Sunday, August 20, 2017

Trustee Hendricks to Beloit College Students Of Color - Go Away!

By Jeff Simpson

We have covered Diane Hendricks numerous times here at CogDis.  She is the widow of Ken Hendricks of ABC Supply company in Beloit and one of the richest women in the world.  Ms. Hendricks is also a Trustee at Beloit College and also one of the top GOP funders in Wisconsin,.  Ms. Hendricks was also VP of the Trump victory fund.  

I was adamant that having Ms, Hendricks serve on both, was incredibly bad for Beloit College's reputation around the world.

Diane Hendricks recently added another title to her resume - Nazi Sympathizer!

Last weekend, in Charlottesville, VA, an empowered far right wing full of Nazis, and white supremacists, grabbed their tiki torches and marched on the city screaming hate!    

While it turned the stomachs of most sane Americans, and many business people and community leaders started distancing themselves from these sickening events.  

However it was pretty much widely accepted that the completely failed the humanity test, was elected Republicans.   From The Donald on down, no leaders stepped up in the Republican party to say - hey that is not who we are or what we want to be!    Most just ran from the questions.

With the outrage and disgust, still white hot among the country, The Donald tried to do damage control.   No not the kind where he truly denounced this hate, but the kind where he made sure the billionaires would still hand him unlimited money.    

Among this select group of far far right billionaires was Beloit, Wisconsin's own Diane Hendricks.   Ms. Hendricks let The Donald know that no amount of Nazi's and white supremacists would stop her from donating to the cause.  

Of course we know the cause being, less taxes and regulations for billionaires and no chance of the working class to ever organize of stand up for themselves.

All for me, none for thee!

Ms. Hendricks, who lives in a city with approximately 25% people of color, let it be known that she sympathizes with the white power marchers!  

This is what she told The Donald was OK!  They might as well be giving free reign to David Duke.  

On August 21st, Beloit College welcomes its newest freshman class to town.   Maybe this is the video that their most famous Trustee might as well have helped produce this video:

Welcome to Beloit my white friends, the rest of you watch your step.  

It is sad what has happened to America, it is even sadder to me that my College overlooks hate for the almighty dollar!  

If you want to voice your displeasure that a Trustee of Beloit College is a Nazi sympathizer, here is the contact info:

Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511
Toll-free Phone: 800-331-4943
Local Phone: 608-363-2656
FAX: 608-363-2459
Planned Giving:

Friday, August 18, 2017

Foxconn Cheat Sheet

By Gordon Hintz

Claim: Foxconn will invest $10 billion in constructing a new plant in Wisconsin

·         Foxconn has not invested $10 billion over the last five years on all of its factories combined.

·         The more Foxconn spends on infrastructure, the less likely it will be adding actual human jobs as the significant infrastructure spending would be for automation. Foxconn has rapidly moved towards automation in recent years replacing 60,000 workers in 2016 with robots.

·         In the past year, Foxconn has pledged investments of $5 billion investment in India; $3.65 billion in Kunshan, China and $8.8 billion in Guangzhou, China. Including the pledge of $10 billion in Wisconsin, Foxconn has pledged $27.5 billion in this year alone. This would be more than they have spent over the past 23 years.

Claim: Foxconn will create 13,000 jobs

·         Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou made no reference to the number of jobs the facility would create.

·         And in a news release, Foxconn was notably more measured than Governor Walker was, using the word "potential" in saying the plant would "create 3,000 jobs with the potential to grow to 13,000 new jobs."

·         President Trump used the same word, saying 3,000 jobs would be created "at a minimum, with the potential for up to 13,000 jobs in the very near future."

·         The company has said the plant would employ 3,000 workers at the beginning but the state's agreement in principle with Foxconn has no minimum jobs requirement.

·         If Foxconn spends $10 billion, the only way to make it economically viable is to keep the numbers of workers low and lean on automation to enhance productivity. If the LCD factory happens, it will be either labor intensive or highly automated. It will not be both.

