Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Foxconn Con Job - An Epic Republican Fiasco

A year and a half ago, former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (I still love saying that!) penned a handwritten note with Foxconn promising the company $3 billion dollars for a manufacturing plant they were so supposed to build in Wisconsin and to create 13,000 jobs. Both Walker and Lyin' Paul Ryan immediately made this cornerstones of their reelection campaigns. Ryan ended up quitting and running off with his tail between his legs and Walker was fired in the midterm elections.

Critics immediately raised the alarm, citing the disaster in Pennsylvania where Foxconn just took the money and ran, leaving taxpayers in the lurch.

It didn't take long for the wheels on the Wisconsin deal to come flying off either. First the number of jobs being promised dropped from 13,000 to maybe 2,000 if we were lucky. Meanwhile, the $3 billion in state aid quickly blew up to over $4.5 billion in state and local aid, with Foxconn, sensing they had some real suckers on their hands, kept asking for more and more.

Now, Foxconn is pulling back on the thought of building the manufacturing plant altogether:
Now, those plans may be scaled back or even shelved, Louis Woo, special assistant to Foxconn Chief Executive Terry Gou, told Reuters. He said the company was still evaluating options for Wisconsin, but cited the steep cost of making advanced TV screens in the United States, where labor expenses are comparatively high.

"In terms of TV, we have no place in the U.S.," he said in an interview. "We can't compete."

When it comes to manufacturing advanced screens for TVs, he added: “If a certain size of display has more supply, whether from China or Japan or Taiwan, we have to change, too.”
Indeed, Foxconn has already suspended all construction.

Republican lawmakers, the same ones who ramrodded this hunk of corporate welfare through the state legislature, are now trying to pin this latest failure on Governor Evers, who hasn't even been in office for a month:
"We don’t blame Foxconn for altering plans in an ever-changing technology business. It’s also not surprising Foxconn would rethink building a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin under the Evers Administration," Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in a joint statement about the company's plans.

The Taiwanese tech giant attributed its deliberations to high labor costs and not to the election of Evers.


Though Woo told Reuters the company had concerns about the steep cost of making advanced TV screens in the United States, the Republican leaders said, "the company is reacting to the wave of economic uncertainty" brought by Evers.

"Governor Evers has an anti-jobs agenda and pledged to do away with a successful business incentive for manufacturing and agriculture," Fitzgerald and Vos said, referring to Evers' proposal to pay for a middle-class tax cut by scaling back a tax credit for manufacturers and agriculture producers.
Like everything else that comes from the Republicans, this doesn't hold water. It was Vos and Fitzgerald that called for the extraordinary session after the midterm elections to pass a slew of lame duck laws, including the protection of their Foxconn con game.

Last and least, even Walker had to tweet in to try to defend his failed legacy:

What Walker doesn't want people to remember is that as of one year ago, he already handed over more than a billion dollars to Foxconn that had absolutely nothing to do with job creation.

Not only are Republicans no good at leading, but they don't even make good liars anymore.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Cold Day Catch Up

By Jeff Simpson

Time to catch up on some fun reading.....

1.  You can tell things are boring in Bright Red Oklahoma, because they get to debate on their legislative floor, how much God loves rape and incest.

“Is rape the will of God?” asked Rep. Cory Williams.
Mr Faught replied: “If you read the Bible, there’s actually a couple circumstances where that happened and the Lord uses all circumstances.
“I mean, you can go down that path, but it’s a reality, unfortunately.”

2.  $93,000,000 was spent on the 2018 Gubernatorial race from start to finish.  The WISGOP spent $58/93 Million, WisDems spent 32/93(17 candidates) and Third party candidates spent $32,550. 

While the massive amount of spending by Walker, underscores how immensely unpopular he truly is, the bigger question is, when will we stop allowing this.  While many people are giving their money to make sure kids eat or that the thousands of homeless get meals, the rich amongst us are spending millions buying and trying to buy elections.  Which means the rich set policy and the rest of us keep working to help our neighbors.   It is a never ending cycle that we need to break. 

