Saturday, July 25, 2020

Wisconsin Covidiots Gone Wild!

Wisconsin, like every other state in the nation, has its fair share of Covidiots. Just on Friday alone, three stories regarding these Covidiots broke, and each one is amazing in its stupidity and craziness. 

The first Covidiot is Mark Whitfield, former general manager of Noah's Ark, one of the state's biggest water parks, which is located in Wisconsin Dells, one of the state's biggest tourist attractions. Sauk County, in which Noah's Ark is located, is considering making face masks mandatory. Whitfield wrote an email to the county supervisors to oppose such a law which displayed a cornucopia of crazy:
“No one has died of the phantom China virus since March,” Whitfield said, adding that Sauk, Columbia and Adams counties have been “free areas” of the state since mid-May. 
Whitfield also believes Sauk County’s “economy would collapse” if a mandatory mask mandate was put into place. Whitfield said the county should not be in the business of mandating what citizens can wear in public, referring to the possible policy as a “slippery slope to someone mandating women wearing hijabs.” 
Whitfield cited religious and medical reasons for why he personally did not support the policy. 
“I also have a religious problem with it… the mark of the beast,” Whitfield said.
Whitfield's letter, besides being cringeworthy, is also in direct opposition to the water park's policy regarding COVID-19. 

Unsurprisingly, Whitfield's covidiocy cost him his job

Running a close second to Whifield is Pastor Matthew Trewhella of Milwaukee. Trewhella compared mandatory face masks to the Holocaust. Equally disturbing is the number of people that applauded that insanity:
A Milwaukee pastor compared mandatory mask wearing to the Holocaust, and was applauded by resident attendees, during a Brookfield City Council meeting July 21. 
“The Jews didn’t one day get called to the edge of the railroad and be told to get onto the box cars," said Pastor Matthew Trewhella of Mercy Seat Christian Church. "There were a thousand little acts infringing upon their liberty prior to that." 
Mercy Seat is based in Milwaukee, but the congregation has been meeting in Brookfield since Milwaukee established a mask mandate. 
Moments before exiting the room, Trewhella said, "that’s how tyranny operates until one day, the final solution takes place and the box cars are there."
Sadly, it's not the first time Trewhella presented with such a high level of inappropriateness. He also once said that he had no problem with people using force against someone seeking an abortion. 

Lastly, and perhaps the most frightening, is The Kiltie Drive In, in Waukesha County, which stayed open despite five employees having tested positive for COVID-19:
The Kiltie Drive-In in Oconomowoc has stayed open despite five employees testing positive for the coronavirus this month, according to an employee. 
Additional employees are not reporting for their shifts because they are uncomfortable working in the conditions, said the employee who fears retaliation and spoke to the Journal Sentinel on condition of anonymity. 
The Journal Sentinel has confirmed the source works at The Kiltie, a seasonal drive-in known for its distinct red sign above the canopy and classic sundaes. 
After one employee tested positive, two workers showed symptoms of the virus two weeks ago, the employee said. The two workers’ coronavirus tests came back negative and they returned to work. 
Since then, the employee said, four more employees have tested positive. Despite staff voicing their concerns to owner Drew Howie, the business has remained open. Ages of those who contracted the virus are between 14 and 26 years old.
I shudder at the thought of how many people may have been exposed by the owner's irresponsibility and the government's lack of leadership. Unsurprisingly, the county is also seeing a spike in positive cases.

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  1. Tony Evers should be instituting new exec order re mandatory masks. Our dithering governor is so easily deterred by the Republicans. Evers' latest excuse for not doing anything is fear of Republican litigation. Republicans will launch litigation for anything. Sure, corrupt justices will likely uphold Republican legal initiatives but this is not cause for calling the game.
    Evers pulled this same crap on the April elections, refusing to postpone elections, refusing to develop a strategy, to national ridicule. Half measures and no measures defines Evers, but Democrats are as silent re Evers as Republicans were silent re Walker.