"The Franklin Center is shutting down," James Wigderson, who covered education, tweeted early Friday.

That was a follow-up to his previous tweet from Thursday night that read, '"Email account closed. And with that, Watchdog.org shall publish no more."

@jessieopie The Franklin Center is shutting down.

One last personal note, I always love when people who consider themselves the media, who attack people who use no comment, have nothing to say when a story is about them:  

Case in point!

Wigderson declined further comment.

Wisconsin Watchdog Bureau Chief M.D. Kittle could not be reached for comment. His office number was not in service Friday, and he did not respond to a message left on his cell phone.
On Thursday, Wisconsin Watchdog tweeted: "God bless. #wiright"

Finally, one last point.  Watchdog,org and The Franklin Center are not going away.  As they told Bice:

But a Franklin Center spokeswoman said in a statement that the center and Watchdog.org will continue.

"The Franklin Center has not shut down; it continues to operate and we expect growth as we progress through 2017," said Franklin Center spokeswoman Laurel Patrick, who previously worked for Walker. "In order to achieve this growth, it is undergoing a reorganization."
Which means that Wiggy can not help himself but lie, and can not even bring himself to tell the truth when the story is about himself.

Remember that when you check out his blog or Right Wisconsin!