3.  In Pennsylvania, GOP Rep. Brian Ellis, is being investigated for his own version of constituent services. 

According to the report, Ellis and the woman were at the same bar when she fell down, hard, suffering injuries.
“We want to make it very clear that she was not voluntarily intoxicated. This woman was incapacitated,” the state’s Victim Advocate said on her behalf. “She does believe that she was drugged and that she did seek medical attention the following day because she was in pain and she did indeed have a concussion and other injuries.”
Ellis reportedly knew the woman as a “workplace acquaintance at the Capitol” and “offered to help her get home” but the woman says he instead took her to his residence and raped her.

4.  If you are not reading Jake's Wisconsin Funhouse, you should be.  Here he asks the question not a single reporter in Wisconsin asked while listening to the WISGOP strain their arms patting themselves on the back - When does our State's prosperity start

"Our prosperity to continue?" Doesn't something need to start for it to "continue"? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, released their final report for 2018 on average hourly wages in all 50 states this week. And Wisconsin ended up 43rd in the US for wage growth last year, badly trailing most of its Midwestern neighbors. 

5.  One of The Donalds staffers, who had unlimited access to the Donald, wrote a book.  While the book depicts a White House that is out of control(to the surprise of no one) what else this book shows, is how ineffective and disrespected The Donald was towards Paul Ryan.   

At times, Trump evinced less rage than a lack of interest. Sims recounts one time when Ryan was in the Oval Office explaining the ins and outs of the Republican health-care bill to the president. As Ryan droned on for 15 minutes, Trump sipped on a glass of Diet Coke, peered out at the Rose Garden, stared aimlessly at the walls and, finally, walked out.
Ryan kept talking as the president wandered down the hall to his private dining room, where he flicked on his giant flat-screen TV. Apparently, he had had enough of Ryan’s talk. It fell to Vice President Pence to retrieve Trump and convince him to return to the Oval Office so they could continue their strategy session.

6.  Maria Butina, Scott Walkers good friend, who he learned Russian to impress, pleaded guilty to conspiracy. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Accused Russian agent Maria Butina pleaded guilty in federal court today to one conspiracy charge, and has agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

Butina, appearing in court in a green jumpsuit, admitted to one count of conspiracy. As part of the plea agreement with the government, prosecutors dropped the other count in the indictment originally brought against her, and agreed not to prosecute her for any other crimes they were made aware of during their plea discussions.

 7.  26 ways Scott Walker ruined(or embarrassed) Wisconsin.   My favorite:

15. Claimed his bald spot resulted from hitting his head on a sink
Doctors had a laugh with this one.

Bonus read:  crusty old backbencher GOP Rep. Ed Brooks of Reedsburg, finally did something in his career.  Show us he is a racist.   

Monday, January 28, 2019

We Really Do Need Education

By Jeff Simpson

In 1979 Pink Floyd, unknowingly wrote the Republican mantra that unfortunately seems timeless:

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone

In the latest WISGOP attempt to "work the refs" Rep. Dave Murphy (R - Doesnt read Bills he votes on), who unfortunately for the people of Wisconsin is chairman of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, has decided that a course on the American Presidency (based on a students sharing of the syllabus) is not nice enough to The Donald. 

The course, taught by UW Professor Ken Mayer, had the bad fortune of having former Miss Wisconsin Mckenna Collins taking the class. 

Collins, was so outraged by the syllabus that she took her grievances straight to The Dean, the Chancellor, Dr. Mayer - D. None of the above.   Collins, now that her pageant career is over, is working on becoming a Fox News talking head of reality TV "star", ran right to noted scholar (heavy sarcasm) Tucker Carlson. 

With the massive exodus of advertisers, Tucker was looking for any friend.....

Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone
All in all it's just another brick in the wall
All in all you're just another brick in the wall

What was on the syllabus?  Ms. Collins, posted it on her Facebook(since removed) :

“[Mayer] makes every effort to instill in college students an illegitimate distrust and hate for the President of the United States before the course has even started,” Collins said in her Facebook post regarding the syllabus.
Collins also explained the syllabus made her feel intimidated, stating her belief that Mayer “made a mistake” when crafting the syllabus. She found his language to be “biased, unprofessional and anti-academic.”
The problem is even the UW College Republicans said she was crazy:

Many of our executive board members have taken classes taught by Professor Mayer, and have found him to be an intellectually engaging professor that treats conservatives fairly. In the past, Professor Mayer has openly criticized how the University of Wisconsin – Madison handled President Obama’s visit to campus due to its political nature and ties to the Obama campaign. 
Obviously no one on the UW College Republican Board, has visions of joining The Kleefishs Go Hunting or The Real World. 

Now Ms. Collins replaced the complaint with her victory picture: 

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave those kids alone

Yes this UW College Student, who the right held up as a true victim of the liberal elite, quoted Martin Luther King, Jr. in regards too her getting her feelings hurt about what a Professor said about the Trump &residency.   The quote, paraphrased from a speech that MLK,Jr. gave after Bloody Sunday , where civil rights protesters were attacked and beaten on the bridge. 

That in no way whatsoever, even comes close to equating to a right wing privileged student being upset because her feelings were hurt when someone criticized the admitted Pussy Grabber.   

That is the true meaning of shame and shows how she is not here to be a serious academic student.   Maybe her next tour of "Table Talk" should be focused on learning some actual history!

Want to know what is really happening?  Check out this tweet thread from Georgetown Professor Don Moynihan:

Hey teachers, leave those kids alone
All in all you're just another brick in the wall
All in…

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wiggy Wonders What To Do With Himself

By Jeff Simpson

Once again, it is time to check in with the Bizarro Blogger on the Right.  Jimmy Wigderson, the person the racist extremist Charlie Sykes willed White Wisconsin too, when he decided to leave his extremist hate filled ways behind and pretend that he had no hand in the rise of the white trash racism that has taken over our country. 

Wiggy, in the wake of the GOP finally(after being re-elected 9 times) figuring out that Iowa Rep. Steve King is a raving, lunatic racist

There is a line, one that far-right politicians know they must not cross.
Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, once described undocumented Mexican immigrants as drug mules and likened them to dogs. He supported the end of birthright citizenship and has repeatedly lamented the declining white birth rate. He praised the books and amplified the tweets of neo-Nazis. All along the way, King got the endorsement of Iowa voters in his district, who returned him to Congress every two years since 2003. He received occasional criticism from Republicans insistent that King’s ideas were not their own, while some Democrats said his public comments revealed a bigoted streak, an affinity for white nationalists and an eagerness to make America a less equal place.
All of his previous actions withstanding, it took one simple question by King to pull the curtain back:

 Why was this one moment in the political life of King too much, too far, too outrageous? King’s comment — “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” he told The New York Times — was lacking in all plausible deniability and nuance, devoid of the high and low pitch tones calibrated for certain ears, experts say. It was an endorsement of white supremacy in the form of a rhetorical question. And it came at a time when King’s Republican Party is struggling with its political prospects.“King is not alone in his ideas, not his ideas on immigration, not his ideas about policy,” said Nell Irvin Painter, professor of history at Princeton University and author of “The History of White People.” “But, he is a fairly unusual character, today, in how obvious he is with his racism. The president operates on the side of euphemism, just this side of euphemism, whereas Steve King has used the actual language of white supremacy, the actual words with an endorsement.”

Now to the irony of the situation, apparently Wiggy had a "meeting" planning the "future" of White Wisconsin.   In layman's terms. the Bradley folks told them they cant be paying them to write such BS and get their ass kicked in elections like just happened.   Wingnut welfare only goes so far. 

