Friday, October 19, 2018

When You're Too Much Of A Loser For Even Trump...

I've got a confession to make.

I'm more than a little surprised that Scott Walker, who is normally pretty politically savvy, has hitched his campaign wagon so strongly with Trump. I was sure that has Trump became more politically toxic and kept sinking in the polls, Walker would quietly but quickly distance himself from the Orange Shitgibbon.

But the opposite has happened and Walker is clinging more and more tightly to Trump. To the point that even though Walker is trailing his Democratic opponent, Tony Evers, by 10 points in the polls, Walker is welcoming Trump to come and campaign for him in central Wisconsin next week.

Even more surprising is the fact that Trumps political advisers are telling him not to go to Wisconsin because Walker is a lost cause:
:Some advisers have urged him, without success, not to travel to Texas or Wisconsin, two states where the president has announced campaign rallies next week. The advisers had argued he would be wasting his time, because they believe Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is going to win his race, while Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) is likely to lose his.
The whole country could see how bad Walker was in the 2016 election season when his presidential bid lasted a scant seven weeks before collapsing in on itself. But to be so bad as to having Trump's people wanting Trump to distance himself from Walker - instead of the other way around - well, that's gotta hurt.

And as a side note to Walker - I and about six million of my closest friends are more than willing to help you back on November 7th, after your get your eviction notice.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Micromanagement, Manipulation and Mischief.

By Jeff Simpson 

Add one more name to the list of old Scott Walker friends who have come out saying they wont vote for him ever again and neither should you!    This time it is Paul Jadin, who resigned a job where he was making $208,000/yr, so he could satisfy his conscious and speak his truth.  Jadin, along with former colleagues Ed Wall and Peter Bildstein sent out an open letter today explaining why they are endorsing Tony Evers!

The letter writers say they will not be voting for Walker because of his handling of transportation, education and safety issues as well as "pervasive questionable practices within the administration."
"Governor Walker has consistently eschewed sound management practices in favor of schemes or coverup and has routinely put his future ahead of the state." the letter states. "The result is micromanagement, manipulation and mischief. We have all been witness to more than our share of this."
The letter doesn't list specific examples of "mischief" or "coverup" but said when Walker was traveling the country in 2012 to raise money for his recall election he stopped attending cabinet meetings and delegated responsibilities to his chief of staff.
"When he decided to run for President in 2015 he subordinated Wisconsin interests to those in Iowa and New Hampshire and his policy/budget proposals started to clash with members of his own party who still would have to stand for election in Wisconsin," they wrote.
Jadin, Bildsten and Wall described themselves as having "served our state and local governments in many capacities over our careers and have voted for and supported Republicans." They said the decision to endorse Evers comes with "a great deal of reflection and discernment."
We have seen two different kinds of people emerge in the Republican party.  The conservative Republicans(like these letter writers) who have a set of values and want to make society and our state a better place (even if we disagree at times).   The second kind, of people are the ones who have no room for values because they are loaded with personal ambition and do not care what it takes to get more money and power. 

Enough time with group 2 and group 1 was completely fed up and could not stay quiet any longer. 

While Scott Walker will go into pure smear mode on anyone who speaks up, lets take a quick look at the realities behind that.

The people speaking truth to power about Walker, like Jadin, a former Mayor of Green Bay, are people who have held major non partisan jobs and will again.  While Walker criticizes the job that Jardin has done, remember that Walker himself hired Ryan Murray to run WEDC, despite the fact that he was incredibly incompetent, because he was a donors son. 

These brave people are doing Wisconsinites a service, and yelling from the rooftops that Scott Walker is not worthy of running the Great state of Wisconsin.

The question is, will we listen?

Friday, October 12, 2018

Children are collateral damage in battle against illegal immigration

“Unconstitutional.” This is what a federal district court judge said last week of efforts by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to penalize “sanctuary cities” in the United States for failure to fully cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Still, states like Tennessee are rolling out their own laws that require local authorities to cooperate with ICE in detaining and removing undocumented immigrants.

In the ongoing wrangling across different levels of government over control of immigration policy, we typically hear very little about the collateral damage experienced by children. Regardless of how you feel about the unauthorized parents, you should care about the children living with them, 80 percent of whom are American citizens.

Let me make the devastating consequences vivid with the example of an immigrant mother in Tennessee who has been detained in another southern state for months since being turned over to ICE. Left behind are her four citizen children and one older child, a recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). They have not seen their mother since she was moved nearly a 1,000 miles away.

If you knew him, you would be proud of her oldest son. He came to the United States with his parents at about age two from Central America. He graduated as the valedictorian of his high school class in Tennessee and dreams of becoming a doctor. But it has not been easy. He received a scholarship to college in recognition of his academic excellence, but soon learned that DACA students must pay out of state tuition in Tennessee. He thought he could reduce his course load to afford the tuition but was forced to forfeit his scholarship as a result. Still, he is working hard to balance two jobs with his studies and stay on track toward his goals.

Moreover, he has new responsibilities trying to help his family navigate the legal and financial morass of the pending deportation of his mother. His teenage brother and father alternate working to continue supporting the family and caring for the younger children. One elementary age sibling has a disability that usually requires full time care from the mother. Another sibling is preschool age. Most distressing, the youngest was just eight months old and nursing when the mother was ripped away. As a mother who nursed all three of my children past age one, I cannot fathom the pain this has inflicted. It is keeping me awake at night.

In fact, neuroscientists and child psychologists have provided clear evidence that separation like this leads to major trauma for both mother and infant. It could even mean lasting damage to child development. Then there are the extreme financial burdens. The family must try to provide the legal support required to help their mother stay here. Most of their income has gone to hiring an attorney and meeting the demands of the grinding legal process. The loss of the primary care provider for the children also means other adults in the family are not able to work as much. All of this derails the education and career plans of the teenage son.

