Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Workers Memorial Day 2020

Today, April 28th, is Workers Memorial Day, a day used to honor, remember and commemorate people who have died from work place accidents and/or illnesses.

This year, today is significantly more poignant with the coronavirus pandemic that has almost every state and almost every country in some state of lockdown.  Countless lives have been lost due to our political leaders failing to identify and properly address the pandemic in a timely manner.  More lives have been lost, such as Italy's Lombardy, due to businesses being more worried about their bottom lines than their workers' lives.

To commemorate today, people are being asked to take a moment of silence at noon.

Then at 5:30 pm, we are invited to join the Milwaukee Area Labor Council for a virtual commemoration that will include videos, stories and a reading of the names of those were killed on the job during the last year.

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