Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ah Leah!

By Jeff Simpson

GOP Senate hopeful and current WI State Senator Leah Vukmir, is upset.   She is upset because everyone's favorite white supremacist Steve Bannon, has already endorsed in the GOP Primary and it was not for her. 

If anyone is surprised that Bannon would chose a white, ambitious, unintelligent male over anyone else, has not been paying attention.

Leah has never been the brightest bulb on the tree, so she is trying to earn Mr. Bannon's love by jumping to the extreme right to get his attention. 

Ms. Vukmir printed this story telling us what an amazing Christian she is and on the front lines of the "war on Christmas"!

Unfortunately she did not send her column to an editor before hand, so let us here at CogDis help her out:

Christmas often brings out the best in people(but not all of the time, just keep reading), a time of year when we can cherish our loved ones and spread kindness and generosity to those around us(who donate money to our campaign) Unfortunately, too often we forget the intended meaning of the season, and instead find ourselves walking on the pins and needles of political correctness.   

 At what point did saying Merry Christmas become so offensive(It never has)?On more than one occasion, I’ve wished my cashier a Merry Christmas(That will show them), and too often their responses suggest that good tidings and joy are only welcome if packaged in a specific and “proper” manner.  

Sadly, in the conjured-up spirit of seasonal neutrality(the nerve of people for having different beliefs), too many businesses have decided they’re willing to take your money, and in return you won’t be unintentionally offended. They prefer to let dull political correctness determine their choice of words. I have, and will continue to make a point of noticing those companies who are willing to take a stand during this Christmas season and frequent them when possible.(you mean this Holiday season and what stand exactly do you want them to take?) 
I sincerely doubt those celebrating Hanukkah would take offense to being wished Merry Christmas(well you would be wrong). In a similar fashion, I would certainly not be offended if wished a Happy Hanukkah(You are aware right that this whole sham of an article is that you ARE offended when people do not say Merry Christmas). Celebrating and welcoming the traditions of others is part of what makes our country great(when is the last time you wished someone a Happy Kwanza?)
So here we are, another Christmas season in which we are compelled to appease to a manufactured, politically correct society.(Compelled=
force or oblige (someone) to do something. Who is forcing you Leah, to say anything, much less only Happy Holidays.)I, for one, don’t enjoy being told by the liberal media that we should behave in an impartial fashion and be oh-so-careful as not to offend anyone. It’s rubbish. No one is offended when wished a Merry Christmas, except for liberals hoping to check their victim box for the day(No one is offended and as Rabbi Jonathon Biatch says, he is not offended but: 
I think, rather, we are confused and concerned about the inattentive, or sometimes even the stubborn, assumption that someone they casually meet observes the same holidays and traditions. In our diverse state — in these times of growing awareness of different religions and cultures — we should seek sensitivity to the needs of others rather than insist on the need for social homogeneity.)
One of the more refreshing things to me about the Trump presidency is that we have a commander in chief who says what he thinks  
  and isn’t fazed when the media tells the liberal masses they should be offended(So we should not be offended when the President brags about sexually assaulting any woman he chooses?). He refuses to back down and ignores pressures to conform to what elites determine are societal norms(Like for most of us, grabbing woman by the pussy, is something most of us in society have deemed as wrong). We have a president who doesn’t apologize for what we elected him to do and doesn’t apologize for the greatness of our country.(Yes, the "greatness" of our country.)

You can count on me to do the same. In the state Capitol, I have a reputation for being no-nonsense(Ironic to say that in an op-ed that is nothing but nonsense.) and telling it like it is. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that people respect you(speaking of that this is what people in the Capitol have to say about you:  
many Republican staffers believe that she is so extreme and heartless that she is dangerous.” Not sure that "respect" means what you think it means.) when you’re willing to stand up and fight for those beliefs you hold dear.
Our leaders accomplish the most when they are honest about where they stand and what they believe in(I guess that explains why The Donald and Scott Walker are so unaccomplished). Then, the best ones follow through on their promises. When people start compromising their principles and pandering for attention, that’s what gets them in trouble(Says the person who is perpetually voted one of the worst legislators in the state.  A Republican even had this to say about Leah: 
“It’s all about Leah,” grumbles a current Republican staffer. “Given the choice of reaching a compromise or having an issue to campaign on, she will choose the latter.

So this month, while many will give you their Season’s Greetings or wish you Happy Holidays, I’ll say what I mean: Merry Christmas! (Yes Leah, say what you mean, if only you know what the meaning was).  

Edit Note:  The Op-Ed you put in the paper was dated 12/15 and this was posted on your facebook page on 12/12. 

May the miracle of lights brighten your days and may you celebrate with wonder, thanks and joy.#HappyHanukkah

Leah, who in tarnation forced you to put that up on your facebook page?  Let us know so we can help defend you from these bullies!!   

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  1. Wow. If you were to look up the word moronic, I suspect you'd find her picture right next to the definition. Doesn't like political correctness? It's okay to her then that some one would meet her (let's say,,,,,oh ....our President) and would proceed to do grab her wherever he felt like grabbing her? Typical politician: empty head and a public face. Well, that's going to make one choice easier for me to make.