Thursday, March 29, 2018

Right Wisconsin - We Read It So You Don't Have Too

By Jeff Simpson

Ever since Charlie Sykes decided to take his career in a new direction as the "thoughtful conservative" instead of the screeching hate monger daily, he had to drop all of his ties to his the chapter of hate in his life and gave up his website "White Right Wisconsin". 

In yet another act of wingnut welfare, he handed it off to his buddy James Wigderson.  Wiggy, who did not actually have anything else to do, has been much more aggressive pushing his propaganda.   He has come up with the idea of a daily "news" letter where he showcases his lack of humor and blend it with his lack of information, and mixes in occasional lies. 

Let's look at a few examples:

*  In one, Wiggy is explaining to his kid, how Orwells books are coming true thanks to the Democrats taking away our rights(making a strong argument against homeschooling). 

Then let's us know that the NRA is in serious danger of losing their "Constitutional Rights". 
Meanwhile, the "Two Minutes of Hate" described by Orwell has been in evidence in every anti-gun march in recent days, demanding that the NRA become silent. It's not just disagreement, it's a demand that the NRA loses its voice to defend rights that are in both the state and federal constitutions.
This is the political college campus atmosphere now on a broader societal level. If the Left is successful with the NRA, nobody's right to free speech is safe.
While I understand he is trolling for advertisers and NRA Dollars, look back at where I showed that the goal of all on the right is to make their followers look at Democrats and liberals as the enemy

Speaking of two minutes of hate:

*  Here was some actual humor.  One day Wiggy, trying to mock Hillary says this:

 So I gave my wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, some shocking news today. I told her that she votes for the candidates that I support because she's married to me. Yes, that was quite a shock to my wife who wouldn't even include the word "obey" in our wedding vows.
Heck, Doreen would have a hard time even guessing at my chosen candidate because I rarely tell her for whom I'm voting. We went two years once before she learned which candidate I finally chose in a local election. Because of my position as a political writer, it doesn't make sense to broadcast my preference, or even to have one, before Election Day, especially in primaries.
Yes who in the world could possibly guess who Wiggy votes for?  I am guessing if his wife does not know, then I would wager that no one in the house can work the microwave or washer. 

Two days later, Wiggy writes this:

 Before we start today's newsletter, I want to thank the ladies of the Republican Women of Greater Milwaukee for listening to my speech on Saturday. It was a pleasure speaking in front of you, and always fun to run into Dr. John McAdams as well. I hope that I both entertained and informed.
Towards the end of my little speech, I warned how Governor Scott Walker's agenda is in trouble. 
As an independent thinking political "writer"(term used loosely), nothing says disguised vote like talking to a bunch of old white Republican women about how Scott Walker is in trouble. 

*   And right there, among all the kids yesterday, was the state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, a Democratic candidate for governor, encouraging the kids to miss school. Why not? It's not like Evers has done anything to improve school safety, including getting rid of teachers watching porn in their classrooms. Nor has Evers done anything about the failing schools these children are attending, except opposing anything that would hold the schools accountable.
Unless the kids can be used as political props, it doesn't appear at all that Democrats care about them. 

This is where the lies come in, Tony Evers absolutely had no chance or authority to dismiss a teacher who was caught watching porn on his lunch hour.   Evers has also put out Wi education budgets every budget cycle that would help all of the schools that are not performing as well as we would like, but the Governor has ignored them and taken a machete to public school budgets. 

Walker, though under the correct assumption that he is in trouble for re-election, plagiarized Evers budget this cycle, except added way too much to unaccountable private/voucher schools. 

*  Kelda Roys, put out her first ad in her Gubernatorial campaign where she talked of working bipartisanly to ban BpA.   

Democratic candidate for governor Kelda Roys launched her first video capitalizing on the BPA scare. The problem is, even the European Food Safety Authority found no health risks from exposure to BPA. So much for Democrats being the party of science (again).    
Yes Science that tells us that BpA is problematicVery Problematic:

But in 2010 the agency altered its position. The FDA maintains that studies using standardized toxicity tests have shown BPA to be safe at the current low levels of human exposure. But based on other evidence -- largely from animal studies -- the FDA expressed "some concern" about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants, and young children.