These children are either citizens or are here legally. They are as deserving of opportunities to pursue their dreams and contribute to society as any of us. Their success is our success. But we are stomping on their dreams and impeding their potential. We will ultimately be responsible for the consequences. Just take a look at what the eldest son of this family has accomplished, despite the obstacles thrown down on his path. This is just one measure of the costs of harsh treatment of immigrants in our country. There is no number that could adequately capture the human costs to this family. I hope this also keeps you up tonight after reading this.

Carolyn J. Heinrich, Ph.D., is the Patricia and Rodes Hart professor at Vanderbilt University and a member of the Scholars Strategy Network.

 *  Carolyn is a friend of mine from college and I wanted to share this important article.  - JS

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Clearest Cut Race in WI - AD14

By Jeff Simpson 

I pointed out yesterday, that career politician Scott Walker, for the first time in his life, has criticized a fellow Republican and actually asked him to step down.   Of course Brooks ignored Walker's plea because after 8 years Walker has completely lost any effectiveness he even had in his own party.

As surprising as that was, there is another race that is even more surprising.   The race for the Assembly District 14.  Dale Kooyenga, apparently his drinking problems on the Assembly floor, and his kleptomania not being under control, has decided he has earned a promotion.  While that is a story for another day(Vote for Julie Henszy), lets look at the race to replace him. 

 The Democrat in the race, and ONLY one competent and qualified to be making decisions in OUR government is Robyn Vining! 

Vining is a founding board member of Exploit No More, which works to end child sex trafficking. According to Vining, the Greater Milwaukee region has become known nationally as a hub for sex trafficking, and it’s a problem that occurs in every county in Wisconsin.
She is also the founding member of Help Portrait Milwaukee and The Milwaukee Portrait Project, initiatives that serve some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. Help-portrait is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give back to those in need.
Vining and her family moved to the 14th District a decade ago. She has bachelor’s degrees in psychology and fine/studio arts from James Madison University and a master’s degree in religion from Trinity International University.
Vining is a former pastor turned entrepreneur who has spent the past nine years building a successful photography business. She recently launched Folio MKE, a collaborative workspace/community for women entrepreneurs.
She was awarded the United Way’s Philanthropic 5 award in 2013 and was named American Mothers’ Wisconsin Mother of the Year in 2017 in recognition of her commitment to the community.
Her children are 12 and 14. Vining lives in Wauwatosa with her husband of 17 years (a professor), their children and rescue boxer. 
 Mom of the Year, Pastor, Masters Degree, photographer, business woman who found a need and stepped up and started a much needed organization to help address sex trafficking in Milwaukee.

Seems like one of the easiest choices on the ballot, especially when compared to her opponent. 

Republican Matt Adamcyzk,

Matt is currently the State treasurer where he ran on a promise to end the position,  When he was rejected soundly by the voters of WI, he moved on to try and win an Assembly seat.   He found out that while he is anti Government, he really means he is anti Government for everyone but himself.

Adamczyk likes being on the public dole, with taxpayer funded health insurance, a set salary, no one to answer to for being an anti social ass and bully and lots of perks.   

Unfortunately for Adamczyk, he has a record.  The State Treasurer is one of three people on the Board of Commissioners of Public Land, which operates a trust that provides funding for school libraries and makes loans to municipalities and school districts. 

Matt, being a Bully, probably had very bad experiences in his school libraries when he was actually forced to read a book, so he came in from the far right and wanted to prove his "conservative" credentials. 

Instead, he fit right in with the new Trumpian era and came up with such ideas as:

Wisconsin's new state treasurer is making waves on an obscure state board — trying to get it to cancel its subscription to The New York Times, change its letterhead so the top administrator (Tia Nelson)doesn't appear on it anymore and make sure any references to global warming are dropped from its website.
Nice way to start, coming in with his best Augustus Gloop impersonation. 

Now here is Matt Adamcyzk interview with WI eye Its not even

This is where the political surprise of the century comes in. As the OOmpa Loompas say "Matt Adamcyzk is so big and vile, so greedy, foul and infantile", that the ultimate Republican Hack Brad Schimel has criticized him.  Schimel overlooked the crimes/sins of Ken Kratz and Scott Jensen but was pushed to the brink by Augustus Adamcyzk,

"Matt, I gotta tell you, I’m counting the days till you’re not on this board. I’ve had enough. Doug is absolutely right. The string of demands you've made on the people who work hard on this agency has been unreasonable and abusive and I’ve said this before on the record and I'm going to say it again on the record: Your personality and approach to these people is abusive and unreasonable so we’re done with this. You made your unsubstantiated allegations for the whole world by claiming these guys are unqualified ... they have performed very well in the functions they are doing," Schimel said.
Schimel went on to say that he's anxious for Adamczyk to be done with the board and said he's scared they would otherwise have to hire new staff because current employees would quit over how they're being treated.

For once we can work across the aisle and make sure that Matt "Agustus Gloop" Adamcyzk is done sucking taxpayer funds to bully people  and done very soon. 

Let's Help Robyn win the 14th for all of WI:

Go to her website and give her a couple bucks or more importantly a couple hours of your time.   

Like Robyns Facebook page.  

Follow her on Twitter @robynvining  

Especially call anyone you know(family, friends) in her district and tell them to make sure for all of our sake to show up on November 6th and Vote for Robyn! 

Republican Debate Distress

By Jeff Simpson 

There is a trend happening around the country, the Republicans are ducking debates.   It has even reached Texas where Ted Cruz has pulled out of a debate with his opponent Beto O'Rourke. 

Brownsville, TX - CNN reports Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz has backed out of a debate between Democrat challenger Beto O'Rourke. The debate has changed to a town hall set for thursday, October 18, at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. According to CNN, "Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign initially accepted CNN's invitation to participate" but has since declined. CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash will moderate the one-hour town hall live at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.