Claim: Foxconn jobs will pay an average $53,900 a year

·         Foxconn has told the state that plant salaries would start at $41,600.

·         Of the 13,000 “potential” jobs, 75% of the jobs would be hourly operators and techs, presumably starting at $41,600, which would make the median wage at Foxconn $41,600.

·         However, any job paying $30,000 or more would qualify for the state incentives. A $30,000 job at Foxconn would mean that given the state 17% subsidy, Foxconn would be paying a little more than $12 per hour.

Claim: Foxconn has to create jobs to get the cash payments

·         Under the Foxconn bill, the company could get up to $1.35 billion in cash for making the full investment in the plant and robots — even if the market changes and the company is forced to abandon the plant.

Claim: It will take 25 years to recoup state taxpayer investment

·         According to the LFB, under the best case scenario, it would take 25 years to recoup the $2.85 million of taxpayer investment assuming:

o   The company invests $10 billion.

o   10,200 construction workers and suppliers earning an average of $59,600 per year during the four year construction period (2018-2021).

o   13,000 direct jobs at an average of $53,875 per year are in place and filled by calendar year 2021. This includes 1,040 jobs in place and filled by June of 2017.

o   22,000 indirect jobs averaging $51,000 per year are in place and filled by calendar year 2021.

o   If Foxconn falls short of job targets but still invests $10 billion (think robots) the pay back date could be closer to 2075.

Claim: Wisconsin will develop a supply chain for the LCD panels produced at Foxconn

·         Creating an entire supply chain requires the kind of low-skill assembly line jobs that Apple now offshores to countries like China for compensation well below minimum pay in the U.S.

·         As a result, it is unclear whether the company will even source its LCD panels from the Wisconsin factory. There are hundreds of parts that go into LCD panel production. It is unrealistic to have a supply chain by definition in the United States in 2017 and beyond.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Peter Barca Must Resign!

By Jeff Simpson 

The Wisconsin Assembly today voted to give Foxconn, the Taiwanese Company that made a $148 Billion in profits last year, $3 billion dollars in Wisconsin taxpayer dollars to maybe come here and build a factory.   

Lawmakers passed the legislation authored by Gov. Scott Walker 59-30, after the chamber’s Republicans cheered it as a smart bet for taxpayers with massive upside for the state’s economy and over Democrats’ criticism that the deal is a gigantic gamble with state funds.
The legislation drew “no” votes from two Republicans and “yes” votes from Democrats who represent southeastern Wisconsin where Foxconn wants to build — including Rep. Cory Mason, who is running for mayor of Racine.(edit note:  Peter Barca and Tod Ohnstead also voted  yes). 
 Yes Tod Ohnstead voted for it because its in his backyard so while we all lose he will recoup some of the dollars maybe.   Cory Mason voted for it because he is too scared to go into the race for Mayor, allowing them to use it against him.  Cory Mason is in this fight for Cory Mason, the rest of us are collateral damage for Mason's career ambitions.    

Neither of these votes are remotely surprising.    However the one we need to address is Peter Barca's. 

Peter Barca is the minority "leader" of the Assembly.   Here at CogDis we have called for Mr. Barca to step down from this position and just continue on in his safely gerrymandered seat.

Tonight, Peter Barca showed that he had zero interest in leading the Democrats and with maybe the biggest and most important election in our lifetime in 2018, it is imperative to the future of Wisconsin that Peter Barca give up his leadership role within the party!

Lets take a look a Barca's night.   

  Aug 15
MoreDems offered several changes to Foxconn bill to make it better 4 taxpayers, workers & the environment. None passed.
Ok Mr. Barca recognizes its a bad bill, and tries to make it acceptable to no avail.   

Barca isn't done:

  3 hours ago3 hours agoMore

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, told reporters that Assembly Republicans did everything possible to win Democrats’ support for the measure, but Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, disputed that — saying he “never got that call” to work with Republicans on the package.
Barca proposed moving the bill to a committee tasked with approving financial measures and writing the state’s budget, but Republicans rejected the motion.
Barca, who represents the area in which Foxconn is eyeing to build, argued that “we can come back on a better, stronger deal for the taxpayers, the workers, the small businesses and will protect the environment.”
 Now that is leadership.  Representative Barca was at the forefront of pointing out exactly what was wrong with the bill, working to make it at least semi acceptable and one where the taxpayers do not lose in the end.

