying Behind Our Backs

We all know that Scott Walker has been traveling around the country for most of the past year to raise money for his recall campaign and his legal cooperation fund.

But he's also apparently been given mailing lists from groups like the Republican Governors Association and who knows who else. He's been mailing fund raising letters to people around the country.

While that's outrageous enough on its face, you should see what he is saying to these people as he tries to get their money.

Take for example, this solicitation letter:

First Walker Solicitation

Take note of the usual scare language, the demonizing and misrepresentation of the protesters and the Fab 14, and the claims of victimization.

My favorite part:
They aren't kidding.
They mean business.
And they don't play by the same rules you and I do.
Well, he is right on that last part. We're not part of the Walkergate scandal which includes stealing from veterans and their families or using government equipment and staff to campaign and raise funds.

And if you learned nothing else from me, it should be that with Walker, there's more. There's always more.

He followed that first letter up with a second one:

Second Walker Solicitation

In this letter, he really goes over the top, saying so much garbage as "days" of protest outside his house and that we're raising over $40 million to get him out of office.

Also note that the amount of money he is asking for has jumped exponentially, going from a the usual amounts of $25 or $50 to asking for $10,000 as a starting point.

In the second letter, he includes another twisted truthiness statement when he said that we were trying to prevent him from putting in his "reforms desperately needed to revive our state's economy-in-crisis."

That is a true statement in the sense that Wisconsin's economy wasn't in crisis before he took over and we didn't want him to put it in one.

If you weren't fired up for the recall before, or if your passion was starting to wane, this should get the flames burning hot again.


  1. I particularly like the "for every protestor there are 20 people coming up to me asking how they can support me." If that were the case, he would not be soliciting funds from people in Boca Raton.

    Thank Gerald for providing these letters. They are truly outrageous.

  2. Wow, I didn't think I could hate Walker any more than I already did, but these letters made it possible.

  3. I have been sending back fake absentee ballots from the repbulican party for months; apparently big, out of state $ is paying for a lot of pathetic "pork" mail. Return it ALL to sender & let them pay for it. I am a known Democrat who circulated recall petitions; I think they are trying to trick & harass me.

  4. Those letters show how his little mind works. Any chance of them getting even more publicity?

  5. I want the Walker fundraising letter that I read about, received by a guy in another state -- the letter in which Walker whined about one Dem candidate's fundraising in other states.

  6. The friends of Walker keep sending me crap too...posters for my yard etc... but i can't stand the douche so i just stuff everything back into their prepaid envelope along with a note of Recall Walker and send it back.

  7. If there was a way to trace the distribution of these monies sooner than the quarterly reports, would we find these monies are not being spent but are actually being reserved for the "Legal Cooperation Fund? Is there a disclaimer implied or spoken (not in writing) that would inform donors that they may be used for this other purpose?
    I ask because it seems really ludicrous that these millions can actually be spent in the recall primary & general election.
    What is the campaign cash flow?
    Who are the Republican firms (PR, catering, advertising, rental spaces, hotels, etc) that are cashing in on this cash.
    Is the Walker campaign paying for their expenses in a timely manner?
    Are these donations being used for his out of state trips to get out of state monies?

    1. Walker can't put money in his legal cooperation fund without permission of the donor, but he doesn't have to say who the donors are. And he has spent $21 million already on TV ad, radio ads and direct mailers not just to Wisconsinites but to people all over the country.

  8. Why does the letterhead look like it's from the Governor's office? Seems like a big no-nno to me.

    And the paranoia and projection in these letters is just priceless. This is yet another reason we have to smash these bastards, because scared, lying losers like this have no business running anything, let alone our state.

  9. This type of speech is unbecoming of a governor. A hooters girl, maybe, but not of a governor. If these mercenary minion thug bully teachers were so rich, he would have tried to become one by now. What a disgrace that a sitting governor would say that about people who willingly chose a low-paying career for the greater good. Shame on him.