So now Beto gets an hour of TV, all by himself,  talking directly to the people of Texas,   The guy who cowered to The Donald, also runs from Beto.   Let's hope the good people of Texas, see his cowardice, and send Terrible Ted packing.

While the cowardice bug afflicted Ted Cruz, it is widespread in Wisconsin.   We will try and address the widespread problem soon, but there is one specific instance I wanted to address, 

The 60th Assembly district.   

Republican Rob Brooks, who is currently was the Assistant Assembly Majority Leader,  is the current Representative of the district.   He is also the only Republican in my memory that Scott Walker has asked to resign.   The blatant racism of Bob Gannon, the fact that Robin Vos was sleeping with someone who reported to him, His right hand man trolling teens online, Wild Bill Kramer a known sexual predator, etc... and Walker was always quiet as a church mouse when asked about them. 

This time it is different.  In the home stretch of this election season, Scott Walker is obviously worried about how he polls with women and decided that for the first time in his political life, he was offended by something a fellow Republican did or said. 

"Representative Brooks' comments are offensive and disrespectful," Walker said in a tweet. "They have no place in our society and are inconsistent with the high standards that must be held by those in public office. He should resign from office, period."

What did Brooks do that upset this guy? 

Brooks attended a GOP function in the Wisconsin Dells (probably paid for by all of us) and decided to get drunk as Dale Kooyenga on budget voting day.   The problem with Brooks getting drunk, the real Rob Brooks apparently came out:

Rep. Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) directed a racial remark at fellow GOP Rep. Jessie Rodriguez of Oak Creek — the only Hispanic Republican in the Assembly — at a restaurant after an Assembly GOP caucus event in Wisconsin Dells, according to sources familiar with the incident.
An obviously inebriated Brooks said he was buying drinks for everyone "except Jessie because she's Hispanic," said one source.
Some at the gathering thought it was a really bad joke by an intoxicated individual because it was not delivered in a hateful way. But sources said Brooks proceeded to purchase alcohol for several Republicans. Rodriguez was not among them.
Brooks also made sexual comments to Republican Reps. Cindi Duchow of Delafield and Amy Loudenbeck of Clinton at the restaurant, but it is not known what exactly he said to them.
We will not know what is said because the Republicans, in the heat of the #metoo movement made a rule that they will not disclose any information about any harassment to the public.  They decided the best way to handle, for the long term health of their gerrymandered majority, is to take care of it internally with a slap on the wrist and a vow to never speak of it again. 

This was tried in this case but somehow word of his misogynistic sexism and blatant racism leaked out.  All of the women who were victimized by Brooks, all "want to put this behind them".  It will be interesting to see as we move forward, what exactly Robin Vos offered them to "put it behind them".

Which leads us to the reason of this post.   While Brooks had a few drinks and was not scared to say anything, now he is ducking debates with his opponent Chris Rahlf.   

The people of the 60th district deserve better than a rep who will only talk when he is drunk and then say things that no one should be saying. 

They deserve to be able to see both candidates, together discussing the issues and then decide. 

If  Rob Brooks is refusing to give his constituents that, then he has the same disgust for them that he has for women. 

Tell Rob Brooks to Debate Chris Rahlf. 

204 East Dekora Street
Saukville, WI 53080
State Capitol, Room 309 North
Post Office Box 8952
Madison, WI 53708-8952
Phone: 608-267-2369
Fax: 608-282-3660
Toll Free: 888-534-0060
If he still refuses, then let us help Chris Rahlf actually represent everyone in the 60th.  
Go to her website, like her Facebook page, follow her on twitter, give her a few bucks, or a few hours and for sure, call everyone you know in the area and tell them to get out and vote on November 6th for Chris Rahlf.  

Chris grew up in a military family.  Her father, a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant who served in Vietnam, taught her that leadership means putting the needs of others before yourself.   That is a lesson she took to heart during her service in the Navy and subsequent civilian  business career.
Unfortunately, it seems that state government has forgotten for whom they serve.  They put the interests of out of state donors and corporations before the people of Wisconsin.  They play partisan politics with important issues that affect every Wisconsinite's well-being like healthcare, education, and the environment.  
We need leaders like Chris who will stand up to the dysfunction and divisiveness rampant in our state capitol and work with all sides to solve the problems facing our state.   She will put people before politics.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

State Office Open Thread

By Jeff Simpson

I started today with a quick introduction to Dan Schierl, and want to continue promoting people seeking state office.  However, I am in Dane County, and do not travel the state like I used to, so I need some help. 

Please let me know what candidates running for State Office that really impress you and why, what district they are in and who they are running against! 

Then I will try and do a more in depth look and call to action for them.   It is not about the party and time to stop worrying about them doing anything to tip the scales.  We need to take charge and win in spite of them!   

I look forward to your responses! 


Schierl For 55th

By Jeff Simpson 

I came across Dan Schierl running for the 55th Assembly seat and liked what I saw:

Thank you for your interest in my campaign.
I am Dan Schierl.  I have lived in the Fox Valley my entire life.  I have lived in the Town of Clayton for over 20 years.  I have been married to my wife, Katie, for 31 years.  We have 4 children.
I worked in manufacturing for 43 years. I started as a packer on the floor and ended as a millwright/pipefiiter.  I retired in 2015.
In my free time, I like to camp, hike, ski, snowmobile and travel.
I am a member of and believe in the principles of United to Amend and Blue Jean Nation.  I believe our government has not worked for the people in a very long time and I want to be part of the change necessary to get people back into power, not the big donors influencing our current system.    
Wisconsin through and through for this lifelong resident! 

So I looked up the 55th and who was representing the district, and it is Mike Rohrkaste.   Never having heard of Rohrkaste in my life(for someone who follows state politics daily), I had to google him and see that he is a Republican who actually "represents" the Neenah/Menasha area and is completing his second term.  Apparently anonymously.  A look at his campaign finance reports and we see he really is pretty anonymous all around. 