The question that came out from these meetings was this:

  An easy question should be, what do we do about the racists in our midst? 
As you heard here first in September, no one is more of a racist than Mr. White Wisconsin himself - James Wigderson.  He who called all of the student athletes in the Milwaukee Public School System "little convicts" is asking what should be done with racists in their midst.   

As we have also pointed out, if you could sell the irony that Wisconsin Republicans put out on a daily basis we could actually afford to pay Foxconn what Walker promised them. 

In the meantime, a quick answer to Wiggy's burning question is simple. 

Get rid of the racist editor of Right Wisconsin and put it in the hands of someone who is logical, intelligent and open minded(good luck finding someone).   Then you can have some credibility when talking about the Steve King's of the world. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Republican Post Election Propaganda

By Jeff Simpson

Propaganda, coming from the Government, is something that has a long sordid past in our world.  The Holocaust Museum reminds us that the Nazis used it very effectively.

Propaganda. The word conjures up images of lies, manipulation, and brainwashing. Even in democratic societies with guarantees of freedom of expression, fears of mass manipulation by government, the media, and spin doctors are widespread. During the 1930s and 40s, the Nazi Party used posters, newspapers, rallies, and the new technologies of radio and film to sway millions both with their vision for a new Germany and with frightening images of state enemies.
Propagandists promoted indifference toward the persecution of neighbors, and tried to incite ordinary men to carry out mass violence. Ultimately Nazi Germany provoked a war that cost the lives of some 55 million people, including 6 million Jewish men, women, and children. The legacy of Nazi propaganda lives on in recent incitements to mass hatred and violence.

In America, we have used Government Propaganda to sway opinions, here and elsewhere,  as long as there have been wars.   

In the era of information, nothing has changed.  Especially in Wisconsin where we were gerrymandered into a far right takeover of the state.

Since Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald have picked their own voters, now they want to make sure that you believe what they tell you to believe. 

This ad recently showed up on

Wisconsin Legislature Videographer

Job Announcement Code(s): 19-00062
County(ies): Dane
Classification Title: / JAC: 
Job Working Title: Unknown 19-00062     Videographer
Type of Employment:  Full Time (40 hrs/week)
The salary range for this position is $37,128 - $68,064 per year. Starting salary is dependent upon experience and education. In addition, this position receives the same fringe benefits available to other State of Wisconsin employees. For more information related to benefits, please see:
Assembly Republican Careers; Email:
Bargaining Unit: Non-Represented
Area of Competition: Open
Deadline to Apply:  1/14/2019

Position Summary: 
The Wisconsin State Legislature is currently hiring a Videographer to work for the Assembly Republican Caucus in Madison. Duties for the position include, but are not limited to:
Creating stories, shooting footage, and editing videos to create a final product for caucus members;
Assisting with the writing and production of videos for the caucus and individual members;
Travelling to video shoot locations if necessary;
Managing all television and radio production functions for Assembly Republicans;
Maintaining a YouTube site; and,
Live streaming press conferences.
(Equipment for the position is provided.)
Qualified individuals will possess the following skills, knowledge and abilities:
Effective written and oral communication skills;
Excellent organizational skills;
Creativity in writing, reporting, and editing;
Demonstrated storytelling abilities;
Comfort with shooting on several types of cameras;
In-depth knowledge of video production and editing;
Working knowledge of video distribution and website development;
Ability to stay up-to-date with industry standards and trends;
Ability to perform multiple tasks with efficiency and accuracy within assigned deadlines;
Ability to work both independently and cooperatively, while exercising professional judgment at all times;
Experience using video to impact social media; and,
Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite.
How To Apply: 
Please send a resume, cover letter, and links to video creations demonstrating how you meet the qualifications of the position above to:

It is funny that it is billed as a "legislature" videographer but you have to apply to Robin Vos.   It is also not the least bit surprising, that the small government wonders, would create a non union position.

Be Ready Wisconsin, Robin Vos and Jim Steineke have hearts and minds to change before 2020, and what better way than taxpayer funded propaganda?   

