Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Evers V Walker - What to Expect

By Jeff Simpson

Labor day is typically the home stretch for election season and baseball season.  Unfortunately in Wisconsin, we have too much election season and not enough baseball. 

While I believe the Milwaukee Brewers will end up in the wild card game, lets focus on the election season and what to expect. 

The race between Tony Evers and Scott Walker will steal most of the headlines, with just a few left over for the Tammy V Leah race. 

While every election is close, I believe that Tammy will win rather easily because her opponent stands for absolutely nothing

The race that will be the most interesting is the Governors race.  I truly believe, at this moment, that this race can go either way. 

Let us take a look at what to expect.

*  Why Scott Walker can win:

Typically the incumbent always has the best chance to win.  Walker is a two term incumbent and a career politician. 

While not having many, one of his strengths is to perpetually stay on message and never stray.   Walker has the ability to speak and speak without ever saying anything and the incredible ability to say things that are patently false without ever breaking a sweat. 

Walker has also learned how to play the media.  After 8 years as Governor, he knows that they will print anything he wants them to print, no questions or fact checks asked. 

Walker also has a humongous advantage in money.   When you add the "Friends of Scott Walker", Club for Growth, Republican Governors Association, WISGOP, and countless other PACS, SuperPACS, out of state billionaires, slimy casino owners, etc... all spending money hand over fist to make sure their employee continues running the state. 

The right wing echo chamber.  While Chuck Sykes isgone from the radio and an imbecile is running his old website, there is still a right wing echo chamber pushing hate, ignorance and racism that too many people listen to.   The Mark Bellings, Vicki Mckennas and Dan O'Donnells of the world are still there whipping up the fear to far too many people. 

Finally, apathy.  Wisconsin has been stuck in perpetual election season, and now that we are in the final stretch, the negative and disgusting ads will be flying non stop.  They are meant strictly to turn people off from voting and getting involved.  If they did not work, they would not spend millions running them.  Voter apathy has helped many a crappy politician continue in their careers. 

* Why Scott Walker can lose: 

Scott Walker is a career politician and people are sick of career politicians. So sick of career politicians that they have started electing reality TV "stars".

Walker, has been on the state stage for 8 years (and on the national stage for 8 seconds) and people know him.   To know Scott Walker is not to love him.   You realize that once you see beyond the incredible ambition that there is no there there.  An empty husk that stands only for Scott Walker and what is best for Scott Walker, Wisconsin and its citizens are not even in his radar. 

Public employees, and unions.   Scott Walker has made a career of making enemies of public employees and union members.  Eventually the chickens come home to roost. 

He gambled hard on divide and conquer.  It worked well, but after 8 years the people of Wisconsin have come to realize that their neighbor the teacher or snow plow driver is on their side and the politicians in WI, especially the Governor are not.

Finally jobs.  While Scott Walker runs around touting his amazing unemployment stats, people in WIsconsin are not seeing it.   Yes people have jobs, sometimes they have 2-3 jobs at a few hours a week desperately trying to make ends meet.,  The ones who do have good living wage paying jobs, are both working too many hours and are scared that the next  communication from their company is the one that says they are closing the doors. 

By the way, Scott Walker still has not created the promised 250,000 jobs in WI. 

*  Why Tony Evers can win.  

This is a public education election, and Tony Evers personifies public education in Wisconsin.   There is a reason Scott Walker has tried to rebrand himself as "the education Governor", and has run ad after ad about how much he loves public education. 

The people in Wisconsin, much to the WISGOP surprise, have been passing education referendums at an almost 80% clip and now they are understanding what the damage of Scott Walker $1.5 billion cut to education has done to their local school.   

Scott Walker, basically enacted Tony Evers education budget, because he was worried that Tony would be his opponent and wanted to neutralize the public education part of the race.  He failed. 

Secondly, Mandela Barnes.  Mandela is an up and coming star in Wisconsin politics and the perfect partner on the Tony Evers ticket.   I would highly recommend that Tony come up with some actual responsibilities and make Mandela a true partner, and not the figurehead, money sucking position it is now. 

Tony also has a huge advantage in character.  Unlike his opponent, Tony is a good man of character, ethics and integrity.  Tony is not full of ambition, Tony is not using Wisconsin to run for President, advance his career in the party, or use it to fundraise and increase his bank account. 

Tony wants what is best for Wisconsin. period. End of sentence. 

What is best for Wisconsin right now is electing Tony Evers Governor. 

