Friday, July 24, 2009

Is It Walker Or Is It Spam?

Great, a new dilemma for anyone trying to follow Walker on Twitter. He apparently has picked up a spam generator on his Twitter account:

Now compare that to one of Walker's regular tweets:

See what I mean? You can hardly tell them apart!


  1. Chris, that's just stupid. Of course I can tell them apart.

    I will leave room for the idea that you are unable, though, and feel a tiny little bit sorry for your lack of cognitive ability. ;)

  2. I think that mayhaps it is you, Ms. Kilkenny with the cognitive limitations. ;)

    They are both trying to sell us something that doesn't only not work, but would get one into more trouble than before, whether it be virus infestations on the computer, or a failing county.

  3. I thought he didn't like trains. But he apparently loves the "Twitter Train." How is this guy supposed to run a state if he can't even identify an online scam? Although perhaps a pyramid scheme would be a great way to fund parks, transit and social services?