I believe the term for that is Mike has been a good soldier for the WISGOP, the problem though is the war they are waging is against public education. 

Neenah/Menasha is a growing region that deserves out front independent representation.  The 57,444 residents need to be represented well and proudly in the State Legislature. 

That is why it is important that you send Dan Schierl to Madison in November.   If you have a few bucks send it Dan's way, like his Facebook page, give him a couple hours of door knocking between now and the election, and call/text anyone you know in the 55th to show up and vote for Dan! 

Every vote counts! 

In the last election this seat was lost by 6870 votes so we need to bring more people to the polls! 

This seat is winnable and we can do this! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ron Johnson Fails All His Tests

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin Right Wing Senator Ron Johnson, the former Gopher who married his way into prosperity, decided in 2010 to run for Senate, and his Father-in-law's company(PACUR) staked him $10 million dollars to buy his seat

Johnson, who graduated from U-Minnesota in 1977 with a degree in business and accounting, has decided that since he was so successful marrying a rich girl, he must be an expert in everything, so he has dabbled over his head.

RoJo took a shot at dabbling in science and told us Sunspots cause climate change and is unsure about Evolution.   F in Science! 

Then RoJo took a stab at world history and told us that Greenland was called that for a reason:

“There’s a reason Greenland was called Greenland,” he said. “It was actually green at one point in time. And it’s been, since, it’s a whole lot whiter now.”
 A quick reality check shows that Greenland’s ice cap is hundreds of thousands of years old and covers over 80% of the island. The vast majority of land not under the ice sheet is rock and permafrost in the far north. How different could it have been just 1,000 years ago?

World History is an F also! 

Then RoJo, being the uber Catholic he is, dabbled in religion and just as Jesus would do, testified to defeat the victims rights bill so that pedophile Catholic Priests can be protected

  As a member of the finance council for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay until he resigned to run for Senate this year, Ron Johnson served alongside a bishop named Robert Morneau who, as a Church leader, had been made aware over two decades ago of the abusive tendencies of Rev. John Feeney.
Rev. Feeney was convicted in 2003, before Johnson joined the council, for sexually assaulting two brothers in the late 1970s. But according to documents obtained by the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP), the Church sought to cover up his crimes, which one reverend called “sexually very inappropriate.”
Seven years later, Johnson testified before the Wisconsin State Senate against legislation to eliminate the statute of limitations for such crimes, making it easier for victims of sexual abuse to seek damages from the Church or any other culpable institution.

Wow, he was on the council of a local  Catholic church that was covering up their own sexual predator, then not learning his lesson and testifying to make sure pedophile priests do not have to pay for their crimes. 

Ron Johnson earns an F- in Religion.  

Now Ron Johnson is stepping up his ignorance game.   In the wake of Dr. Blasey Fords testimony under oath that Brett Cavanaugh attacked her at a party in high school, Ron Johnson used his accounting degree, to diagnose her as having "false memories"

 In a video taken by a local filmmaker of Johnson at Mitchell International Airport on Friday afternoon, the Wisconsin Republican senator said he would be voting to confirm Kavanaugh, calling him a "good, decent person" and a "great judge."
Asked what he believes motivated Ford to testify this week, Johnson responded: "Read about false memories. Read about people who have actually confessed to crimes and then later proven totally innocent, OK?"
Apparently after watching Scott Walker and Paul Ryan speak of their incredible accomplishments the lats eight years, Ron Johnson is very familiar with "false memories". 

Ron Johnson also fails his Psychology class! F

Unfortunately, for women in America, Dr. Blasey Ford is ten times smarter than anyone who tried to explain away the sexual assault on her and the GOP members who keep desperately trying to do so are embarrassing themselves and their heirs!   

I guess, with Ron Johnson allowing his staffer to be sexually assaulted and preyed upon by WISGOP leader Wild Bill Kramer, for the good of the Republican party, We know where his loyalties lie.    Crimes, and lives, do not matter if it might mean losing a seat in power. 

I guess since the GOP has a Bro Caucus, and GOP women say no biggie, all boys attack women, and being groped against your will is no big deal, Nothing should surprise me anymore!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jason Miller Embodies Republican Values

By Jeff Simpson

The tangled web that we weave. 

No one knew, when The Donald got into the Presidential race, with 16 other Republicans, that it would end up with David Dennison being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Part of the reason he won, because his team handled the daily press barrage well.  Two of the people most responsible for that was Jason Miller and AJ Delgado.

While these two helped The Donald overcome the odds, lack of intelligence, experience and morals to actually become The President.   Their story also could not be any more GOP, Washington DC, Politics, Donald Trump if Dinesh D'Souza had written it himself.

Miller and Delgado were working the campaign together and ended up getting involved.   While Miller was married at the time, he told Delgado that he and his wife were seperated. 

The two began dating in mid-October, Delgado said, adding that while she knew Miller was married, he told her at the time that he was separated from his wife. “Among other things, I was really drawn to his talent,” she told me. “He is the best at what he does.” 
Delgado though made a major mistake to live in this world(besides believing the lies), she got pregnant and refused to have an abortion. 

But just a couple of weeks after Election Day, Delgado discovered she was pregnant. She held off at first on sharing the news, unsure of how Miller would take it.
“I finally told him one night when we were in bed and I couldn’t fall asleep,” she said.
Miller reacted calmly, Delgado recalled, but came back with some complicating news of his own. “Well this is going to be extra awkward for me to handle,” she remembers him saying, “because my wife is expecting.”
Ahh yes, Miller meant separated at that moment.   Delgado learned the hard way, that women are second class citizens in the new Trumpian GOP, and once people found out she was pregnant from the affair, she was ostracized. 