*  Why Tony Evers can lose:

M O N E Y.   Money makes the world go round, and it also buys hours of negative nasty ads.   Scott Walker has unlimited money, Tony will have a decent amount but nowhere near as much.   It is not insurmountable but it will be an obstacle. 

The Democratic Party.   In a state which leans blue, where Progressives were born, which has a history of being involved in politics, the Democratic party has a history of losing elections. 

Now they have done it again.    They hired the campaign manager for Russ Feingold's latest loss, to come up with a strategy to win WI.   Yes they decided to hire the campaign manager for one of the most popular politicians in Wisconsin history, who led his candidate to a loss to one of the dumbest politicians in Wisconsin history to help Tony Evers win.   

While there are no words for the perpetual rewarding of incompetence, it is also not surprising.  You see lots of people being hired onto the Evers team, whose experience comes from the Hillary or Burke campaigns.  Without relitigating those candidates, their campaigns were run horribly.  Why anyone would think this is a good idea, is beyond me but it is. 

The media is also an obstacle to overcome.  They are used to 8 years of taking dictation for Scott Walker.  The night Tony won, Walker put out an ad falsely claiming that Evers should have taken a license from a teacher in Middleton that he had no jurisdiction to take. 

The media, instead of asking why his first ad was negative against his opponent when Walker has said he was going to run a positive issues oriented campaign only, treated the story like there were two legit sides to this story.   There is not. 

Voter apathy.  Anger gets people to vote and get involved.  Hard core Republicans are always angry.  They, with the help of right wing radio and politicians, understand that every thing bad that ever happens to them is the fault of the PC liberals. 

They get a sliver, a flat tire, lose their job, run out of gas, burn their toast and it is the liberals fault and they need to get out and vote to make sure they never burn their toast again. 

The Democrats on the other hand need a reason to vote.  They need to be in love with someone who mostly respects their views to get out and vote for them.    The ads Scott Walker will run will mostly be made to keep you from falling in love with Tony Evers so you stay home on election day.   

Now my advice, on how we win in November.  

Decide today that you like Tony Evers, he is not perfect and there will be things that he has done and will say(we will really consider tolls?) but understand that no matter what he does or says, he is better than Scott Walker on his worst day.  |

Secondly, ignore the party.   They will do and say things that are head scratchers because too many in power care about staying in power, and not winning elections.  We care about winning elections, so ignore the stupid things the party does and will do and work to get Tony/Mandela elected the best way you know how.   Talk to your friends and family about how important it is to vote and especially how important it is to elect Tony. 

Finally, and this is the most important way to change our state, if you are going to work for, or donate to a candidate, pick your local (or a local) race for state Assembly or Senate. 

If you have a race in your district for either Assembly or Senate(or both), understand that it IS a competitive race. 

Your candidate can win.  Period.   

There will be many people who think they are experts, who will tell anyone who listens, that only certain seats are winnable.   That is not true.  We will not win them all but we absolutely can win some of the "unwinnable" seats. 

The best way to win statewide, is to win district wide.  If we can steal some seats we are not supposed to with local candidates that no one expects, not only will Madison be more representative of the people, but the increased Democratic turnout in these districts are what will push the upper part of the ballot over the edge. 

Like an economy, we will win these races from the ground up not the top down. 

We will be addressing some of the down ballot races between now and the election here at CogDis. 

Stay Tuned but for now, lets be prepared to talk to our neighbors like our kids futures depend on it!

It does! 

Milwaukee Republicans: Welcome To The Grand Delusion

They say seeing is believing but I have seen something that I'm still in disbelief about.

Last week, the Republican Party of Milwaukee County drank deeply of the orange Kool-aid and posted this on their Facebook page:

Believe it or not, they were serious about this too.

I wonder what part of his billionaire lifestyle they think Trump gave up. Not only did he not give up his fortune, he has held on to his holdings and increased his income by charging the government for his almost weekly golf trips to Mar-A-Lago and having government business conducted in various Trump Towers.

But at least he believes in sharing the wealth...with his kids. Giving them made up jobs to help them exploit and monetize the White House.

And just what the hell is he saving us from? Little brown babies being ripped from their mothers' arms so that they can be housed in glorified dog kennels only to be emotionally, physically and sexually abused before dying from neglect? Is he protecting us from peace and prosperity? Perhaps he's saving us from world peace and basic human rights.

After repeatedly being challenged by liberals and conservatives alike, they issued this response to all of the criticism with a breathtaking show of arrogance:

If that was more than enough for you, brace yourself. Because there's more. There's always more.

