Thursday, February 20, 2014

John J. Schulze, Jr.

By Jeff Simpson

 John J Schulze Jr shows us why Hollywood is filled with liberals, because the sense of humor on the right is sorely lacking.  JJ shows us exactly what I mean!   Here is a letter he wrote back in the day:

                            F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E
September 18, 1998
For more information, please contact the Madison Department for Infectious Diseases
Senate Staff Return from Nevada NCSL (Madison)…Today the Joint Legislative Committee on Tourism, Commerce and Public Health plans to convene a hearing on the possibility of legalizing prostitution in the state of Wisconsin. Jim Villa and Jim Emerson, two state Senate staffers who led the fact finding mission for the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), are expected to testify.
"Arrrgh! God, it hurts when I pee," shouted Villa from a ground floor state Capitol restroom. "I thought Clymedia was a flower!"
Emerson is expected to report that legalized prostitution can have a hug upside, including being a tourism attraction for the Wisconsin Dells to take the place of Tommy Bartlett's Robot World, and an employment opportunity in the form of W-2 transition
"By the end of the trip it felt like I was hooked up to one of those milking machines," Emerson said. "I will never be able to look at ping pong balls and uneven parallel bars the same way again."
Villa said that the success of the fact-finding mission was the result of NCSL's commitment to research.
"NCSL completely kicks ass," Villa said. "I went to an ALEC conference on blowjobs and it took a week for me to get the taste out of my mouth."
Emerson noted that for legalized prostitution to truly be successful in Wisconsin, the state Department of Regulation and Licensing will have to develop and enforce strict guidelines.
"Believe me, there is a big difference between a transvestite and a transsexual," Emerson said. "I would be willing to pay a little extra to guarantee quality."

The best part about this is he wrote it and apparently forgot to send it so he had to send it two years later and it never lost its edge - just ask him:

 From: JJSJR
Subject: look what I found on an old zip drive
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 1:21:39 PM
Two comments:
1) I cannot believe I sent this over the state email system
2) I am one funny dude
The best comedians are the ones who have to tell you how funny they are! 

Who is this hilarious repub?  JJ currently serves as Chief Legal Counsel to the Department of Transportation in WI, where he apparently has shirked his ethical duties of reporting his financial relationships.   Ethics are so 2008 anyway!  JJ also has an obsession with Nuclear plants in Florida, 

JJ also likes a good stogey and free drinks, understands the Wisconsin republican party's relationship with ALEC and is available for hire at your next party:

Schulze, John J.

Position/Title: Chief Legal Counsel

Phone Number: (608) 266-0253

Email Address:

PS: Speaking of immense right wing talent:

 PSS:  Ladies, I would stay away from Jim Villa and Jim Emerson until you see their papers.  


  1. I have this idea for a new cable series. It features an elected official and his staff/colleagues and their day-to-day racism, law breaking, lechery, and contempt for the citizens. I need a title, maybe "Gross is the New WISGOP"?

  2. I bet Scott Suder thinks Schulze is funny.

    These emails are a treasure trove of right wing humor. Nardelli's "nightmare" about “being a black, disabled, one armed, drug-addicted Jewish homosexual” is priceless. How can the joke from the paralegal at Michael Best & Friedrich not leave your mouth hanging wide open? Rindfleisch's emails are hilarious at showing the world how hateful and small-minded the people around Walker are.

    These emails are gaining attention across the web because they are so titillating. Here is a Republican being talked about as a Presidential contender, and he is surrounded by classless, crude rubes who have no taste, no compassion, no discretion and no judgment.

    Even the Drudge Report piled on, "Walker Aides Broke Laws, Told Racist Jokes.'

    Walker may be reelected this year. But as a Presidential contender, Walker is done.

  3. The fact that Andrea Mitchell went with it yesterday is imho really important. I think SW really underestimated the impact these will have.

    1. Impact?

      Politico: "Walker Scandal is a Snoozer"

      It didn't even last 24 hours on Huffpo.

    2. Politico? Please, those guys are right-wing DC insiders all the way. There's a reason Charlie Pierce calls them "Tiger Beat on the Potomac." Irrelevant people to reality.

      And remember, this is merely the appetizer before the Koch-machine main course.

  4. Who is Jim Villa? He has some choice references in Rindfleisch’s emails. Villa is a central character in Schulze’s “humor.” And Rindfleisch emailed Walker Chief of Staff Gilkes, “How do you not blow a nut with all the lies that the democrats put out. It makes me wanna get Villa’s uncle mike to make mike tate disappear.”

    Who is “Villa’s uncle mike?”

    1. Villa's home address is where Rindfleisch listed her residence in Milwaukee County for the purposes of meeting statutory employment regs. So had was that connection.

  5. This stuff reminds me of some of Nixon's best anti-Semitic rants on the Watergate tapes. Here's just a couple:

    Bob (Haldeman), please get me the names of the Jews, you know, the big Jewish contributors of the Democrats. … All right. Could we please investigate some of the cocksuckers? —Sept. 13, 1971

    Good. What about the rich Jews? … You see, IRS is full of Jews, Bob. … That's what I think. I think the reason they're after [the Rev. Billy] Graham is the rich Jews. —Sept. 14, 1971

  6. JJ Schulze looks like a dirty old man. Wonder what is on his hard drive? Enough to make Anthony Weiner blush?