You get the idea, save yourself the 45 seconds a day.  There is nothing of substance to see here.   Nothing beyond #fakenews anyway. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WISGOP: Democracy Must Die!

At the end of 2017, Scott "Weasel" Walker appointed three Republican legislators to his administration. However, he called for only one special election instead of three, apparently to test the waters against the Blue Wave that has been sweeping the nation.

As he feared, a Democrat, Patty Schachtner, won the seat by 9 points. This was a district that Trump had won by 17 points and the previous incumbent Republican had won by 26 points, and thought to be safely Republican.

After that warning shot, Walker, being the cravenly and easily intimidated coward that he is, refused to call for the other two special elections, leaving those districts unrepresented for over a full year.

Enter former US Attorney General Eric Holder, who filed a lawsuit against Walker on behalf of the people in those two districts. The Honorable Josann Reynolds, whom Walker appointed to the bench in 2014, sided with democracy:
"To state the obvious, if the plaintiffs have a right to vote for their representatives, they must have an election to do so," said Reynolds


Walker aides contended Walker didn't need to hold special elections because the vacancies occurred not in 2018 — the election year — but in 2017.

The judge called that interpretation absurd because a seat that becomes vacant in 2017 remains empty longer than one that begins in 2018.

The judge took a shot at Walker for contending he didn't have to hold the election when the statutes are clear and he so often talks about the need for judges and others to follow the plain meaning of laws.

"I cannot reconcile the incongruity between Governor Walker's administration's very vocal and consistent policy advocating for strict constructionism and the position taken by the attorney general in this case involving the most basic constitutional guarantee," Reynolds said.
Judge Reynolds ordered Walker to call for the special elections by noon on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

This got the Republicans' undies all in a bundle.

Assembly Speaker Robin "The Rabid Rabbit" Vos practically pissed himself, calling the judge an "activist judge" and besmirching her reputation. It was so foul that the chief judged penned a letter to Vos demanding an apology. (Vos is keeping up his petulant, little boy routine by refusing to apologize.)

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald took it one step further by calling for an extraordinary session of the legislature in order to pass a law negating the law for special elections. In other words, the Republicans want to kill democracy in order to preserve their death grip on the state rather than follow the law. Walker desperately agreed to this, saying he would also sign such a bill into law.

Fortunately, the Republicans are as inept as they are corrupt. The extraordinary session isn't until April 4, almost a full week past the deadline set by the Court.

This led Walker to approach the court and ask for a delay in the order until April 6 in order to give them time to kill off democracy.

On Tuesday afternoon, this request was heard by the Honorable Richard Niess, who was filling in for the vacationing Reynolds. Niess was full of disbelief as he heard the Republicans' arguments that holding the special elections now would cost too much money and be too confusing for the voters.

It didn't take long for Niess to get to the heart of the matter:

Needless to say, Niess upheld the decision and reaffirmed that Walker has until noon on Thursday to call the special elections.

Walker doesn't have to call the special elections, but refusing to do so puts him at risk of being found in contempt of court.

The funny part of all this, if one can describe any of this as funny, is that Walker has been complaining that the special elections would be a waste of taxpayer money. But going to court twice and calling for an extraordinary session of the legislature for a law that will likely be challenged and found unconstitutional isn't?

Screnock The Supreme Sham

By Jeff Simpson

Next week, we get a chance again to tweak our Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The choice is down to Hard Core right winger Mike Screnock and Rebecca Dallett.   While Dallett has run an all over the board, low road campaign, she has to be the choice. 

Screnock, who likes to pretend he is nonpartisan and will follow the rule of law to a T, yet his whole career has proven the exact opposite.

When Screnock was younger, he took time away from playing tennis and the tuba for the Baraboo Thunderbirds:

To get himself arrested twice for blocking women's access to healthcare and refusing to give his name to the police when arrested

It is always nice when the Supreme Court Justice can share his mugshots. 

