Wednesday, August 2, 2023

He's Not Even A Drag Queen

 If you listen to the right wing nut jobs, especially the ones in hate groups like Moms for Fascism or Proud Little Boys, you would think that every drag queen was a serial sexual predator of children and that every time a kid was victimized, it was by a drag queen.  Obviously, that is as far from the truth as anything.  

Take this lecher for example:

A former Fayette County deputy was arrested and charged with child sex crimes in McNairy County.

David Kelso, 30, is charged with contributing delinquency of a minor, incest, rape, and sexual battery by an authority figure.

On July 25 at 8:00 a.m., deputies received a child sexual assault report.

According to the affidavit, Deputies interviewed Kelso’s stepdaughter at the Selmer Carl Perkins Center, where she told deputies about sexual contact with her stepfather.

I don't know about you, but to me he seems much more likely to be one of those nut jobs than a drag queen.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

WISGOP Desperate Not To Face Another Fair Election


Meagan Wolfe courtesy of WEC

Ever since the 2020 presidential election, MAGAts and WISGOP, but I repeat myself, have been scapegoating Meagan Wolfe, administrator for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, for running a clean and fair election.

With 2024 fast approaching, the were bound and determined to get Wolfe out of there so that they didn't have to face another fair election.  They didn't want her there because, as we all know, when people are allowed to vote, Republicans lose.

So the MAGAt WISGOP thought they would be clever.  When Wolfe was nominated for another term as the WEC administrator, the Senate Republicans would shoot her down.  With her out of the way, they could put in one of their own people, who would make damn sure that the Republicans won in 2024, no matter how much they had to cheat.

But before Wolfe could be the nominated, she had to be approved by 4 of the six elections commission board members.  When it came time for them to vote, the three Republicans all voted for Wolfe.  

However, in a beautifully played counter to foil the MAGAt GOP, all three Democrats abstained, thus preventing Wolfe from being nominated.  Making the move even sweeter, per a State Supreme Court ruling in 2022, this meant that Wolfe would be the administrator indefinitely, until such time that she would withdraw her name or she gets the fourth vote and moved to the Senate for their consideration.

This left the GOP in conniptions.  They rattled their swords and made impotent threats of lawsuits.

However, on late Wednesday, the Senate Republicans just figured they would ignore the laws that they themselves had written and just consider Wolfe to be the nominee.  As pointed out earlier, she cannot be considered the nominee because she had not gotten the minimum four votes required.

The GOP's logic was as twisted as one would expect:

State law requires two-thirds of the six-member commission to nominate an administrator for a new term. But LeMahieu told reporters on Wednesday the commission's vote of three Republican members voting in favor of reappointing Wolfe and three Democratic members abstaining from voting at all qualified as a two-thirds vote.

"They could have voted no. They didn’t vote no. That would have been a tie vote. But it was a unanimous vote," LeMahieu said. "3-0 is a two-thirds vote."
Someone might want to cue LeMahieu and the other GOP that voting to abstain doesn't mean they did not vote and thus it was not an unanimous vote.  If the GOP ill-advisedly proceeds, you know this will end up in the courts.  Then Wolfe will still have her job and a chance for a nice little pay out to boot.

All because the GOP is really, really scared to face another fair and clean election.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Vos: Let Them Sell Cake!

Memberes of the Milwaukee Common Council had a few choise words for the local government funding bill that WISGOP is forcing down our throats, rightfully calling it "overreaching, micromanaging, and frankly racist." Proving that the truth hurts, Wisconsin Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos had to show that he really is a racist little weasel with this response to the criticism:
Before the state Assembly went into session Wednesday, Vos said liberals "want race, color and gender to be a part of everything and almost mandated for what people should believe." 
"That's not what taxpayer dollars should be for," he said. "If you want to raise money in the private sector, if you want to have a bake sale or put money into your own ideology, you have every right to do that because we live in America. But it's not the right to use taxpayer dollars to try to push one ideology over another."
Um, no. Equality and respect are not ideologies. They are common courtesies and constitutional rights. Only a white supremacist and a bigot would think of equality and respect as an ideology. 

 There was no word if Vos donned his white hood before or after entering the chambers.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Worker's Memorial Day

 A day of mourning

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

It's A Nice Day For A Red Wedding

 It's already been quite the week, hasn't it?

Don Lemon got fired from CNN.

But that got quickly drowned out by the fact that Fox actually canned their sacred cash cow, Tucker Carlson!   This has led to an ongoing countrywide celebration. 

But don't feel bad for Carlson.  Word is that he already has a job offer from his friends at RT.  I think he'd be a natural fit there.

And just as people were catching their breath from all the dancing at Carlson's demise, news came out that the Aaron Rodgers trade with the JETS had finally gone through.  I joined all the other Wisconsinites in saying "We'll never forget you Karen!"  

And even though Rodgers just had his first news conference today, he's already in mid season form!

And all that happened just on Monday.

Other than that, not much else has been going on worthy of noting.

Except maybe that I'm back in action after a way too long hiatus.  But please be patient with me.  The format has really changed here and it's gonna take me a minute to figure out all these buttons and other doohickeys.

Also, while my focus will still be primarily on Wisconsin and Milwaukee, I will also be covering stories from elsewhere.  And, of course, I will still be writing at Crooks and Liars as long as they let me.

Make sure you update your readers and bookmarks.  Now, let's go cause some good trouble, and lots of it!

PS: This is for you, Jeff Simpson.