Miller however was rewarded with the job of White House Communications Director.  Apparently getting two women pregnant at once was very impressive to the Donald.  Unfortunately, for Jason, Delgado took to social media to let everyone know and Miller was forced to resign.

CNN however, the subject of much ridicule and scorn from the Trump administration, was not scared to show us how Stockholm Syndrome actually works and gladly hired Miller on as an "analyst". 

But wait there is more.  There is always more. 

It turns out Miller always considers himself separated from his wife when he in on the road because in 2012, he got a stripper in Orlando Florida pregnant (apparently condoms are not allowed in Trumpian GOP) and welcomed that news by making his stripper mistress a smoothie one day with the main ingredient being an abortion pill(unbeknownst to his mistress).

Millers problem was solved as his mistress lost the baby and bled out and almost died herself.   That absolved Miller of having to tell his wife about the stripper and have yet another child with his genes he refused to help pay for. 

It also allowed Miller to continue working Republican Communications to help get "pro-life" candidates elected.

God Bless America! 

But wait there is even more.... Miller, after he was forced out of CNN, was then hired as Managing Director of TENEO Holdings.  In case you do not know(and why would you), Teneo holdings was founded by Doug Band and Declan Kelly.  Both of these men are good friends of the Clintons and Band was actually Bill Clintons chief advisor for 9 years. 

It is a big club and you are not in it...but you do pay dearly for the dues. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Week In Walker

By Jeff Simpson

With so much bad and crazy happening on a breakneck pace everyday, it is hard to keep up with it all.   Let's try and catch up with some of Scott Walker's recent hits.

1.  Get ready, coming smack dab in the middle of the state, will be lots of layoffs and changes at UW - Stevens Point!
 Kristen Hendrickson, the university’s chief financial officer, laid out three scenarios for UWSP's structural deficit that largely depend on enrollment numbers for this year.
If the university enrolls 8,000 students, the total deficit may sit at about $2.4 million.
If 7,500 students enroll, the total deficit may grow to $5.4 million.
If enrollment falls to 7,000, the total deficit may grow to $8 million.
The university’s academic division might need to make cuts ranging from $4 million to $6 million, eliminating as many as 60 to 70 full-time jobs, if enrollment falls to 7,000 students, Summers wrote in the Aug. 27 letter.

 2.  Small Government Scott Walker is taking people's homes.

Unless you know the right people, then Foxconn is the jackpot!

3.  While Walker's signature promise was to create 250,000 jobs (as his floor) and after 8 years still has not come close to that number.  In fact, Scott Walker has cost Wisconsin some 80,000 jobs.

The average from both models points to a Walker administration which cost Wisconsin 80,000 jobs. This loss was masked by national job growth. If Wisconsin had followed the same pattern relative to its neighbors as under previous administrations, jobs would have grown by an additional 33 percent — quite a difference. To put the shortfall in perspective, the 80,000-job loss is six times the 13,000 jobs promised from the Foxconn development in Racine.
It is hard to identify possible causes for Wisconsin’s jobs lag other than the administration’s policies. It is not as if the state is dependent on a single industry. Rather, the underlying cause seems to be the triumph of ideology over evidence as to what grows an economy. 
4.  Have to admire Badger Meters business sense, and be amazed at how cheaply Scott Walker can be bought.

Top executives of a company that was awarded $250,000 in state welfare have contributed nearly $26,000 to Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s campaigns.
Badger Meter, which makes flow measurement tools for water utilities and commercial and industrial businesses, plans to expand its Mount Pleasant operations in Racine County and create up to 40 jobs in the next three years. Walker’s economic development agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., said Thursday it will provide up to $250,000 in tax credits to train the new employees.
Overall, Badger Meter employees contributed $36,850 to legislative and statewide candidates between January 2010 and December 2017. All but $300 went to Republican candidates.
The top recipients of the contributions were Walker, $25,900, followed by Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, $6,000, and GOP Rep. Dale Kooyenga, of Brookfield, $2,000.
The company’s top contributor to legislative and statewide candidates between January 2010 and December 2017 was its chief executive officer, Richard Meeusen, of Pewaukee, and his wife, Maribeth, $34,750. That’s 94 percent of the contributions from all employees of Badger Meter. Walker received $24,500 of those contributions from the Meeusens.
5.  Another way to get your hands on some easy Wi Taxpayer funds in Scott Walker's WI?  Abuse teenagers at Lincoln Hills

– For the second and third times, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration has given cash settlements to guards who it determined had used excessive force on juvenile inmates, state records show.
The payoffs — including one totaling $9,000 — were reached as the FBI continues a criminal investigation of Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls, which share a campus 30 miles north of Wausau. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last year reported officials at the prison complex trained staff improperly, failed to preserve video evidence, didn't document serious incidents and often shirked their duty to report matters to parents, police and social service agencies.

 6.  In Election Season, Scott Walker will say absolutely anything to get elected.   Here is a clip in 2010 telling us how he would never cut education funding.

7.  Scott Walker is out with his 21st political ad already.  I guess he can not find one that people will believe.  However this one is very typical of Scott Walker.  He starts out complaining about attack ads, then starts attacking.

Tone deaf? Desperate? Dishonest?   We report, you decide. 

It stays with the theme he has been working for months.  That Scott Walker, the king of outside money, fears outside money.   
I guess that the Kochs, Sheldon Adelson and loony Uihlein are all above board WI residents, or maybe he just a hypocrite. 

Finally, as Bruce Murphy points out in his great piece at Urban Milwaukee, everything Walker does is for sale. 

Two of his biggest supporters have been the Koch Brothers, who have donated $4.8 million to Walker’s campaigns, and the state’s biggest business group, Wisconsin Manufacturer’s and Commerce, which has given $9.5 million to his campaigns.
Walker’s signature law, Act 10, which decimated public employee unions, was backed the Koch Brothers and WMC. The two groups also supported the Right to Work law, which makes it difficult to organize private unions and which Walker had promised unions supporting him in 2014 that he would never support. But he signed it into law in 2015. 