But wait there is more, there is always more:

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), Scott Walkers boss, have spent north of $600,000 to elect Screnock.  The Republican Party of Wisconsin, is in for about $150,000, The NRA has given him their strong endorsement and Right Wisconsin gives him unlimited free press because he is their largest advertiser.

Screnock has hired some of the worst of the worst right wing extremists to run his campaign:
 His campaign is staffed by longtime Republican operatives including Sean Lansing and Luke Hilgemann, both formerly with the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, and Nathan Conrad, formerly a spokesman for the state GOP.
To make matters worse, Screnock knows that he is running as a GOP Justice and has unlimited funds trying to get him elected.   That means he has no interest in even attempting to do the work needed to win grass roots support!
Screnock has blown off candidate questions from the League of Women Voters. He avoided some joint appearances prior to the primary and backed out of a March 13 debate before the Dane County Bar Association, after originally agreeing to take part. The group’s treasurer, David Friedman, says that “to the best of the DCBA’s knowledge,” no other major candidate for state Supreme Court has ever failed to appear at its candidate forum. 
Screnock has even engaged in artful dodging to avoid discussing his own actions in court.
While Mike was in Mock Trial his senior year, it seems that all he has learned to mock are the citizens and voters of Wisconsin.

It is time to upgrade our Supreme Court even if it is only slightly.

Please do not vote Screnock! 

Monday, March 26, 2018

The War Within #MAGA

By Jeff Simpson

The Donald continues to tell us about building a wall, and the dangers of Muslims and the need for travel bans.  School shootings continue with the next one seemingly being worse than the last. 

Lost in the shuffle is the actual war that some people are fighting right here in our country.    The right wing echo chamber, work very hard to cover it up and the mainstream media does not want to deal with the far right hate groups wrath by tying together the incidences, so we will.

The war within our country right now is the far right wing hate groups, led by the NRA and guided by the far right hate talk radio and Fox News.   They are convincing their "soldiers" that the liberals are the enemy, they are going to loe their rights and freedoms, we are too worried about our PC culture and why in the world would women think they could do the same work as men.    While everyone may have heard of an occasional incident, there is becoming a pattern. 

Let's take a look:

*  Starting with the NRA, one of their main vendors is selling a bleeding female mannequin target(and another that resembled President Obama).

Of course mass killings and domestic violence are closely related and we do need to make a profit!

*  We are not done with our friend at the NRA yet, they also recently released a terrorist video aimed at Americans:

Al Quada would be proud.  

*  Speaking of Al Quada, the white supremacist movement(AKA Y'all Quada) has exploded in the US since 2008(coincidentally, the same year America elected an African American president).

LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS and the watchdog groups that track the self-styled “patriot” groups call them anti-government extremists, militias, armed militants or even domestic terrorists. Some opponents of the largely white and rural groups have made fun by calling them “Y’all Qaeda” or “Vanilla ISIS.”
Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors extremism, said there were about 150 such groups in 2008 and about 1,000 now. Potok and other analysts, including law enforcement officials who track the groups, said their supporters number in the hundreds of thousands, counting people who signal their support in more passive ways, such as following the groups on social media. The Facebook page of the Oath Keepers, a group of former members of police forces and the military, for example, has more than 525,000 “likes.”
*   There is an influx of white supremacists running for public office now that they have been empowered, with one of the highest profile being Arthur Jones, who recently won the Republican nomination for Congress.  Jones, calls the holocaust, the "biggest blackest lie in history".  While he ran unopposed,  it did not stop over 20,000 Republicans from voting for him.   Jones has also ran 5 times before, but this year, in 2018 the Donald era - he actually secured a spot on the ballot.