Sunday, January 6, 2019

American Mediocrity

By Jeff Simpson 

While we as a Nation have had some dark times, one of the shining times in our nation is when President Kennedy challenged our Country in 1961

We have had our failures, but so have others, even if they do not admit them. And they may be less public.
To be sure, we are behind, and will be behind for some time in manned flight. But we do not intend to stay behind, and in this decade, we shall make up and move ahead.
The growth of our science and education will be enriched by new knowledge of our universe and environment, by new techniques of learning and mapping and observation, by new tools and computers for industry, medicine, the home as well as the school. Technical institutions, such as Rice, will reap the harvest of these gains.
And finally, the space effort itself, while still in its infancy, has already created a great number of new companies, and tens of thousands of new jobs. Space and related industries are generating new demands in investment and skilled personnel, and this city and this State, and this region, will share greatly in this growth. What was once the furthest outpost on the old frontier of the West will be the furthest outpost on the new frontier of science and space. Houston, your City of Houston, with its Manned Spacecraft Center, will become the heart of a large scientific and engineering community. During the next 5 years the National Aeronautics and Space Administration expects to double the number of scientists and engineers in this area, to increase its outlays for salaries and expenses to $60 million a year; to invest some $200 million in plant and laboratory facilities; and to direct or contract for new space efforts over $1 billion from this Center in this City.
To be sure, all this costs us all a good deal of money. This year¹s space budget is three times what it was in January 1961, and it is greater than the space budget of the previous eight years combined. That budget now stands at $5,400 million a year--a staggering sum, though somewhat less than we pay for cigarettes and cigars every year. Space expenditures will soon rise some more, from 40 cents per person per week to more than 50 cents a week for every man, woman and child in the United Stated, for we have given this program a high national priority--even though I realize that this is in some measure an act of faith and vision, for we do not now know what benefits await us.

President Kennedy, pulled the Nation together for a greater vision and a goal that everyone bought into.   This led to many technological advancements and much progress as a nation, and true national pride and acceptance. 

Fast Forward the clock 56 some years later and our President makes this speech:

The Donald does not necessarily want to go to the moon but instead wants to create a Space Force.  A Space Force, with no actual details, plans or even interest in doing anything but giving an unintelligible speech with no thought, interest or actual intent.   

What happens when we go from a President wanting to be an inclusive, advanced nation to one that  wants to punish anyone who criticizes him?

Now that our media has been labeled #fakenews , and the media that is left spends their time chasing The Donald around like a lost puppy, you may have missed this:

BEIJING — China’s burgeoning space program achieved a first on Thursday: a landing on the so-called dark side of the moon.
The United States, the then-Soviet Union and more recently China have all sent spacecraft to the near side of the moon, which faces Earth, but this is the first-ever landing on the other side.
The China National Space Administration said the 10:26 a.m. landing of the Chang'e-4 lunar explorer has “opened up a new chapter in human lunar exploration.

We are not getting beat in the race anymore, we have dropped out of it completely. 

 We used to aspire to greatness.... now we aspire to piss off liberals. 

The first step to solving any problem is to recognize there is one.....

There is most definitely a problem that needs solving! 
Let's hope we recognize and solve it before it is too late! 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The GOP Short Term Memory Loss

By Jeff Simpson 

The down time between election and inauguration has been way more exciting than it should have been.   First off, Robin Vos, the wanna be Whitey Bulger,  has decided since Walker went down in shame, to follow the age old adage  -  The King is Dead, Long Live the King Robin!  Doing as he was told by the boys at ALEC and Scott Jensen, Robin decided, since he has a gerrymandered legislature. to transfer as much power away from Tony Evers and into his lap as he could possibly get away with, then a little more. 

The problem is this is a new era in politics and the citizens of Wisconsin are paying attention and, all but the hardest core right wingers, are not having it.

