Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lord, I'm So Tired/How Long Can This Go On?

By Jeff Simpson

Yes Scott Walker actually said this:

 If anyone gets millennials it is Scott Walker.  He understands that the reason Wisconsin is experiencing a brain drain, is because there just are not enough mining jobs for the kids. 

With a stroke of the pen, Scott Walker fixed all that, and rightly brags by wanting to name this bill:

"the Keep Our Kids in Wisconsin Act"

Scott Walker knows his history and knows that we have a long history of kids working in the mines!

Here is a group of kids waiting in line to get the first jobs!

By the way, in case you were wondering how proud of this bill that Mr. Unintimidated is?

He edited his original tweet:

We must vote this child out of office ASAP! 


  1. Yes, we see how well that iron mine worked out for people! Just look at all thejobs that created!
    Oh, wait... NEVER MIND!

  2. If he thinks mining jobs will keep kids from leaving the Northwoods, he really is loony. They don't want to stay here because there are a lot more opportunities than there are here. The only people who actually like the Northwoods are the people who retire here and the tourists who visit. If a mine goes in up here and hurts the environment, the Northwoods won't even have them. I don't think anyone wants to see an open-pit mine for the scenery.

  3. Toof, I see you're still spewing your hate. Has your heart turned completely black ?