Readers of this humble blog know, that everything Scott Walker sells, he sells cheap! 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Hurricane Donald Is All Wet

By Jeff Simpson

How you handle crisis is the mark of a true leader, I am not sure what we are witnessing with the Donald currently inhabiting the White House.

As Hurricane Florence hammers the east coast, the United States Commander in Chief had this brilliant piece of information to tell us.

 'one of the wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water' The Donald

Yes you heard that right.   The best/worst part of this is he filmed that.  He could have, or someone on his staff could have, just called cut and filmed another take.  I am guessing they figured that was the pinnacle, the best they were going to get, so they moved on.

Now that we know the Hurricane is wet from the standpoint of water, what's next?  Sorry you asked!

The Donald decided to do a photo op by handing out food to displaced residents and told them to "have a good time".   The Donald, in true David Dennison fashion, was actually able to Trump that, he told one victim of Hurricane Florence - "At least you got a nice boat out of the deal". 

According to White House pool reports, Trump spoke with an older man standing in front of a small brick house, behind which was a large yacht that had washed ashore and was shipwrecked against the man’s wooden deck.
When asked if this was his boat, the man told Trump, “no.” He went on to complain to the president that his insurance company didn’t want to pay for the damage to his home from the storm.
Responding to the man, Trump assured him he would find out the name of his insurance company, and said, “At least you got a nice boat out of the deal.”
“I think it’s incredible what we’re seeing,” Trump continued. “This boat just came here.”
“They don’t know whose boat that is. What’s the law? Maybe it becomes theirs,” he added.

People are going to have a very hard time explaining to their grandkids how we ever allowed this imbecile anywhere near the White House.   For the record(and my grandkids):  I never have and never would vote for him! 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ryan Takes The Low Road Out Of Office

More than a year ago, Randy "Ironstache" Bryce introduced to himself to the world and announced that he was running to repeal and replace Lyin' Paul Ryan. The video quickly went viral and his campaign became a juggernaut.

As the gentle reader knows, he already repealed Ryan who announced his retirement rather than try to take on Bryce and his swelling grassroots campaign. In his stead, Ryan offered up his hand picked successor and clone, Lyin' Bryan Steil. In no time, it was apparent that Steil was faring no better than Ryan.

To bolster Steil's flailing and failing campaign, Ryan decided to have his super PAC launch $1.5 million dollars worth of attack ads. In two consecutive days, he's put out two such ads. The first ad tries to besmirch Bryce for 20 year old traffic tickets and a couple of recent arrests when Bryce was protesting Ryan's malicious agenda and standing up for DREAMers.

Ryan's second ad really bottoms out when he has Bryce's own brother expressing faux outrage at Bryce's "anti-police behaviors." This is a rather odd line of attack since Bryce's father was a cop and Bryce's brother is a cop. It's not surprising, though, that Bryce's brother would be a willing participant in this smear job. He is a Republican, has donated to both Ryan and Steil, and had even considered running against Randy himself but couldn't get any support from the Republicans.

Ryan really put his foot in it when he decided to air this ad. He got Momma Bryce very upset and everyone knows that there is nothing fiercer than a mother whose baby is being put in harm's way.

Randy's mom, Nancy, penned a letter and sent it to the media:

The mother of Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce said she was deeply hurt to see a Republican group launching an attack ad featuring Bryce's brother.

Nancy Bryce called for that ad, which is part of a massive $1.5 million media blitz by the Congressional Leadership Fund, to be taken off the air.

"I’m used to my sons getting into disagreements with each other — every mom is. And I understand that my boys see the world differently when it comes to politics," Nancy Bryce wrote in a letter provided to the Journal Sentinel by the Bryce campaign.

"There is now a group of people from Washington who consider it a good idea to pit my boys against each other for their own political gain. But they didn’t consider a mother’s pain at seeing her children used as tools in a political fight, splashed with millions of dollars of ads across the airwaves."
Mama Bryce also called for the ad to be taken off the airways.

Randy also replied to Ryan's smear job with his own ad, basically admitting that he had made mistakes and that he owned up to them:

This much honesty is unfathomable to Lyin' Ryan or Lyin' Bryan who haven't taken responsibility for anything in their miserable lives.

Seeing how Ryan is willing to put limitless money into this race, it is all the more important that we support Randy anyway we can. Please help, if you can.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Real Rebecca Shows Up

By Jeff Simpson

Only 50 days from the election and Rebecca Kleefisch has come out of hiding and still has not seen her shadow. 

  Many of us political junkies woke up to Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch on Capital City Sunday and it was the most embarrassing eleven minute interview I have ever witnessed. 
Ms. Kleefisch sounded great if she was a junior telling the loca news team what great events that they had planned for homecoming week. 
Unfortunately, for the State of Wisconsin, she is one breath away from being our Governor.
That scares me.
Quick Question: When was the last time you heard anything about Rebecca Kleefisch?   
My answer:  When she held a closed door meeting with a bunch of Walker Donors and used the famous line:
We want to know how we can love you more,” Kleefisch told the group of about 30 executives, managers, accountants and others during the 1-hour, 40-minute session.  1/3/2014 
We know from the John Doe WalkerDocs that Scott Walker had nothing but disdain for Rebecca Kleefisch when she was running in her original primary.
On March 2, 2010, Rindfleisch wrote to Keith Gilkes, who was running Walker's gubernatorial campaign: "I'm REALLY beginning to dislike [Kleefisch]."
On March 16, Rindfleisch's "dislike" had turned to disgust. She wrote to a fellow campaigner for Davis: "She makes me sick."
Gilkes himself was no fan of Kleefisch. On June 30, he wrote to Rindfleisch: "We are not touching anything to do with Kleefisch -- she is radioactive and not worth the time. Brett should work on Mayor [David] Ross and turn it into a two person race to kick her ass."
On March 15, Kathleen Kiernan, who was associated with the Davis campaign, wrote: "YUK.... I cannot see how anyone can take this woman seriously."
Another woman working on Davis' campaign wrote: "tell you what, she could be a one-woman circus that's for sure!"
OUCH.    There is a reason why Scott Walker gives her no responsibility and keeps her in hiding until election season.  He can not stand her.   Now he is wishing she was still in hiding. 