On the day and about the same time that Trump aid Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight counts and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, took a plea deal, the Milwaukee Republicans had to show themselves to be the complete and utter idiots that they are and once again proving that they are not to be and cannot be ever taken seriously by posting this:

So remember the valuable lesson in all of this, don't drink the orange Kool-aid. Not even once.

It will make you become a cultist and do foolish things.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dirty Doughnuts

By Jeff Simpson

Kenosha had a little dust up at a national chain recently and it played out just like you would think that it would.

A local teen girl was working for this franchise for the summer, and while they have attacked her work ethic, the one thing they are really upset with is that she had a set of morals that she did not compromise on. 

Brittany Jacobs is just a normal teen who decided she wanted to work with "Fred the Baker" for her summer job.   Fred's company hired her and put her to work. 

Like most places in our new world economy, she was underpaid, overworked, while severely understaffed.  Unlike many employees, Brittany let her boss know that they needed help. 

As I said, typical work place.  We need help, sorry we are trying to hire more, in the meantime work harder.  Most people in the workforce can relate.

But as we know at CogDis....but wait there is more.  There is always more!

This took a step up because besides being overworked, the workers there also had some visitors.   Of the very much unwelcome kind. 

I looked past that for the first 2 months but it only got worse. They never cleaned the ice bins, I've found mold on ice cubes multiple times. When you opened the ice bin it literally smelled like an old basement. Shortly after we got roaches. 1 led to another and now they're all over in the store in the drains in the frozen drink machines. I texted my District manager MULTIPLE times telling her that your store has roaches never did anytning about it, fed up one day I texted her about the roaches again (eventually maggots) and my response was "to never talk to me like that again and your job is to do your duties" So I asked her "is it my job to kill roaches and maggots ?" she didn't have much to stay besides "just do you job" but I mean what can I expect?

 Yuck, they come in, cause a disturbance and don't even tip.   Well as we find out the city health department was called in
The Kenosha County Division of Health said it was contacted seven times last week about sanitation concerns at the branch. It was inspected on Friday morning during a Special Olympics charity event — the seventh annual Cop on a Rooftop — where law enforcement officers raise money by climbing on the roof and spinning inflatable doughnuts outside Fred's Bakery, throughout the state.
The sanitation report filed said the division uncovered a fruit fly infestation, but no signs of roaches or mold at the restaurant, according to Kenosha County Division of Health lead sanitarian Brad Wozniak.
“We issued an order for pest control, threw a bunch of product away and inspected again on Monday for compliance,” Wozniak said. “They’ve been reinspected, and they’ve complied.”
Surprise, surprise, the local health department found nothing on the same day that Fred's bakery was teaming up with the local police force andholding a fundraiser for Special Olympics. 

As for Brad, not being able to find any roaches, I am in Dane County and I can see one from here:

FYI:  They prefer to live and feed in the dark, so a cockroach seen during the day is a possible sign of infestation. Cockroaches tend to prefer dark, moist places to hide and breed and can be found behind refrigerators, sinks and stoves, as well as under floor drains and inside of motors and major appliances.
Now Brittany has done her job and it is time for the adults to do theirs.   We need to start believing our younger generation and as adults, especially adults in public service, we need to put the public good over personal rewards. 

People rely on you as a health inspector to keep them healthy.  A health inspector that would go easy on an establishment because of a personal relationship puts us all at risk.  An establishment that allows health risks to save a nickel also puts the community in jeopardy. 

We are all in this life together and our community is meant for all of us to enjoy together.  Put up a good product, make safety and health a priority and the business will come and be around to come back again. 

Until that happens I would hope that the good people of Kenosha honor this girl, and understand that the best way to effect change is how you spend your dollars. 

In the meantime, when you have a morning craving, let me recommend that instead of Fred you go visit Oliver, CJ or Paielli instead! 

PS:   One last question, where the hell is the local media on this?

Dick and Leah

By Jeff Simpson

 If there is an actual event that epitomizes Leah Vukmir, it is her relationship with Illinois Billionaire Dick Uihlein

This is Leah.
Leah wants to be a US Senator. 
Leah loves the Donald.  In public.
Leah thinks the Donald stinks in private.
Leah is right, The Donald does stink. 

This is Dick.

