Saturday, August 3, 2019

Rest In Strength, Jeff Simpson

It is with a broken heart and heavy sorrow that I must report the passing of Jeff Simpson, who passed away Friday night after a long and courageous battle with a rare form of cancer

As the gentle reader already knows, Jeff was a proficient writer her at Cog Dis and a very good friend of mine.  Jeff had many attributes and qualities that I and many others appreciated.  Even though I disagreed with him on the rare occasion, I could not help but to admire his passion and sincerity in everything.

He has a fierce determination and unsinkable spirit.  Whether it was beating up internet trolls, calling out politicians who did wrong or fighting the cancer, Jeff never faltered.  A few weeks ago, when I saw that he was declining rapidly, I reached out to him to see how he was doing and if they needed anything.  Jeff replied that the cancer had won a round or two but that he was going to get better and kick its ass again.

But there was so much more to Jeff than just his passion for politics, which actually played a relatively small part of his life. 

His greatest strength of all was his love for his family.  He adored and loved his wife, Deb, to no end and was constantly expressing his appreciation and love for her.  And he lived for his children, Luca and Kennedy.  One would just need to glance through his Facebook page to the pride and love for them that overflowed from him.  After he was diagnosed with the recurrence of the cancer, he put all his time into them. He attended most, if not all, of their athletic events, plays and recitals.  He and his family went on many vacations so that he could give them the greatest gift of all, the memories and knowledge that he loved them more than words could ever describe.

Besides his family, Jeff leaves behind many friends, some of whom he had known since high school.  The fact that he had so many friends is testament to the kind of man Jeff was.

Jeff, my brother, not only will I miss you and never forget you, but hundreds of others will as well.  Godspeed and may you rest in peace and strength, my friend.


  1. This is simply a shock...but thank you for the perspective into who Jeff was as a human being.

  2. I didnt know he was that sick. He was a good guy who gave a damn, and he will be sorely missed.

    Meanwhile, Trump is a walking heart attack at age 73 and is still wrecking stuff. It's not right.

  3. I met Jeff a few times but knew him mostly through his posts on FB or this page. His attitude toward cancer and his zest for life clearly came though as did the love for his family. All that knew him well must be heartbroken. I wish his family the strength to go on and hope Jeff is a peace and free of pain. Rest in Power Jeff Simpson.

  4. Rest in peace Jeff. You were one of a kind, brother.

  5. It was Jeff's encouragement, emails, and commentary that kept me blogging. I will miss him dearly.

  6. I never met Jeff, but connected with him online. His advocacy and attitude towards life was inspiring. I truly am sad to hear this news. I pray for his family and friends. <3 Rest in Peace.