Unfortunately,  Barca was not successful in improving or slowing down the bill, so what does he do?

Even so, Barca ended up supporting the bill.

Barca, called it absurd, was lied to(and used as a prop) by Speaker Vos and knows that the environment is in danger with Foxconn and proudly voted YES!     

How do you, as leader of the Democratic party in the Assembly, vote against almost every other member of your caucus?   How do you give cover to Scott Walker and the Assembly Republicans by going along with a taxpayer funded welfare bill to a multi billionaire just to have something to run on in the next election?

We have a Governor who has a long record of economic disasters, who negotiated a deal with a company, that is best known for having suicide nets to keep their workers from killing themselves.   Now after cutting almost $3 billion dollars from our K-Grad public education system, we are handing the same amount over to a company that has a history of taking money and broken promises.    Yet the Democratic troops voted no and their "leader" voted yes.

How can anyone who is an elected Democrat, Democratic party member, donor or volunteer, how can you look at Peter Barca with respect as a leader?  When the Democrats all over the state campaign on the fact that Foxconn has not lived up to any promises yet, the Party of Walker can point out that the Leader of the Democrats voted yes also!    

The only possible way that the Democrats can head into 2018 with a chance to win is to actually head into 2018 with a leader.

Peter Barca must resign his leadership role immediately!

My Recommendations for new Assembly Minority Leader:

1.  Representative Jonathan Brostoff 

2.  Representative Chris Taylor 
3.  Representative Katrina Shankland 
4.  Representative Jimmy Anderson!

Make one of these four the new leader of the Democrats in the Assembly and we will win many seats in 2018!    

Continue on the same course and we will continue getting the same results!

Let Mr. Barca know its time to pass on the leadership of the party!

       Room 201 West                            Capitol Office: (608) 266-5504                      
         State Capitol                                   Toll Free: (888) 534-0064
         P.O. Box 8952
      Madison, WI 53708
                 Fax                                                        Email
        (608) 282-3664                

Twitter  - @peterwbarca

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Where Will Wisconsin Find the Workers?

By Gordon Hintz

The shiny object in front of lawmakers’ eyes when talking about the Foxconn proposal is the potential of new jobs.  “13,000 direct jobs!  Another 22,000 indirect jobs!” 

All of these claims ignore the reality in 2017 Wisconsin faces. If the jobs do materialize, where will the workers come from? 

The important statistic when considering the availability of labor is the “prime working age” population, which economists classify as people between 25 and 54 years old. Wisconsin had 105,000 fewer prime working age people in 2015 than it did in 2010. Some of the sharpest decreases occurred in Jefferson, Kenosha, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha counties. As the state with the 15th oldest population in the U.S., Wisconsin’s prime working age population is expected to continue to shrink through 2040 to just 33% of its total population.  This is down from 41% in 2010. 

Looking at 2016 census estimates for Racine and Kenosha counties, Racine lost 6,709 (8.3%) of its prime working age population in just the past 6 years. Kenosha lost 2,998 (4.3%) since 2010.  So the very region being counted on to fill as many as 35,000 jobs has a smaller number of working aged people, and that number is continuing to decrease. 

Wisconsin’s current and future demographic challenge is not new, but considerations for how the state will address this challenge and manage the consequences do not seem to be at the forefront of the Governor’s current decision-making. 

In addition to the lost workforce due to the retirements of baby boomers, more than 27,000 people left Wisconsin between 2010 and 2014, according to a study from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX). According to Todd Berry, WISTAX president, Wisconsin lost people “at a faster rate than we should, and this means not only are we not going to grow the workforce, we’re going to see a shrinking workforce if we keep that up.” 

If you build it, will they come? 