*   Recently, a 24 year old white male, ended up blowing himself up, after targeting local people of color in Austin Texas with home made package bombs.   The home schooled Conditt, referred to himself as a low information Republican:
My name is Mark Conditt. I enjoy cycling, parkour, tennis, reading, and listening to music. I am not that politically inclined. I view myself as a conservative, but I don’t think I have enough information to defend my stance as well as it should be defended. 
As is typical, not having enough information does not stop one from having strong opinions:
On the blog, the suspect gave a window into his mind and political views. In it, he said that he opposes gay marriage, comparing it to bestiality. He railed against abortion. The entries date to 2012 and appear to be for a class. He also wrote about the government releasing an Al-Qaeda terrorist, opining, “I think that it is just plain dumb to release a terrorist, much less a senior one – no matter what he can provide.” 
*  The Parkland High School shooter had some very strong hatred in his bones, he hated blacks, minorities, homosexuals, white women who dated interracially and liberals.  His loves were guns, and The Donald. 

* This past weekend, there was a children organized "March for Our Lives" throughout the country where millions of people marched for reasonable gun control and to make sure our younger generation are registered to vote so the politicians will listen to them.  In Madison the turnout was amazing! 

In almost every March all over the country, there was also a consistent uninvited guest.   The old white guy openly carrying a gun.

Nothing like a loaded gun, the Gadsden flag and ear muffs to really advance your cause. 

*  Locally during the "Day of Action" where students all over the country(including my children), silently left class for 17 minutes in memory of the 17 people who were slaughtered in Florida, local right wing extremist blogger Jimmy Wigderson was besides himself that kids would actually do that:
Unfortunately, in so many other schools, kids are being transported to little protest spots to be props for Democrats seeking to make gun control an issue. In Madison, the high school kids are being transported from West, Lafollette and Memorial High Schools to East High School by bus so they then can go march on the Capitol.
But we know it's a spontaneous uprising of the kids, right? Because so many of them have the wherewithal and credit cards necessary to charter buses.
Governor Scott Walker, wisely, will be out of the Capitol today at a bill signing. And state Senate Republicans are meeting behind closed doors today to actually work on a real school safety plan, not the result of a hyped-up tantrum that'll be thrown outside the Capitol today.
In other words, the grownups are working. Some are working at manipulating kids for their own ends, while others are actually working today to solve the state's problems.
What do you know, someone actually does read Wiggies hate filled extremist website.   

A Pewaukee High School student was arrested Wednesday morning in connection with a threat that prompted the school district to close its campus and cancel classes.
The suspect was taken into custody by investigators with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department. The investigation has not revealed any evidence of any other actors or participants, according to a joint news release from the Sheriff's Department, the Pewaukee Police Department and the school district.
But a screenshot from the app that was shared on the Pewaukee Parents Facebook page said, "All you liberals are going to be easy targets. I wouldn't recommend showing up to school, unless you want to die. Pewaukee is going to be bigger than Columbine and Florida combined. Just you wait. Pewaukee isn't so safe. ;) - You're all going to die tomorrow and nothing will stop us."
We are seeing a pattern of home grown terrorism in the United States and there is a pattern of middle to lower class, privileged white Republicans who hate liberals and love guns. 
The group that like to think of themselves as the "good guys with guns" are the profile of the exact people we need to be worried about.  While the kids this past weekend were not intimidated by all of the people openly carrying guns and looking for confrontations at their rallies, the reality is they should have been.

For instance, the NRA and their allies made this picture go viral(of course they photoshopped the original):

Apparently, the right wing is over their faux outrage, of attacking children.  

At a Pro Trump #MAGA rally this weekend in "liberal" Los Angeles, the Trumpets decided that they had no use for minorities or anyone from the media (#fakenews) and this is a picture of how they treated a local photographer(apparently none of them in their fervor to be Super Patriots have ever read the flag code).  

I do not believe that all Republicans are mass murderers, but most mass murderers all seem to fit the same profile.   It is not hard to understand either, with a heavy dose of hard core Republican hatred blaring at them from all angles from hate radio (Rush, Vicki, Dan O Donnell, Belling, etc...) to lunatics like Christian Schneider getting unlimited column inches with no oversight, to the blogs filled with BS and lies like Right Wisconsin, Maciver and Mediatrackers, that are treated as legit news sources by our media, and most political talk shows loaded with hard core Republicans, all people who listen to the airwaves get a heavy dose daily of the same message - Liberals are the enemy of America and are working hard to destroy our country. 