Dick lives in Illinois.
Dick owns Uline.  Don't ever shop at Uline. 
Dick Has lots of money. 
Dick has eight "super PACS".
Dick gave lots of money to the Pedophile Roy Moore.
Dick is a real modern day Republican.
Dick has spent over $11 Million for Kevin Nicholson to try and beat Leah Vukmir. 
Dick really wants to buy another Senator.

Leah Vukmir took the high ground, and complained that Dick was an out of towner trying to buy a Senator.
Dick failed massively as Kevin Nicholson lost.
Leah immediately started begging Dick for lots of money
Leah no longer cares that a guy from Illinois is trying to buy a Senate seat, since she is up for sale. 
The right leaning Politifact gave Leah a Full Flip
Leah is not even elected yet, and she has mastered the art of flip flop and doing anything for money. 

This is Ron Johnson(RoJo). 

RoJo is not very smart.
RoJo had his father-in-law buy him a Senate seat. 
RoJo knows it pays to marry money.
Rojo will be "twisting Dick's arms" to get him to buy Leah.
Rojo is very interested in Leah winning the other Senate seat.
Rojo is not very interested in Wisconsin or doing his job. 
Do not be like RoJo. 

This is the NRA.
They are a terrorist organization. 
They have given almost $3 million dollars to Leah
It is dirty bloody money.
Leah likes any kind of money.   Yuck. 
Let's treat the NRA as the dangerous org they are and stay away from their candidates. 

This is Tammy.
Tammy is our current Senator.
Tammy fights for healthcare, US jobs and human rights.
Leah and the bad men do not like those things. 
That is why they are spending so much money to stop her.

Do not let the bad men and Leah win.
The future of Wisconsin hinges on it. 

Vote Tuesday November 6th, 2018
Thank you! 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Ah, Leah!

By Jeff Simpson

Get ready for the mud, Leah won. 

Leah Vukmir won her primary against Kevin Nicholson.  While it was somewhat surprising she won, the fact that she took the win with zero humility and went back to her vile, hypocritical self was not.  They do not call her nurse ratchet for nothing.

I am certain that the people of Wisconsin are sick of abhorrent politicians preaching hate.   Although some guys dog endorses her(seriously):

(Insert own joke here) 

Vukmir who recently called Tammy Baldwin a terrorist, and tweeted this vile picture:

No wonder her highest profile endorsement is a dog named Larry(who names their dog Larry anyway?). 

Leah is just getting started, look for a new low in Wi elections, and that will be quite a feat.  One I am sure Leah can live up to.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Free Hugs! Love Scott Walker

By Jeff Simpson

By now, everyone around Wisconsin knows that Madison had torrential rains recently and is flooding and in danger of catastrophe if the rains continue.   While this is what climate change looks like, and the anti-science stance of Walker Administration plays a large part in the devastating storms we are experiencing and the damage they cause, that story is for another time. 

Here I want to point out reactions to this devastation.  Starting with Scott Walker himself. 

Yes the career politician, whose home county is flooded and roads are closed close to where he lives, decides to "tour" Dane County and amidst the wreckage, decides to give out hugs. 

Melissa Sargent, Assembly Rep from the 48th, skipped the hugs and took her family and grabbed a shovel and started sandbagging. 

Chris Taylor, Assembly Rep from the 76th, the same thing:
Mayor, and former candidate for Governor, Paul Soglin, skipped the hugs, and grabbed a vest and helped direct traffic.

Leaders lead, and career politicians talk about giving hugs.  We know that Scott Walker is a political machine, he does not stray off his message, he can strike with dirt and pretend no one can see the stains on him, and will say anything to get elected. 

However, after 8 years in the spotlight, we know that when it comes to actual governing, Scott Walker comes up short.

Every. Single. Time. 

Let's make sure that Scott Walker is able to get a hug in November when he loses and has to go house hunting. 

We need real leaders in Wisconsin again! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sore Loser Of The Day

Randy Bryce told me that when Cathy Myers called him last night to concede the election, she was actually pleasant.  I thought that was a nice surprise, especially after the highly negative and vitriol-filled campaign she ran.  I naively thought that that was at least over and we could just move on to take out Lyin' Bryan Steil, Ryan clone.

Then when I got home tonight, I saw this:

Man, that is just sad.  I just hope that Myers keeps her word and endorses Randy for the general election.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

capper's Recommendations For Wisconsin's August 14 Primary

The following are people that I will either be voting for or would be voting for if I lived in those districts:



Mahlon Mitchell  - I struggled with this decision until just a few days ago. I was torn between Mitchell and Kelda Roys.  I was actually leaning towards Roys, but when I heard about her ties to Boss Abele, that killed the deal. I want to be sure that my vote went to someone who would represent us and not the plutocrats.  Also Mitchell is stronger on workers' rights, being a union man himself. 