Wisconsin is not alone in facing a labor shortage. Both Illinois and Michigan face shrinking working age populations, while Minnesota and Iowa expect small increases through 2040.  Nationwide, there are more than 1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs and there is high demand for skilled labor. 

Workers choose where they want to work.  Advocates for Foxconn have referenced both Silicon Valley and North Dakota’s oil boom as examples for Wisconsin’s hopes.  However, Silicon Valley succeeded primarily because of the open immigration policies of the U.S. and the importance the world’s best and brightest immigrants have played in the tech business. Wisconsin share of foreign-born Wisconsin residents stood at 4.8% in 2015, well below the U.S. percentage of 13.5% for the same year. And the average wage during the oil boom in 2012 in North Dakota for oil field workers was $112,462, while entry level rig workers averaged about $66,000 a year, according to Rigzone, an industry information provider and job website. 

It remains unclear what the actual job range will be or what the specific pay for those jobs at Foxconn will be beyond the unverified average annual pay of $53,000.  With a significant labor shortage in Wisconsin and neighboring states, will that level of compensation be enough to recruit as many as 13,000 people (not to mention 22,000 more) from around the U.S. to move to southeastern Wisconsin as our existing working age resident population declines? It seems unlikely.  The need to increase compensation will drive up labor costs and result in a larger and faster push to automate the Foxconn plant. The result? Far fewer jobs, and a much higher cost to the taxpayer. Lawmakers should not let the shine blind this reality.

Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) represents the 54th District in the Wisconsin State Assembly and is a member of the Legislature’s budget-writing Joint Committee on Finance.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

White Wisconsin - Now Even Whiter!

By Jeff Simpson

In Charlottsville, VA, there was a huge rally of white supremacists, Nazis, and random Republicans who showed up with tiki torches to fight mosquitoes and the taking down of a statue of the Confederate traitor General Robert E Lee.

In Lexington, KY, the mayor said that after the tragedy in VA, all Confederate statues would be coming down.

In North Carolina, protesters pulled down a statue of a Confederate Soldier.

Seeing a pattern here?

Finally, Americans are waking up to the fact that the Civil War was not nostalgic, but a huge black eye on our History.  The Civil War was a few states were AntiAmerican traitors who attacked America from within.   in the four years of the Civil War, 620,000 Americans were killed.  All so some rich white people would be allowed to keep slaves and get free labor.  

However, unsurprisingly, RightWisconsin, now run by Jamie Wigderson, looks at the Confederate Statues coming down as an opportunity to rid our history of Progressives.

It’s time for the statue of Robert La Follette at the National Statuary Hall Collection in the U.S. Capitol to come down. While we’re at it, let’s remove the bust of La Follette from the Capitol in Madison as well. There will be protests. But let’s face it, the Progressive Era is over. Thank God.
Wisconsin is now a red state, won fairly by former Governor Tommy Thompson (three times), Governor Scott Walker (three times) and President Donald Trump*. We re-elected a conservative senator in a presidential year, Ron Johnson, when every pundit said it couldn’t be done. The majority of our representation to Congress is conservative. Conservatives control the state Assembly and the state Senate with record numbers, and conservatives even control the state Supreme Court 5-2.
* I guess the self proclaimed "never Trumper" is now "all Trump all the time".

Most people see that it is time we stop fantasizing the Confederacy and realize it is a racist, black mark  and tragic time in America and stop honoring the traitors of the South.

Not Right Wisconsin, they feel since some "snowflakes" want some statues removed, that now would be a good time to rid ourselves of Wisconsin's Progressive past.

Since this is a borderline racist column, full of dog whistles, it is only fitting that they recommend that Judge William Rehnquisr and Tommy Thompson be the statues that we replace Fighting Bob with.

Rehnquist's legacy is one of suppressing African American and Latino voters, so of course he would be a favorite of Jimmy Wigdersons.

Wiggy also mentioned Tommy Thompson as a second statue for WISGOP to put up.  Since he was one of the most vociferous voices for the individual mandate in Obamacare, I could live with that.