    Republican state leaders have struggled to publicly explain laws they enacted in a recent lame-duck session, amid a national onslaught of criticism from Democrats, nonpartisan groups and even fellow Republicans.
The critics largely have offered a unified critique of the measures, signed by Gov. Scott Walker last week. They’ve called them an unprecedented power grab by Walker and legislative Republicans that defied the will of voters, who elected Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul. Both take office in January.
When something is unjustifiable, it is impossible to justify.  That is pretty simple and easy to understand. 

We are just beginning.   There are still a couple weeks before inauguration and the Republicans are having a full out assault on anytime Tony Evers Sneezes.   The attacks this week are going to come against every single person that Tony nominates to his cabinet. 

Its starting now.  Pro CAFO, and Oompa Loompa , who hasnt made a promise he intends to keep thinks that appointing someone from Madison and Milwaukee is unacceptable.

and Jim Steineke, couldnt see the crimes that Bill Kramer was committing right in front of his eyes, but can see how after four appointments that Tony Evers hates WI.

You get the idea, anyone who read the memo and does not want to upset Robin "Whitey Bulger " Vos will be in full attack and discredit mode. 

When there is an all out assault on the Democrats, expect @newsmaciver to get the call and they jumped into action...

But Evers’ lofty words of compromise and bipartisanship don’t seem to jibe with his opening appointments. The governor-elect has quietly assembled advisory committees packed with some of the most left-leaning people from some of the more left-wing organizations in the state. Nary a conservative to be found, of course, and even truly moderate Republicans are missing from the far left-heavy advisory committees.
The lineup includes big labor bosses, extreme environmentalists, social justice warriors, and espousers of socialism.
His liberal picks shouldn’t come as a huge surprise

What our friends on the right are hoping you do not remember is some of the appointments that Scott Walker originally made(all of whom they gladly voted for).

Dennis Smith - Smith, the married man with 4 daughters from Washington DC, was appointed head of Department of Health Services by Scott Walker.   Smith who never met an uninsured person he was not proud of, used the job basically to bring his high school crush to WI and start an affair on our dime using our resources and then resigned and took off to DC abruptly after his affair came to light.    Smith now works for a global law firm in DC - Dentons. 

Michael Brickman - Brickman, a degree in political science and a member of "Friends of Scott Walker" that helped get Walker elected, was named Walker's top education policy advisor.   Brickman made a name for himself, by going to the bars in Milwaukee and getting intoxicated Democrats to say stupid things that they could run to the press with.   He "disguised" himself as "Rich in retail" when talking to people at the bars.  This experience made him qualified to set education policy in the far right world of fitzwalkerstan.   Now, to the surprise of no one, Mike "Rich in retail" Brickman works for Betsy DeVos

 *  Brian Deschane Deschane, the troubled son of Big walker donor Jerry Deschane, was appointed to an $81.500/yr job with the Commerce Department.  His qualifications, as one would expect from this administration were- no college degree, no work experience and 2 DUI's. 

* Ryan Murray - Murray, the son of another big Walker donor, Mike Murray,  was appointed original head of WEDC.  Murray, whose first audit of WEDC, found that while they had created no real jobs to speak of, had invested heavily in Wisconsin Badger tickets, vacations and iTunes gift cards( you can not make this stuff up).   This of course led to nothing but a pat on the back and told to continue on until WEDC actually ended up paying off a donors Maserati(that he named Nero).  It took competent people actually quitting, over Murray's incompetence to actually force change.   Murray currently works for the unimaginatively named "The Firm" consulting firm in Milwaukee.   

As our friends on right continue to criticize Governor Evers, remember they not only have no leg to stand on, their continual hiring of incompetents has cost our state millions!   

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Scott Walker Doesn't Even Believe His Own Bullsh*t!

As I just mentioned in this post, Scott Walker was ripping on Elizabeth Warren and touting the virtues of hard work:

Now, Walker has a chance to practice what he preaches as that he will be out of work in less than a week.

This is certainly a challenge for Walker, who is uneducated and has no practical work skills, having been a career politician all his adult life. But there are some jobs that he could still do and prove his point.