Mandela Barnes - This was one of the easiest choices to make. I've known Mandela for years and know him to be pro-worker, unafraid to stand up to the Republicans, energetic and smart. 


Sarah Godlewski  - I've been very impressed with her campaign and her strong passion and will.


Doug LaFollette  You can't beat decades of experience.  His office has taken a beating from the Republicans for the last several years and would have been abolished if not for LaFollette's institutional knowledge and political savvy. 


District 1:

Randy Bryce - My least surprising pick of the day.  Like Mandela, I've known Randy for years. I know that he is the kind of person who will stand by your side through thick and thin and is tireless in his work to lift everyone up.  He's the only union-backed candidate for the district and has run a very sharp and positive campaign, despite all the mud flinging his opponent has done.

District 4:

Gwen Moore  - Gwen is a tried and true champion for Milwaukee and for the state. She is very strong on labor issues and is absolutely fearless and tireless.  Besides, her opponent is a convicted felon. No, really.



Supreme Moore Omokunde



Lee Snodgrass


Earnell Lucas

Monday, August 13, 2018

Don't Let The Fox In The Treasurer's Office

By Jeff Simpson

In the 2018 primary, one of the major positions we are voting for is State Treasurer.

If you recall,  the Fitzwalkerstan crew tried to get rid of the Treasurers office and even put it on the ballot.   The people of Wisconsin soundly said they wanted to keep the office.

Now it is time to put it in competent, adult hands.

While I believe that Dawn Marie Sass is the person that needs to be put back in that position, I am just as certain that Sarah Godlewski is not the one.

Godlewski, just moved back to Eau Claire, WI, where her and her husband Maxim Duckworth started a company together - MaSa Partners
MaSa Partners is a boutique social impact venture that invests in early-stage companies seeking to shape a better future.
The happy couple moved here from DC, where Maxim was kindly shown the door(along with the last remaining Fortune 500 Company in Baltimore) from the city where Maxim was the managing director of portfolio management and trading for Baltimore's Constellation Energy Group.   

Well he used to be until the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee had other ideas. 

In case you think you may have heard of Constellation before it is because they agreed to the largest settlement in history - $245 Million dollars

The $245 million settlement that Baltimore's Constellation Energy Group agreed to pay is the largest of its kind to resolve allegations of market manipulation with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
Details of the settlement emerged Monday, the same day Chicago-based Exelon Corp. closed on its $7.9 billion takeover of Constellation. The sale creating the largest non-utility energy provider in the United States ushers Baltimore's last Fortune 500 company out of town. The New York Stock Exchange will de-list Constellation shares Tuesday.
Federal energy regulators approved both the sale and the settlement late Friday.
The settlement between Constellation and FERC resolves allegations that the company intended to manipulate New York wholesale energy markets by making trades to influence certain energy prices from September 2007 to December 2008. Those transactions, in turn, benefited other holdings in the company's energy-trade portfolio, FERC alleged.
While Constellation disagreed with FERC's findings and admitted no wrongdoing, the company said it was in its best interest to settle and move ahead with the merger.
Standard & Poor's described the settlement Monday as a "record-setting fine."
What does this have to do with Max and Sarah?

Under the settlement, each of the four employees may not hold any position involving physical and financial energy trading at Constellation, a successor company or affiliate. The men are Michael Pavo and Jason Hughes, who were traders; their supervisor, Joseph Kirkpatrick; and Maxim Duckworth, the trading group's managing director of portfolio management and trading.
Pavo, Hughes and Duckworth remain with the company, while Kirkpatrick left on his own, Constellation said.
They manipulated the New York energy market, causing untold problems on thousands and thousands of people, pay a quick $243 million fine and walk away with your money and pensions intact!

They brought their millions back to WI so they could then buy a State Treasurers seat. 

Do we trust someone who, knowing the damage he caused, would then go into business with someone who was banned by the Government from doing his job ever again, now wants to be the Treasurer of Wisconsin?

I sure do not! 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

How Much Would Cathy Myers In Congress Cost Us?

Think about these two things:

Cathy Myers cost Illinois taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars when she cheated on her taxes.

Myers cost the taxpayers of Janesville School District $15,000 when Myers broke confidentiality and acted unethically to get her campaign manager a generous lawsuit settlement.