However, since it is Jimmy Wigderson we are discussing, let me nominate two people for statues who better embody the true spirit of the WISGOP:

1. Has to be Joe Mccarthy.  No one embodies WISGOP values of paranoia, hatred, BS and outright lies than McCarthy.

2.  I would recommend, someone Wiggy has mentioned as the perfect rep = Wild Bill Kramer!


Yes we did not think it possible, but "White Wisconsin ---- Now even Whiter!!!"

The Next Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

By Jeff Simpson

Lost in the midst of the craziness of a bunch of traitors marching in Charlottesville, VA, was a discussion between our local Supreme Court Candidates.  

Michael Screnock is running form the right, he has previously worked for Michael Best, and was part of the top secret group using millions of dollars of taxpayer money to redraw our legislative maps into the most partisan possible.  It was also widely condemned as incredibly unethical and illegal.  

As Screnock says:

"I share ... the belief that it is the role of a judge to say what the law is and not what it should be,” Screnock said in a statement. “Judges must respect the different roles of the court and Legislature and should not legislate from the bench.”
If Screnock feels that having legislators sign secretive agreements from their constituents is "respecting the different roles and the law", Heaven help us all.  

Tim Burns, a lawyer from Madison, has also thrown his hat into the ring:

Burns, in a breath of fresh air, does not hide who he is.  Burns is a Progressive and proud of it(FYI: you can be a Progressive and uphold the laws as written).  

The third person who has entered the race is Judge Rebecca Dallet.   Judge Dallet has decided to try and stake out the middle ground.   As Jim Hightower likes to point out, "the only thing in the middle of the road is yellow lines and road kill".

Recently, she had some harsh words for Mr. Burns:

  Aug 11More. criticizes for "trashing" Scott Walker and Donald Trump, says judges should be independent and impartial.

However, while Dallet, is campaigning as the moderate in the race, her actions speak differently.  

The current make-up of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is a loaded with far right extremists controlling 5 votes to 2 slightly left of center votes.   They are so extreme, that they are largely a laughing stock of law observers throughout the state and the country.  

One of the things that the Far Right did when they had a majority, was to kick the duly elected, and widely respected Chief Justice Abrahamson out of the Chief Justice Role to install far right Justice Pat Roggensack as the new "unelected" Chief Justice.  

A quick look at Roggensack's campaign, and we see that Judge Dallet has not only endorsed Roggensack but sent her a $2500 check for her re-election.  Roggensack was running against a truly impartial candidate and one of the most respected lawyers in Wisconsin in Professor Ed Fallone.

Why would someone who truly believes that judges should be "independent and impartial" send a $2500 check to a judge who has a record of being neither, against a far superior (and incredibly underfunded) candidate(Dallet's only other political contribution was $100 to Governor Doyle, 12 years ago)?

Taking a look at just the last week, we have a President who has threatened military action against numerous countries, thanked the Russians for kicking out hundreds of US diplomats and emboldened a fairly large group of White supremacists and Nazis to march on a city wreaking havoc, violence and death on fellow Americans, Ms. Dallet has the nerve to criticize Mr. Burns for criticizing The Donald for his role in this.  

Does anyone believe that Ms. Dallet, would stand for the rule of law or would bow to the pressure of her political hero and Chief Justice Roggensack, when she tells her to make sure no one stands in the way of the WISGOP agenda?  

Looks like Ms. Dallet's middle ground, would prefer that it is you and I laying there with those yellow lines!  

The current makeup of the Supreme Court has allowed it to be a safe space for a racist, a hateful homophobe and a man who choked his female colleague.  It is time we start demanding more from them!  

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Current Right!

By Jeff Simpson

This is the 2017 America that a massive landslide of Republican wins, led by The Donald, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell have brought to us:

"This represents a turning point for the people of this country. We are determined to take our country back. We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That's what we believed in. That's why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he's going to take our country back."
-- David Duke, in Charlottesville today

FYI:  What did Senate hopeful Leah Vukmir post on her social media in the midst of all of this violence, terrorism, and racism?