We have a choice this year, will we reward that behavior and keep going further and further down the rabbit hole, or will we stand up and say #Enough ?

The choice is up to us!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Coming in hot off the huge success of the unions in West Virginia to finally be recognized and properly compensated, the teachers in Oklahoma, the lowest paid in the nation, put Oklahoma legislators on notice:
Leaders of the Oklahoma Education Association on Thursday unveiled the specifics of their demand for $10,000 teacher pay raises and said new legislative talk of $2,000 raises would not stop public school teachers from walking out en masse on April 2.

The state’s teachers union proposal calls for a $6,000 teacher raise in year 1 and $2,000 each in years 2 and 3, for a total, three-year cost of $1.46 billion.

They also want a raise for school support workers that would cost $292.5 million by the end of those same three fiscal years.

“We cannot — no, we will not allow our students to go without any longer,” OEA President Alicia Priest said. “If the Legislature doesn’t pass $6,000 teacher pay raises and necessary revenue to pay for them, … OEA is calling on every Oklahoma teacher to leave their classroom and come to the Capitol.”
And as in West Virginia, it looks likely that Oklahoma teachers wouldn't be standing alone. The union for Oklahoma state workers is looking at joining the teachers:
tate employees are considering walking out with teachers if raises aren’t forthcoming, the Oklahoma Public Employees Association said Friday.

The group’s board of directors is set to meet Saturday to discuss its options and potentially approve a plan to support a state employee walkout.

Teachers announced Thursday that they would walk out on April 2 if lawmakers failed to come up with a plan for $10,000 pay raises.

“State employees are tired of being ignored and are angry because state leaders have failed to do their job,” said Sterling Zearley, OPEA executive director. “They’ve failed again to provide a pay raise for state employees, and they’ve failed to sufficiently fund core services.”

State employees’ pay shrinks each year, and they are fed up with lawmakers who will not listen, Zearley said.

The organization has about 10,000 members among Oklahoma’s roughly 34,000 state employees, he said.
As we say here in Wisconsin, "This is what democracy looks like!"

Personally, I'd like to see this movement spread nationally and rapidly. Not only that, I'd like to see private sector workers, especially those in the misnamed Right to Work states, to stand up and demand their rights as well.

The big businesses and corporations, and the politicians whom they own, will not give the people their rights or treat them with respect out of the goodness of their hearts. These things only come when the people demand them and are willing to fight for them.

But even now, these actions warm my heart and give me hope for our futures.

Solidarity, brothers and sisters. More of us are standing with you than you realize.

Cross posted from Crooks & Liars (which even has video!)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Most Controversial Non-Controversial Political Ad You'll See This Year

Meet Kelda Roys:

Kelda is the most recent of 17 Democrats to announce their campaign to unseat Scott Walker, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers, and just released her introductory video.

Kelda is a former stat e representative. She became a small business owner when she was gerrymandered out of office.

The ad is pretty good. It keeps a positive note and shows that Kelda is the type of politician that listens and works with the people instead of dictating to and then hiding from them, like Walker is prone to do. It also shows that she was effective while in office and:


During the shoot, Kelda's four month old baby was starting to fuss off camera. Kelda's husband gave the baby to Kelda who started to feed her. She didn't make a big deal of it and she didn't miss a beat while she was talking.

That's because it wasn't a big deal.

But you wouldn't have known that from the right wing propagandists or the corporate media (but I repeat myself) which were shocked! - shocked, I tell you! - by this and/or started launching attacks against her.  I'm sure they think she should have stopped filming and run off to feed her baby in a bathroom stall.

Kelda explained it best herself by simply stating that she was a mother:
While filming, Roys says her four-month-old daughter Avalon started to get a little fussy.

"I just kept nursing the baby and thought maybe they can use the audio or something," she said.

But when she saw the video, she says she decided not to hide her motherly act.

