Thursday, May 30, 2019

Same As It Ever Was

By Jeff Simpson

One thing we know about our friends on the right, especially the folks at Wisconsin Law and Liberty (WILL) is that they love to file frivolous lawsuits.   Rick Esenberg, has to justify his $200,000 + year salary(running his "non profit") by using his law degree to sue anytime a Democrat in WI sneezes. 

Now we see on White Right Wisconsin( I read it so you don't have to), that a "teacher" is joining the lawsuit to keep ACT10 since the operating engineers are trying to have it ruled unconstitutional. 

The "teacher" name is Kristi Koschkee and her argument is:

“As a public school teacher who refused union membership, the lawsuit will restrict my freedoms in the classroom,” Koschkee said in a statement released Friday. “The public unions are once again trying to use the courts to handcuff all teachers, union or not, to collective bargaining agreements. If the unions are successful, it will hurt my ability to do what I love: teach students.”
Kristi Koschkee, was much more famously known as her maiden name during the ACT10 battles of Kristi Lacroix.  LaCroix who was a teacher, then left to try and start an alternative to teachers unions(irony alert), and now is apparently teaching again.   Along the way, Ms. Lacroix also had a stint with the Knot my Wisconsin goon squad, all the while complaining about the supposed vitriol spewed at her by union supporters.   She more than fulfills her daily dose of irony! 

Now Kristi Koschkee's argument, is that by restoring collective bargaining, it will hurt her ability to teach students.  Not exactly sure how that would happen but it makes for a great line to throw red meat out to the hard core right wing base that will never be able to understand the nuance or lack of logic in her statement.   The fact that WILL can base an argument on such loose logic explains what you need to know about them also.     That is why they are known for frivolous lawsuits, they have unlimited Michael Grebe money to clog the courts. 

While I do not know when or why Kristi returned to teaching, there is something I do know for certain about her contract.  Thanks to ACT 10 that she so vocally promoted, she (and all teachers in WI) make $2000 less in base pay than they did pre Act10.

Thanks to White Right Wisconsin we know that the attacks on public education are nevereneding with a certain, well funded group in WI and we need to continue to stay vigilant.

Our kids are depending on us! 




  1. Grifting isnt easy, but someone's gotta do it.

  2. "Now we see on White Right Wisconsin" (bold mine)

    Jeepers Li'l Jeffy, are you implying that ONLY melanin-challenged folks are Righties?

    If so, that's demonstrably false and easily proven so.

    Not only that, it's also bigoted, prejudicial, and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist.

    Of course, one might make the argument that minorities identifying as Righties face bigotry, prejudice, and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism from the democrat Party of WAR, DEATH, RACISM, & HATRED on a regular basis.

    The terms Uncle Tom, Sellout, House N****r, and far FAR worse affectionately await minorities with the temerity to leave the Lefty Plantation and think for themselves.

    To wit:

    Liberals And Progressives Hate Any Non-White Who Supports Conservatives — Even A Toddler!

    Oy! Even a toddler, Li'l Jeffy?

    Lefties, (most, not all) must be SOOOOOO proud.

    Small wonder self-loathing-inspired White Lefty Guilt is in no short supply, am I right?

    The Gotch

  3. Jeff showed us that he doesn't understand the debating world around him when he wrote, "Now Kristi Koschkee's argument, is that by restoring collective bargaining, it will hurt her ability to teach students. Not exactly sure how that would happen.."

    Does Jeff have a really short memory?

    Jeff do you really NOT remember that when ACT 10 was being proposed, and after it passed, unionized teachers were making ridiculous claims that ACT 10 would hurt their ability to teach students? It did no such thing. This argument from Kristi Koschkee is along the same lines as the pro union teachers opposing ACT 10.

    Tell me Jeff; why is one argument acceptable by the left and the other argument is not acceptable?

    Are all lefties hypocritical?

    1. @Steve Witherspoon;

      "Does Jeff have a really short memory? "

      What's short is the traffic, or lack thereof, here.

      "Are all lefties hypocritical?"

      The Gotch's approach?

      All hypocrites aren't Lefties, but
      all Lefties are hypocrites.

      I will say that all the Lefties I've wasted time reading here are hypocrites WITH the caveat that it's painfully clear that the paltry smattering of a measly two or three regulars may not be fairly representative.

      The Gotch

  4. "Frivolous" except that W.I.L.L. won today.…/wisconsin-supreme-co…/1546945001/