Loving my new hat! Finally picked one up at the booth at the State Fair. (They’re in high demand.) How does it look?

It looks to me like its dripping with racism, and hatred,.....thanks for asking!  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Great Republican Foxconn Jobs Con Job

Imagine that you're a Republican politician that is under 50% in the polls, facing an angry constituency and a tough opponent in next year's reelection bid. What do you do?

Well, if you're Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, you don your best suit, polish up your bottles of snake oil and try to pull off the biggest con job of your lifetime - maybe of all time.

Last week, they did just that. They made the announcement that the Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group had chosen southeast Wisconsin to build a huge $10 billion plant that will create tens of thousands of jobs, averaging over $50,000 a year in pay. All the taxpayers have to do to get in on this amazing business windfall was pony up a mere $3 billion (yes, that's billion with a b). in incentives.

It was such a big deal that they all flew to Washington, D.C., so that Trump and Pence could get in on the photo ops. Political pundits were saying that this announcement was sure to make both Walker and Ryan locks for their reelections. So much so that Walker and Ryan both ran digital ads, like the one above, to prop themselves up.

But the wheels started falling off their campaign buses even as they were making the announcement and accepting the applause and accolades of their fellow Republicans and the most gullible of people.

First, they had to hope like hell that Foxconn actually came through on the deal and actually built a plant. Foxconn hasn't even picked a location for said plant yet. And lest we forget, the good people of Pennsylvania are still waiting for their Foxconn plant which will never be built.

Then there's the number of jobs that will be created. At the announcement, Trump said it would be 50,000 jobs. Walker quickly dropped that number to 13,000 jobs. Then it was 10,000 jobs. Now, per Foxconn, it's only 3,000 jobs and maybe someday they'll add more. Maybe.

Then there's the issue of pay. The Republicans said that the average pay would be $53,000 per year. But one look at what Foxconn does pay their workers, the only way that this would happen in Wisconsin is if every single employee was an engineer or in upper management. The actual workers, the assemblers, only make $9.20 per hour or about $19,000 a year. Even if they put in the maximum number of overtime hours every day of every week of the year, they still come well below the promised number.

And while we're talking about the workers, how about their working conditions? Well, in China, their plants are sweatshops where working conditions are so bad that the workers were committing suicide by jumping off the roofs. Things got so bad that Foxconn had to install suicide nets on their buildings.

Another big, red flag is the fact that the Foxconn CEO had compared workers to animals and got management advice from a zoo director:
"I am managing over one million animals every day and it's such a headache. But our zoo chief knows that he can put tigers and lions together, but not tigers and chickens together. So I want to learn from him," Gou said at the company party at the zoo, according to a translation of his comments shown on FTV, a cable news station in Taiwan.

OK, so there won't be that many jobs and they won't pay as well as was hoped. It's still a great thing, right? Can't you just feel the economic boom coming?

Well, there's the cost to consider.

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau of Wisconsin did the number crunching and found that Wisconsin wouldn't recover the cost of the investment for 25 years - and that's only if Foxconn hired the full 13,000. If the actual number is 3,000 jobs, it would take a helluva lot longer to see a return on that investment. And if the workers were from out of state, like Illinois, that would lengthen the recovery time even further.

Given the overly generous tax laws the Republicans already have in place for businesses, Foxconn would not only not have to pay a dime in taxes for several years, they would actually be collecting over $300 million of taxpayer money each year.

None of that even covers the environmental nightmare of it all. Foxconn will be allowed to build without an environmental impact study, will be allowed to fill in wetlands and divert waterways at will, and will be allowed to discharge their waste directly into Lake Michigan.

Another red flag is that Foxconn has put a deadline of September 30 to approve the deal. They have even given a veiled threat of talking about building another plant in Michigan. Walker has already complied with that by calling a special session of the state legislature to rubber stamp it.

The deal is such a big, heaping pile of bovine excrement that even Americans for Prosperity - the front group for the Koch Brothers - have come out against it, although their beef is that the Kochs aren't getting the same sweetheart deals.

