Sunday, June 3, 2018

There's Meeting The People And There's Meeting The People

The conservative Racine Journal Times ran a story about an event Cathy Myers held in the Racine area.  She didn't hesitate to take a few more false swipes at the front runner in the primary, Randy "IronStache" Bryce:
Hononegah High School in Rockton, Ill., is out for the summer, and so is one of its teachers who also happens to be a Democratic congressional candidate in Wisconsin’s 1st District.

That candidate, Cathy Myers of Janesville, held a meet-and-greet session Tuesday with about a dozen potential voters at The Branch, 1501 Washington Ave., during which she gave a speech and answered questions on a broad swath of issues. It is one of many such events that Myers said she has planned for the summer.


During the speech, Myers, who serves on the Janesville School Board, highlighted her upbringing, past political involvement and 24-year history as a teacher. She also emphasized her focus on meeting with voters and listening to their issues.

“So many campaigns are just about inundating people with ads and flyers — which is a component, definitely — but they avoid the conversation with voters,” Myers told The Journal Times before the speech.


Bryce has been running an aggressive campaign that has included television commercials.

Still, Myers said she is undeterred.

“If money was the only factor, I guess I would consider myself an underdog,” Myers said. “Money is important to a campaign —of course it is — but I wasn’t afraid of Paul Ryan’s money, so why should I be afraid of Randy Bryce’s money?”
The gentle reader should note that Myers was implying that Bryce doesn't meet with the voters like she does so that means she has a chance to win.

There would be a certain validity to that argument - if it was true.

But for the sake of discussion, let's compare the people factor then, using a couple of pictures shared on Twitter by James Livesey.

Here is a picture of the Myers event covered in the paper:

Methinks the paper was being generous by saying there were a dozen people there.  Still, it's better than a book signing event by Charlie Sykes.

Now, compare that to a Bryce event that was also held in the Racine area:

Oops! Looks like Myers is going to have to rely on something other than money or talking to a handful of voters. I don' know. She might want to try running an honest and positive campaign for a change.

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