Now ask yourself, how much money would Myers screw the taxpayers if she got near the trillions of dollars that the US Government has?

We can't afford Myers anymore than we could afford Lyin' Paul Ryan.

Vote Randy Bryce on August 14th!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Myers' Scandal Is Simply Stunning

For the past fifteen months, Cathy Myers and her staff have spent the majority of their time attacking Randy "IronStache" Bryce.  They have falsely accused Randy of misogyny, have poor-shamed him and dredged up 20 year old traffic tickets in an order to paint him as the new Antichrist or something.

At first, I thought she might have gone so far negative because she couldn't get any traction on her own.  While that probably did play a large part of it, the real reason turns out to be that she was trying to keep everyone's attention diverted from her own major scandal.  This scandal sounds like something that is the cross between a Jerry Springer show and Judge Judy.

Even though it's been going on for several months, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Mary Spicuzza and Dan Bice finally got around to covering a lawsuit filed against Dennis Hughes, Myers' live in campaign manager.  The lawsuit was filed by Myers' then boyfriend and Hughes' former lawyer, Roger Merry.

The gist of the lawsuit is that Hughes did not pay Merry for legal fees from Merry representing him in a lawsuit against the Janesville School Board, which Myers sits on.  But as I am prone to point out, there's more.  There's always more (emphasis mine):
Starting in 2015, the messy legal battle involved Myers' now-campaign manager, Dennis Hughes, and her then-boyfriend, Roger Merry.

Critics say the case presented a clear conflict for Myers. They suggest Myers was improperly forwarding school board information to Merry and siding with Hughes in his open records dispute.

"This is a disgrace to the school board and is deeply concerning to me as a former elected official in the First Congressional District," said former Kenosha County Supervisor Leah Blough, a Bryce supporter.

In 2015, Hughes was a union representative for AFSCME who sued the district over its refusal to release records. Merry, an attorney, agreed to represent Hughes in the lawsuit. And Myers was living with Merry in his Janesville home.

Hughes was also a friend of both Merry and Myers, and had lived with them in their large Janesville home.

Before he went to court, the school district took the unusual step of getting a temporary restraining order against Hughes. It was later dismissed.

Hughes eventually won the records lawsuit and got a $15,000 settlement agreement from the district.

But the money still sits in a trust account overseen by Merry, who has declined to turn over the cash to Hughes. Merry has sued Hughes, saying the money is owed to him for legal fees, even though there was no written contract. He and Myers are no longer together.

So we have Myers who sent emails from the board, including closed meeting items, to her live in boyfriend. Said boyfriend became the lawyer for Hughes, who was living with both Myers and Merry at the time. Eventually, Merry was able to use the information in these emails to get Hughes a $15,000 settlement.

As for the restraining order, Hughes said that it was completely unjustified. This is not true. Hughes has already a record of being convicted for disorderly conduct.

And Myers does not deny sending the emails, despite the glaring conflict of interest:
Myers agreed, saying she felt that the former Janesville administration was hiding things from the public. She offered a succinct explanation as to why she forwarded a note about the order to Merry from her public account. Merry was not representing Hughes at the time.

"I thought it was bullshit," Myers said. "I felt an injustice was happening.

"There was an injustice going on, and there were attempts that were being made by the administration to cover it up and conceal things that shouldn't be concealed," she said. "They were using a harassment restraining order in order to do that, and I thought it was wrong."
Myers tried to further justify her unjustifiable behavior by saying she wouldn't personally benefit from the $15,000 settlement pay out:
A Janesville constituent first raised concerns about Myers' conduct in the case several years ago.

"I want to know why it would not be a conflict of interest for you to have inside information on all school board matters, including closed-door meetings. And then be in a position to tell your live-in boyfriend, Roger Merry, all of that information," Barbara Cullen wrote in a September 2015 email. "This seems wrong. Can you inform me as to why this is OK with your ethics?"

At the time, Myers defended herself by insisting she would have to "have substantial financial benefit in order for it to be a conflict of interest," citing the district's attorney and the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. Myers forwarded the email exchange to Merry.

"I will not profit by this at all. Roger and I are not married," she wrote back to Cullen. "We do not have a shared bank account."

Cullen responded by calling her a woman "lacking integrity."
While she might not have benefited directly from helping to push the settlement through by sharing the confidential information, it would benefit her campaign manager. This is still against every ethics code ever written. Why she has not been brought up on charges yet is beyond me.