"This is real life," she said. "I think so often women who run for office feel like they can only present a certain side of themselves to be taken seriously. But it's 2018 and I feel like the fact that I'm a mother just shows that I have an even greater motivation to make the state better."
Kelda got a relatively late start with her campaign, presumably because of the baby, and hasn't registered on many people's radar yet.. But this ad and her common sense and practical attitude is sure to change this quickly.

You can learn more about Kelda at her website.

Addendum: There has been no confirmation at this time that Walker is considering calling a special session of the legislature to repeal the ban on BPAs or to start a ban on breastfeeding.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Scott Walker Attempts To ReBrand Himself

By Jeff Simpson

Today, Scott Walker tweeted this out.  Not quite as insane as The Donald's Tweets but close. 

It seems that the above Scott Walker, is trying to pretend he does not know this guy:

Or this guy:

Or this guy!  

10 Stories Flying Under The Radar

By Jeff Simpson

It has been a busy time of the year, and as you have noticed we have not done much blogging lately.  I still have somewhere around 783537 tabs open so time to clear it up a bit and share what I have been reading.

1.  The Donald has a new man crushChina's President Xi Jinping:

 "He's now president for life. President for life. No, he's great," Trump said. "And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day."
Nothing says Patriotic American like admiring a Communist dictator who has suspended all laws, to stay in power for life.  To be fair, we are nothing if not fair here, its a sweet gig to be able to golf 1/4 days in your job AND make a profit and full salary! 

You would think that golfing that many days in a year he would be good at it and not have to "cheat like hell".

If only we could call a Mulligan on his election. 

2.  Six teens are running for Governor of Kansas.  Following Sam Brownbacks incredible mess, Ole Yeller would be an improvement so why not some intelligent teens? 

Interesting fact, from the article that has been overlooked.  Every one of these teens has more experience around girls than Glenn Grothman. 

3.  The AR-15 lover, Republican Assemblyman Adam Jarchow, has announced he will not seek re-election.  Jarchow recently got beat badly by Patty Schactner when he tried to get a promotion to the Wisconsin Senate.  Jarchow, decided to take his ball and go home after his whooping. telling us that he is full of shit and does not belong in government as his reasoning.  The story here though, is the person running on the WISGOP side to replace Jarchow  - Gae Magnafici.  Gae has a great name but might possibly be the worst dresser in the history of mankind.

4. Tammy Baldwin recently was the guest at a Wispolitics luncheon where Leah Vukmir, tried to confront her with a gotcha question of "What do you have against corporate share buybacks and massive layoffs?".  If it is good enough for the undead, it is good enough for all of us!

5. Speaking of Vukmir - does she ever work?

6.  Did you hear there was another school shooting.  Dale Hansen explains why we can not do anything about it:

7.  Leah Vukmir again(remember her from above), says your wrong, if we stop worrying about teenagers feelings we can stop these shootings!
 The self-esteem movement has become an entrenched feature in our schools and homes. The emergence of a psychotherapeutic culture of cushioning self-esteem at all costs has led to school programs aimed at coddling teens instead of encouraging their growth and independence …[O]ur national obsession with the feelings of teenagers has played an enormous but heretofore unrecognized role in what is transpiring nationwide. Unless we change our attitudes and approach to dealing with the normal developmental phase of years known as adolescence, I fear another Columbine is inevitable.
Dont worry Leah, The Donald hears you!

8.  Ben Shapiro, the racist snowflake who Robin Vos wrote special protection legislation in WI for, really hates that African Americans are allowed to be in movies

9.  Speaking of Republicans, progressives, independents, moderates and the citizens of America have a new arch enemy - The DCCC!
Last night, Annie Rice won a resounding victory, with nearly 60 percent of 8th ward voters choosing her to represent them on the city's Board of Aldermen.
But later this month, the Democratic Central Committee will weigh a bylaw change directly aimed at punishing Rice's supporters. If members approve the proposed amendments, anyone who "supports or endorses" candidates like Rice "shall be subject to censure." Committee members who follow in Rice's footsteps and run for office without the party's blessing could face removal.

10.  Want to make your boss happy?  Send people to his hotel so he can make some more money

Bonus:   Remember when after the last election all local progressive talk was taken off the radio because "no one listened", well not sure it was the best business move.  With hate radio dominating the air waves, what happens? 