Showing that not all Republicans are totally brain dead meat puppets, the leader of the Republican-controlled state senate says he doesn't have the votes to get it passed as is.

Interestingly, Lyin' Ryan, who touts the deal in his ad, has started to back away from it and are telling callers that it's strictly a state issue and he has nothing to do with it.

No matter which way this goes, someone is going to pay a very high price. I hope like hell it's Walker and Ryan and any other reprobate that goes along with it rather than the taxpayers.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Diane's Empty Dreams

By Jeff Simpson

Recently, the New York Times did a cheer leading piece on Diane Hendricks and how she is Reviving Beloit, WI.    

BELOIT, Wis. — When Diane Hendricks sees something she doesn’t like here, she buys it.
A bankrupt country club. A half-empty mall. Abandoned buildings. The rusting foundry down by the river.
Beloit used to be a town that made papermaking machines and diesel engines. Ms. Hendricks thinks it can be a place where start-ups create the next billion-dollar idea, and she is remaking the town to fit her vision.
The problem is Diane Hendrick's vision is blurry, extreme and very, very white.

The Times considers Diane to be a boom to Beloit because:

She took the library from its historic location downtown and resurrected it inside a failing mall at the edge of town, replacing the original with a performing arts center where dance and music students from Beloit College can study and perform each year. Then she scooped up nearly every building on a downtown block and knocked each one down, making way for a sushi restaurant, a high-quality burger joint and modern apartments with marble counter tops and exposed-brick walls. 

I agree that the downtown of Beloit, WI is looking nice, however, let us take a closer look at what is actually happening in Beloit.  

 While it is great to buy things for a few million dollars, when you are a billionaire, but FYI - that is not an economic plan. 

We have seen her economic plan for Wisconsin:

While Ms. Hendricks, has a vision of bringing start-ups to WI, the reality of her political vision is she is failing spectacularly.  Wisconsin, under Scott Walker (one of Diane's most high profile employees), has ranked dead last in business start up activity for the last three years!     On the bright side, we have no where to go but up!   

However for Ms. Hendricks, with help from the Governor, has to have an actual plan (tax cuts and cutting education is not one either).   

After discussing this topic with someone heavily invested in the Beloit Community:

There needs to be an economic development plan that let's millennials of color see a pathway to ownership through education. We need to economic development plans that are inclusive and not driven by fox valley. Millenials of color will stay in Wisconsin, if they can get a piece of the pie.

In Madison, there have been those opportunities in tech and health fields but we need to expand those opportunities beyond those two sectors to keep the best and brightest, regardless of color or history, want to stay in Wisconsin and actually help us grow from the ground up.

Yet Beloit, a classic Rustbelt town impacted by the decline of manufacturing, remains “deeply troubled” despite Hendricks’s efforts, the story notes, with high unemployment and boarded-up shops. “About a quarter of the population lives in poverty, twice the rate of residents in the rest of Rock County. One in every four children lives in poverty in the county.”
Which raises the question of whether Hendrick’s vision for America is one that leads to economic success for average Americans. Stevenson doesn’t report that Hendricks urged Gov. Scott Walker to go after private sector unions, or that the Right to Work law he signed has been found to lower average wages in stateswhere it has been passed. Stevenson doesn’t tell us how many employees at ABC Supply have family-supporting jobs.
Nor does Stevenson report that Hendricks didn’t pay a cent in state taxes from 2012 through 2014, or that tax cuts passed by Walker and Republicans went mostly to wealthy Wisconsinites like Hendricks, or that Hendricks has grossly underpaid her property taxes going back many years.
PS: To the author, Alexandra Stevenson, Instead of talking to Charley Sykes, maybe you should have gotten in touch with this former student who has had a problem with Ms. Hendricks serving as a Trustee for Beloit College and as a major member of the Trump team.

She was an early supporter of Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign here in Wisconsin, a state with a history of progressive politics, and that has pitted her against some current and former students at Beloit College, a liberal arts school and one of Beloit’s other big employers. (Ms. Hendricks sits on the college’s board of trustees.)    

I am available anytime!