It also should give one pause to wonder what she would do if she were elected to Congress. If they passed a bill or policy that she disagreed with, or if she wanted to benefit herself or someone close to her, would she again think she is above the law and do whatever she felt like, despite however unethical or illegal it might be? That strong possibility alone should make any rationally thinking person reconsider any support for her, either in this race or any future races.

Clearly, Myers is not fit for any office, including the one she holds now.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Chris Abele Suspending Values Tour

By Jeff Simpson

Capper has well documented, the exploits of current Milwaukee County Exec Chris Abele.  Anything that happens with him should come as no surprise. 

We pointed out recently how Leadership MKE, the political arm of Abele, is working hard to temper the coming blue wave

The fake Democrat Abele's group, led by GOP allies George Aldrich(Abele's Chief of Staff) and Andy Suchorski(Abele's Political director), have been attacking progressives in Milwaukee.

Now "Leadership MKE" (who the hell named that), has jumped in the Sheriff's race by strongly backing Richard Schmidt.  Yes, we live in a Democratic Republic and you can back who you want to back, but when the person you are backing believes this:

The criticism surfaced Monday about comments Schmidt made last year during a podcast interview. Schmidt told domestic violence victims who are Christians to submit themselves to the Holy Spirit, adding that God would restore their relationships.
Schmidt also failed to criticize the podcast host, a minister who said the victim should change, not the abuser. 
But wait there is more - like an exact quote:

“If someone is struggling, and their marriage is just a disaster ... get off God’s throne, submit yourself to that person and love that person,” Schmidt said. “If we’re Christian we submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit ... get off the prideful ladder, [and] God can bless that marriage and restore those relationships.”
Yes, if your spouse is beating you, you need to be a better person.   As the saying goes in right wing wacko land

Q. What do one million battered women have in common?
A.  They just don't listen! 

What does the Milwaukee County Exec Chris Abele. the guy who paid to keep the courthouse open so our LGBTQ friends could get married, one of the main funders of Emerge, do about this revelation? 

Doubles down to support Schmidt!

Abele has sicced his political hit team after Lucas and supporting Schmidt.

There is a saying that you reflect your values in how you spend your money.  Abele has shown his by going all in with Schmidt.   Which means the next move is Emerge's.

Abele is a huge funder of Emerge, and everyone needs money:
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, $900,200. Abele, who was first elected county executive in 2011, is also a businessman and philanthropist who traditionally supports Democratic candidates and groups. Abele’s 527 contributions went to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which backs lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender candidates nationwide, and Emerge Wisconsin, which helps elect women Democratic candidates.
EmergeWI has the following vision and mission:

Our Mission: To increase the number of Democratic women leaders from diverse backgrounds in public office through recruitment, training, and providing a powerful network.
Our Vision: To change the face of power, politics, and leadership in this country in order to have policies that are responsive to all Americans.
A great organization, dedicated to a great cause surely would publicly let everyone know that this was a bridge too far for them. 

Unfortunately no.   

When I contacted Emerge about it, I was told that he is just a donor and not on the board and that the money does not come with strings, so while they were disappointed they have no control over it.

Money ALWAYS comes with strings. 

Readers of CogDis, will remember, that when Diane Hendricks became chief fundraiser for the Donald, that I asked that my alma mater Beloit College remove her from the Board of Trustees(Here, here, here and here). 

I was given the same basic response from Beloit College, which can be interpreted as Money Changes Everything. 

But wait there is more.  Another person who has not weighed in on this horrible controversy is Kelda Roys, candidate for Governor? 

Why is this issue relevant to Kelda?  Because as a small business owner, she relied on investments.   One of her biggest investors?

Chris Abele! 

Research suggest that police officers have a much higher rate of domestic violence than the general population and since it is already very hard to get away and get help, what is the message you are sending to the community when the head acting law enforcement officer believes such incredible things?

While I admire Emerge WI and Kelda Roys for the positive difference they have made and are making in our state, their failure to publicly admonish Chris Abele in this instance, because he writes big checks, is very disappointing.

As Margaret Atwood says:

“Better never means better for everyone... It always means worse, for some.”

Saturday, August 4, 2018

White Privilege Amongst Team Myers

"Democratic" candidate Cathy Myers, who acts more and more every day like a plant by the Republicans, sure can draw some super staff members and supporters..