Despite the pure hatred and derision coming from the Walker crew towards her, she still is throwing the little shreds of dignity she has left, to the wind to help Scott Walker.

Yes, she does have to do what Scott Walker says, if she wants to get re-elected and continue on her taxpayer excursion of no responsibility. 

However when she is allowed out, it does not bode well for her or him in election season. 

Rebeccaforreal, really stepped in it after that, because she decided to falsely attack her opposition on the ballot - Mandela Barnes.

   GLENDALE - GOP Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch on Monday accused her opponent of kneeling during the national anthem at a public event last month but said she did not see it herself and was unable to name any witnesses who did.
Kleefisch claimed the kneeling incident happened at the opening of the Wisconsin State Fair at a ceremony Kleefisch and Barnes attended. In an interview, Barnes denied it happened and said "the whole damn program would have stopped" if he had taken a knee at the event.
"I was around so many people. I was right next to the cameras," Barnes said. "This is too stupid to respond to."
Yes it is too stupid to respond to, but Barnes did anyway, and he could not have responded any better. 

"This is like me saying my neighbors saw her buying a tiki torch at Menards," Barnes said in a text message. 
That should have been the end of it, but Rebecca has not learned the age old advice of when you are in a hole, STOP DIGGING!

Instead Kleefisch put the cherry on top of the crow she keeps eating.

Yes the National Anthem is the antithesis of the tiki torch.  You sure got that one right!

Now Rebecca, my neighbors told me you were buying tiki that true? 

A couple final things.  

*  If Rebecca was truly surprised at the question that Emilee Fannon asked her about Mandela, that means that she is not allowed anywhere near the strategy sessions of the "Friends of Scott Walker".  

*  Will there be a debate between the two Lieutenant Governors this time?  Rebecca Kleefisch has ducked the prior three and it is time she met Mandela Barnes in a debate for the whole state to watch.   

Send them both a Tweet.  @Rebeccaforreal @theothermandela #RKdebatethistime  

Saturday, September 15, 2018

I Do Not Trust Scott Walker To Keep Me Alive

By Jeff Simpson

As someone who has been battling cancer for the last 8+ years, the fact that Becky has used (and continues to use) socialized health care to fight her cancer and keep her alive, while trying to take my protections away brings me incredible frustration. 

I continue trying to decide if she is evil, ignorant, selfish or just incredibly ambitious.

I have already documented how My Senator Ron Johnson is trying to kill me, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is trying to kill me, and now Scott Walker is sticking a knife in my back while asking if I am OK.

As Dave Weigel puts it:

Scott Walker wants to kill all of Obamacare, because the guy who passed it was the wrong color,  then wants to pass the same bill under his name and take all of the credit. 

Which I get is politics but it is also deadly. 

Kleefisch is featured in a new television ad in which she says as long as she and Walker are in office, people with pre-existing conditions will be guaranteed health insurance.
 “Today in Wisconsin, people with pre-existing conditions are already covered,” Kleefisch said, without noting that they are covered only because of the national law Walker opposes. “And as long as Scott and I are in office, they always will be.”
That protection is extended under former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which Walker has been working for years to repeal. He signed off on Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel joining a multistate lawsuit this year that seeks to undo the law and the pre-existing conditions protection.
Scott Walker says we need to repeal Obamacare and do not worry, I will take care of you. 

 “If something were to change, Scott Walker would call a special session in a heartbeat and get it passed,” Walker’s campaign spokesman, Brian Reisinger, said Friday
The problem with that is Scott Walker does not have that much power.  The Legislature has no interest in helping Scott Walker's career at the expense of their own. 

But Walker this year also called for the Legislature to pass a state law guaranteeing coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. The bill did not pass.
This is not just about me either. there are close to one million people in Wisconsin with Pre-existing conditions that could prevent us from having health insurance if we repeal Obamacare and go back to the "free market" solutions of the Bush administration health care.

Scott Walker promising that if he gets his way and ends Pre-existing condition coverage, is not a promise I am willing to bet my life on. 

Please, when you go to the polls in November, I ask that you also do not bet my life on that promise. 


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Scott Walker Risque Past

By Jeff Simpson

Before we begin, let us start with the phrase that Scott Walker opened his campaign with.
"we’ve done positive things for the people of WI and we have an optimistic vision for the future."
Captain Positive has an optimistic vision for the future but he can not seem to stop obsessing over porn.  Luckily, for Scott Walker, the media continues to obsess over it also and continues pushing the story like there are two sides to it that are open to interpretation.

