Friday, May 10, 2024

Woman Fired Twice By The State Now Running To Be A State Rep


Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, a Republican, is reporteddly running for State Assembly.  That's a pretty gutsy move for a woman who was fired from the state not just once, but twice.

In 2016, Alexander was fired from Economic Support for using her position to get favorable treatment. She was late in getting her renewal for child care in and trying to use her position to have it bumped up instead of waiting in line like everyone else would have to do.

Somehow, she managed to then land an $86,000 a year job as a section chief overseeing parts of the Milwaukee County Child Welfare System (foster care).  She was fired from that job in 2018 for illlegal politicking.  She was helping a woman run her campaign while she was on the state clock.  

It's more than a little ironic that she would get fired for that by Scott Walker, since that is how he got elected and stayed in office.

But there's more.  There's always more.

Alexander is running as an independent for the state rep position. That is because then she can bypass that pesty primary business and wait until November before losing.

However, it is amusing that Alexander keeps applying for all these other jobs and running for all these other seats.  She must not have been happy about the consequences of voting to cut her salary as a county supervisor in half.  Poor widdle diddums.

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