He claims he worked at a McDonald's as a kid.  He could always go back to the fast food industry.

Walker is also pretty handy with a shovel.  He could become a ditch digger.  Now that's hard work!

And if Walker really wants to work hard, he could become a construction worker like he was for Foxconn:

So just how does Walker plan on demonstrating the virtues of hard work?  He told us in an email he sent out on New Year's Day:
In 2019, Tonette and I will move on to new and exciting opportunities to serve. Our home will remain in Wisconsin but we will broaden our scope with an additional focus on returning power to the people in the states – from a federal government grown out-of-control. That is the best way to Drain the Swamp on a permanent basis.

We will focus on new methods to articulate a conservative message. True freedom and prosperity do not come from the clumsy hand of the government. They come from the dignity that is born of hard work. Socialism has failed around the world – now is not the time to bring it to America.

And we will focus on reforming the tax code and lowering the tax burden on hard-working people. Time and time again the facts show that places that free up capital have greater prosperity and opportunity for their citizens.

To do all of this, we will be involved with a number of excellent organizations. Along the way, I will also be part of a speakers bureau – so be sure to consider requesting me for meetings, conferences, and other events across the nation. It will be nice to be based in Wisconsin but also to be able to see so many of our wonderful friends and supporters around the country.
In other words, he's going to be a paid speaking meat puppet for the dark money special interest groups, a lot like he's doing now, but with even less responsibilities!

That's not exactly the hard work that he's been extolling now, is it?  In other words, he doesn't even believe  the bullshit he wants to get paid for shoveling.

Senator Tammy Baldwin also shreds him for even more hypocrisy:

Given the horrible work laws he pushed for and passed into law, it's not really any surprise that Walker doesn't want to be worker in his own state.

When Lame Ducks Attack!!

Unemployed Scott Walker (ask me how much I love saying that!) is trying and failing - to remain relevant after his defeat in the midterm elections. This was evidenced by one of the most absurd, poorly thought out tweets that he has ever made:

The absurdity of this line of attack is apparent on many levels.

As points out, Warren easily won her reelection bid while Walker is begging conservative stink tanks for a job:
Walker’s criticism of Warren as “out-of-touch” is more than a little rich given that Warren just won re-election by 24 points, whereas Walker lost his bid for a third term to superintendent of public instruction Tony Evers.

If any politician could be characterized as “out-of-touch,” it would be a politician like Walker, who runs on a conservative agenda, loses, and then on his way out the door signs a bunch of lame-duck bills stripping his incoming, liberal successor of several executive powers. Or maybe it’s one of the large number of Republicans, including Walker, who tried and failed to convince their party in the 2016 presidential primary that they were a better choice than Donald Trump. It’s not Warren, a senator who has spent her career advocating for working people over Wall Street, and who helped design a pro-consumer federal agency that 74 percent of voters support.
Ed Heinzelman at Blogging Blue also points out some of the absurdities:
I would like to remind Governor Walker that the clumsy hand of government gave us the tax payer giveaways to Foxconn and Kimberly-Clark, hobbled 21st C rail travel in WI, and removed authority and power from the incoming governor that he himself enjoyed the past eight years.

P.S. essentially Scott Walker has never worked in the private sector having been in public office since his first election victory at age 22. Who might be the one out of touch?
Indeed, the lame duck weasel Walker has been a professional politician for nearly three full decades. It seems to me that he's done alright for himself, thanks to the government.

But wait, there's more! With all things Walker, there's always more.

Walker attacking Warren for being a "liberal law professor" had me rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off. This is hilarious because Walker never graduated from college, much less taught in a university. I would remind the gentle reader that Walker didn't drop out of school, but was kicked out because of his unethical conduct during an election for school president.

One would think Walker should be spending his time trying to find a job and a homeless shelter that will take in his family instead of constantly proving himself to be a fool. We already knew that beyond a doubt.