However, let's look at the actual facts of the case(Via our friend Heather):

I've had a lot of questions about this and thought I would just make shareable what I know. Happy to answer additional questions and welcome insights from others more familiar with the case.
In 2010 a Middleton teacher was found to have received and shared racy emails at school. These are called "porn" in the ads and in the press and were totally inappropriate (as was his showing them to a female colleague), but I reviewed the files a few years ago when Tony was running for reelection and none of what I saw was what you would call hardcore porn (or what people are probably thinking of when they hear a teacher was watching porn at school). It was a lot of forwarded emails - very inappropriate, sexually explicit and sexist "jokes" and graphics (not funny, dude). The teacher was removed by the board and his union fought the decision; an arbitrator was brought in and sided with the teacher. The district objected to the decision and the case went all the way to the State Supreme Court, which in 2014 refused to take up the district's case, and he kept his job.
MEANWHILE, the district had asked DPI for guidance and was upset that legally there wasn't much DPI/Tony Evers could do. In the year that followed, Tony Evers was instrumental in changing state law so that DPI COULD revoke the license of a teacher in instances involving pornography. By 2011, the law was changed.
BUT in 2014 when the case made headlines again b/c of the Supreme Court case, Walker called on Evers to revoke the license, which of course DPI could not legally do b/c the case occurred before the law had been changed.
So this case has been used by Evers' political opponents in every race against him since 2010, and Politifact keeps calling foul on everyone who tries to use it against him.
In short: the Superintendent of Public Instruction did his job as allowed and required by law, and was succesful in changing that law to allow him to do his job better, and the Governor is grasping for straws and playing to people's emotions and disparaging views of educators with a grossly misleading ad campaign, because when you run against a squeaky-clean opponent, you try to find people near him who look muddy.
 We know now, that captain positive, is smearing Tony Evers for something that Tony had nothing to do with, and no power whatsoever to change.  Who knew that dishonesty was so positive?

As you know from reading CogDis, there is more, there is always more, and when it involves Scott Walker it is never good. 

First, we need to go back to Scott Walker's past where we check in on his right hand man and good friend Tim Russell:
Tim Russell, was behind the secret router, stole lots of money from a veterans group, and was busted with his partner in a van trying to lure a 17 year old boy in.  Russell never lost his access to Walker until he went to prison.  In return, Walker never once tweeted about Russell's illegal escapades. 

Next of course, is former @wisgop Assembly leader Wild Bill Kramer.  If you remember, Kramer was the serial sexual assaulter who every one knew was drunken trouble but no one said anything about it.   No one wanted to bring bad news to a Republican take-over of WI and it subjected countless women to not being safe at Republican drunk fests.  Senator Ron Johnson knew and did absolutely nothing to protect these women and even one of his staffers.  I have added up the number of tweets that Scott Walker sent, outraged over this predator and have come up with none.

Scott Walkers sudden bit of caring for Wisconsin children starts and ends in Middleton.  Walker is in charge of the mess at the Lincoln Hill Boys School, and he has authorized thousands of dollars in payments to guards who abused Wisconsin kids.  Scott Walker's response:

Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he sees "no value" in visiting the Wisconsin prisons that he runs and that cost taxpayers more than $1 billion a year. 
Then there is the 2014 State of the State address, where Scott Walker brought a Wisconsin worker out to showcase someone who had turned a seasonal job into a full time welding job.

 Christopher Barber was one of several people mentioned by Walker in his remarks as examples of "people hired since I took office" and who represent "the faces of an improving economy."
Christopher Barber is also:
The Journal Sentinel reports: "Records show that he is a registered sex offender with two felonies and three drunken-driving offenses. Because of his checkered past, Barber has been in and out of jail and prison for much of the past decade, with his probation having been revoked at least twice."
Who can ever forget his love of this serial sexual assaulter either:

Now back to the Middleton case.   Scott Walker is so upset about the case, and wants to protect the children in our state so badly,  that he sent this flyer and blanketed television with a TV ad that included this:

Yes there is Mr. Positive blanketing everywhere with "Blow Job". 

So Classy.

But wait there is more.  Walker also came up with this commercial where he focuses on middle school girls breasts.

Scott Walker is not fit to be trusted with our state again. 

Vote Evers/Mandela

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Scott Walker Blew His Dog Whistle On The Wrong Person

Scott Walker is feeling rattled and it's really starting to show. Polls are showing that Walker has consistently been trailing his Democratic opponent, Tony Evers.

So what does Walker do? He takes a page from Trump's playbook and tries to attack Evers on Twitter using Evers' running mate, Mandela Barnes:
If Barnes' name rings a bell, it's because he got booted from Walker's presidential bid announcement because he refused to be the token black person on stage with Walker. And this is while he had a Russian operative there. Russian spies are OK, uppity black men are not.

But Walker thinks so little of black folks that he won't even utter Barnes' name, much less address him directly.

Then he goes a step further and attacks all the NFL players that think the way African Americans, especially the young men, are being treated in this country is wrong:
What the hell is up with that bitmoji? Is that supposed to be Walker? If it is, the caricature has way too much hair.

But Walker blew his dog whistle on the wrong guy. Barnes isn't the kind of guy to keep quiet and he fired a strong retort to Walker:
Barnes follow up with sending a second tweet with this picture:

In an apparent effort to make Walker look like the smart one, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca "Blinky" Kleefish had to chime in with a tweet that not only makes no sense but is a complete lie:
Besides blowing his dog whistle at the wrong guy, he really picked the wrong topic to try to attack with. Putting aside Walker never having served himself, his track record for veterans is as deplorable as he is.

Under Walker's watch, the King Veterans Home in central Wisconsin has suffered from severe staffing shortages, systemic neglect of the veterans living there - sometimes leading to death, and much needed funds being diverted to fill budget gaps elsewhere:
Democratic state lawmakers are calling for a federal investigation into a state-run veteran's retirement home in Waupaca County after a media report was published alleging negligence towards veterans and surplus funding being diverted from the facility.

"It is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking to learn that due to the failed leadership of Gov. (Scott) Walker and legislative Republicans, our veterans' homes are providing substandard care to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country," Democratic leaders Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) and Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) said in a joint statement.

The report from the Capital Times, a Madison-based weekly newspaper, stated the facility is experiencing staffing shortages, allegations of negligence from family members of veterans, and cost-cutting.
Even before then, Walker was using a supposed fund supposedly for veterans and their families as a cheap campaign gimmick. To make matters worse, Walker authorized one of his top aides to steal from this fund to buy things like personal vacations and a campaign website for Walker.

My advice to the gentle reader is to stock up on some popcorn but even worse and dumber things are coming from Walker's campaign. There will be more. There's always more.