Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deer Justice Upheld

I told the gentle reader about how the deer-killing jerks in Waupaca County were trying to claim that they couldn't be charged with animal abuse because you can't abuse wild animals, only domestic ones.

My good friend Illusory Tenant showed off his deep wisdom by pointing out the fact that an animal is an animal, period.

The judge concurred with Illy-T. The article says that the thug might try to appeal it.

Judging on the mood of the people in the area the last time I was up there, said thug might want to stay in jail. It would be safer for him.


  1. I like your Sec. 29.03 argument better than the judge's appeal to the jury instructions. The jury instructions explicate the law, but they don't control the meaning of the law.

  2. There should be no question that abuse is abuse. I'd like the locals to consider who his mouthpiece is since the question of abuse is of his making.

  3. Y'know....we may not agree on much, but when it comes to abuse of children and animals, we seem to see eye to eye.

    (Frightening, isn't it!)

  4. iT-

    People have always told me I should have been a lawyer.


    From what I hear, he's none too popular either.


    It just shows that there may just be hope for you yet. ;)

  5. I was thinking the same thing about you! Heh.