Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In The Defense Of Marriage?

Via Pundit Kitchen:

Nick Schweitzer has a solid hitting post about the conservatives hypocritical stance towards gay marriage, complete with a suggestion for punishment guidelines for adulterous people:

With that in mind, I would suggest that those people who commit adultery, and are found guilty of such in court, face the following punishment:

Their Marriage Shall Be Immediately Annulled and Adulterers Shall Be Forbidden From Marrying Again: Clearly, if it is dangerous to the institution of marriage that gay people ought not be allowed to marry, then adulterers should also not be allowed to marry again.

Adulterers Shall Lose Parental Rights to Their Children: Once again, if gay couples make unfit parents, then it is important to follow suit and enforce the same standard against adulterous people. After all, they would likely teach their children that what they did was acceptable, which would pass lessons onto the next generation that would further erode this important institution.


  1. What never ceases to amaze me is how the people who oppose Gay Rights and abortion can pluck passages from the Bible as proof of their rightous indignation but completly miss the Ten Commandments section; you know little things like "Thou shalt not commit adultry" and the other nine items they choose to ignore as they syand on street corners and shove pictures of decimated fetus' in the face of your 10 yr old. I may not choose abortion over birth and adoption but I choose it because it is my body not because someone claims to be more Christian than Jesus Christ himself but if I did choose abortion, I have to live with the choice I have made not them. If you want to stop them gead in their tracks and leave them with their mouth hanging open, ask them how many babies they're going to adopt and how much more they are willing to pay in taxes for the services that the severely deformed, mentally challenged or genetically diseased child's needs can be met. You do not have to look any further than your State, County or City budget for the real answer these Sunday Christians have already given. They won't even support funding for adoption services. I think they need to have a long talk with the man in the mirror about how Christian it is to shoot doctors and nurses or to blow up a clinic because while they stand back with their hands thrown up and say they didn't do it; they are the ones who encouraged such radicals to load the gun or light the fuse. And, they are the same people who incite others to gay bashing and murder by instilling hatred under the cover of John 3:16. I know what some readers are thinking but as a matter of fact, I am not Gay and have never had an abortion. I would have signed this but couldn'y find an option that would let me.

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