Today's example is one Samantha Hanahentzen, one of Myers' paid staffers..  She got into a twitter fight with a supporter of Randy "IronStache" Bryce, arguing that Myers would be the better candidate because she has ovaries.  She doesn't explain how that's a qualifier, but whatever.

But then she questions Bryce's heritage.  Bryce is half Mexican, but Hanahentzen refutes that with what I'm sure passes as impeccable logic for her:

Brilliant! Because he doesn't speak Spanish or have a Spanish sounding last name, obviously he can't be of Latino heritage.

The saddest part is that Hanahentzen most likely got this rationale straight from Myers' campaign, which is so toxic now that they will poison everything and everyone around them with their lies and smears.

I can't wait until August 15th when Myers and all her little trolls crawl back under the rocks they came from.

ADDENDUM: I would strongly advise that Hanahentzen and anyone else that thinks the same way read this article.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Beware of Trackers

By Jeff Simpson

For those who do not pay that close attention to politics and hardly know the inside workings of campaigns.  There is a fairly consistent phenomena of campaigns sending a kid to video their opponents hoping to film them doing or saying something dumb so that they can make an ad/issue out of a misstep during the election. 

It is so much easier to use millions to smear your opponent for a misstep, than it is to let everyone judge you on your policy positions.

Mahlon, had a "tracker" following him around with a camera and decided to turn it around and film the tracker(Video here)

Mitchell started filming Republican operative Ben Stelter, and asking him a couple questions:
The video shows Stelter videotaping Mitchell. Mitchell starts asking him who he works for and how much he’s paid. Stelter responds that he doesn’t make as much as Mitchell makes as a firefighter and president of the state firefighter union.
Stelter then climbs into his car and drives off as Mitchell asks why he follows him around.

 You can say that it is just the way politics works, but I would submit that I am curious why it took Mitchell so long to confront him and that allowing these guys to follow you around is downright dangerous. 

In the era of concealed carry, if the "tracker" does not have to identify themselves, how would you know who he was?

Do you just assume that he is assigned by the opposition.  What if he is someone that has believe the hype and believes that Democrats are the enemy of the people and is there on his own?  What if something Mitchell says while having conversations at the doors triggers him?  Has anyone done a background check on Ben?  How much does he agree with Ted Nugent?  Gabby Giffords showed us that it is dangerous to be a Democrat in public.  
We also were witness recently to the Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine GOP law in action.  
Markeis McGlockton was shot and killed July 19 outside a convenience store in Clearwater by Michael Drejka, sheriff's detectives say, after McGlockton shoved Drejka to the ground for confronting McGlockton's girlfriend over a parking space.Drejka was not arrested, with the Pinellas County sheriff saying the "stand your ground" law appears to give him immunity because he feared a further attack.
Sheriff's detectives said Drejka, 47, approached Jacobs while McGlockton and the couple's 5-year-old son went into the store. Drejka and Jacobs began arguing about her parking in a handicapped parking space.Jacobs concedes she parked in a handicapped spot outside the Circle A Food Store in Clearwater, and told "Good Morning America" this week that Drejka pulled up in a silver SUV and began yelling and cursing at her."(McGlockton) comes out and sees a guy yelling at me and I'm sitting in the car. So, by this time, my man is defending me and defending his children so he pushes the guy down," she told the ABC show.Jacobs said her two younger children were in the car with her.

We see in the video that Mahlon Mitchell took, when he asked Stelter, who he was working for, Stelter cowered in fear and ran to his car and drove away.  
How long until they send a kid who when he gets acknowledged, or asked a question, feels his life is threatened and takes steps to "defend himself"?  How long until a crowd gathers around the tracker and he slips and pulls his gun?   A privileged white boy introvert, following a Democrat of color who he has learned to fear and conditioned to think of as the enemy, in a diverse or less affluent neighborhood. while concealed carrying could lead to disaster.

While I personally believe that its a lowlife, TMZ thing to do by following someone around perpetually with a camera, I also realize that politics is a unique sport and logic and common sense is not allowed.

My suggestion would be that if a political party, or politician, sends someone to be a "tracker" they should be vetted and have to wear ID that is out in the open.  Or we will end up with this soon:  

When you have this happen at a rally for the GOP Presidential nominee and his response is he promises to pay the legal bills of anyone else who does so, you can not be to careful. 

Hopefully we look back upon Mahlon Mitchell confronting his tracker as a break water point in making candidates safer as they run for office.

Edit note: How could a guy who feels he needs security with him at all time send some young introverted possible psycho to follow Democratic Candidates wherever they go?