Bankruptcy of course! So long Iheartradio we barely got to know you.

Double Bonus:  Nothing really matters because the crayfish are going to take over the world anyway

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Wisdom Of Cathy Myers' Campaign Strategy Is Debatable.

When Randy Bryce introduced himself as a Democratic challenger to Lyin' Paul Ryan, he did so with a video that sucked most, if not all, of the oxygen out of the room:

What the gentle reader may not be aware of is that Randy isn't the only Democrat running.

Days after Randy announced, Cathy Myers slapped together a homemade video to announce her campaign.  She's been trying to play catch up ever since, without much luck.  Being so far behind, Myers decided to go negative and this quickly turned into pure desperation.

The desperation of the Myers campaign has led them to make one unforced error after another - everything from false claims of endorsements to her campaign manager trolling and bullying Randy's supporters.

One of their missteps has been an ongoing one that they continuously repeat to the point of ad nauseum.

For months, Myers has been demanding debates with Bryce.  Now, this is a common stunt pulled by the candidate that is lagging behind in the polls and/or in fundraising.  But to start raising the issue a year before the election is utterly bizarre.

Myers' desperation escalated this week after another blockbuster rally for Randy, where thousands attended to see Bernie Sanders support Bryce's campaign.  Thus they escalated their demands, complaining publicly that they weren't getting enough attention:
Yesterday, Cathy Myers proposed a series of six debates with her Democratic Primary opponent, Randy Bryce. Myers offered to participate in a debate in each county within Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District – Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Rock, Walworth, and Waukesha.

Bryce has ignored her proposal, but did acknowledge that the August 14th Primary is heating up by buying $80,000 worth of TV advertisements for the month of March.

Myers responded, “Voters are asking for a debate, not $80,000 worth of TV ads bought and paid for by out-of-state donors. Local voters deserve a real debate on the issues because they will decide this election.”

Bryce is a 20-year ironworker and three-time candidate who has never won a primary election. He is ignoring Cathy Myers, a 24-year teacher and two-term elected official who currently represents Paul Ryan on the Janesville School Board.
Myers then made some false claims and came out with this line:
Bryce’s campaign has said he plans to debate “whoever is on the ballot,” which will not be determined until the June filing deadline, a year after his June 2017 campaign announcement.

Myers’ responded that Bryce’s timeline is “unacceptable and disrespectful to the voters we seek to represent.”
There are a number of problems with Myers' little tantrum, besides the fact that it is distasteful and serves only to reveal her desperation and the poor quality of her campaign.

First off, Myers' demand is disrespectful to the voters. If Randy had agreed to debate her, they would have froze out at least one other candidate who did not announce until February:

That's why debates aren't scheduled until it is known who is going to be on the ballot.  Even popular incumbents have failed to make the ballot because of their failure to turn in enough nomination signatures on time.  So there's no guarantee that Myers is even going to be on the ballot.  (Given how she and her campaign manager are busy alienating people, it wouldn't be surprising if she didn't make it.)

Secondly, she's already been on stage with Randy, just last month.  Granted, they did not appear at the same time except for a photo op, but she had a chance to show why she thinks she is the better candidate.  It apparently failed which is why we're seeing the higher level of desperation and self-pity.

Thirdly, Randy has repeatedly said that he is more than glad to debate any and all opponents once the ballot has been set.  It doesn't make much sense to spend time debating someone who isn't even going to be on the ballot. It's a waste of time, energy, money for the candidates and the voters.

If Myers truly wants to see Lyin' Ryan repealed and replaced, she would do the honorable thing and drop out, throwing her support to Randy, who is the clear front runner and the best chance the Democrats have had in decades at regaining that seat.

But if she chooses to continue to run, which is also perfectly fine, she would be better served by running a positive campaign and focusing on raising her profile and raising the funds that she so desperately needs if she even wants to think that she has a chance against Ryan.

If she continues on the course she's on now, she's not doing any favors for anyone but Paul Ryan.