Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lawmakers Want Investigation Into Walker's Mismanagement

State lawmakers on the budget committee voted 16-0 in favor of calling on Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to do an investigation into the Income Maintenance Program in Milwaukee County.

That program is, of course, the program that Walker willfully and maliciously chose to vastly under staff, putting only 5-10 workers in an area where there was funding for 30. This and other acts of incompetence and mismanagement led to a class action federal lawsuit being filed against the County and the State. This led in turn to the State taking over the whole program, costing Milwaukee County taxpayers a bundle. (And Walker claims not to raise taxes - HA!)

Interestingly, places as far away as Chicago and Wausau have picked up on this story, but at the time of this writing, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has nothing on it.

It is really sad when one has to go upstate or even out of state to find out what is happening in our own back yard.

Now the question is: Will Van Hollen do his job, or will he continue to play partisan politics?

ADDENDUM: Bonus question: When will CRG actually live up to their name and call for a recall of Walker?


  1. Capper,

    What a strange title.

    Investigations are intended to find evidence to warrant a conclusion, and yet your conclusion precedes the investigative work. Bias?

  2. Actually, no.

    Walker's mismanagement has been well documented. The staffing shortages, the federal lawsuit, the state takeover all stem from it.

    The investigation will be if Walker and/or anyone in his administration committed fraud.

    Surely, you wouldn't want to give a pass to someone bilking the taxpayers, would you? That is why there is a need for the investigation to see if it was incompetence or something more.

  3. It's been two (three?) days and counting, still nothing from Journal Sentinel on this.