Monday, June 11, 2018

Special Special Election Tomorrow

By Jeff Simpson

Tomorrow there are some special special elections.  It is a special special election because Scott Walker needed to be sued to follow the law and declare the elections.  After an incredible waste of taxpayer money by Scott Walker, the elections were called(as we all knew they would be) and tomorrow they will actually happen.   

The first election is Senate District 1 where Republican Andre Jacque, the candidate of Julainne Appling, will face Caleb Frostman, the former Door County Economic Development Executive Director and Democratic challenger. 

The race has come down to Jacque - a current Aseemblyman, who has waged a war against women's healthcare and access to birth control:

Over the years, AndrĂ© Jacque has made it his mission to eliminate women’s health-care options, taking stances so extreme it even caused fellow Republicans to distance themselves from him. As a state representative, Jacque introduced a constitutional amendment to make all abortions illegal with no exceptions for victims of rape and incest or women whose life was at a risk. He’s even voted to curb women’s access to birth control, going so far as seeking to ban all forms of hormonal contraception.
Jacque’s attacks on women’s health care options extend beyond a woman’s right to choose. Jacque introduced a bill last year that would have exacerbated Wisconsin’s ob-gyn shortage by causing the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s ob-gyn program to lose accreditation. According to the American Medical Society, 20 counties in Wisconsin do not have even one ob-gyn doctor, forcing women to    travel and miss work for essential services like routine exams, prenatal care and cancer screenings.
Jacque even went so far as to author legislation that would have ended life-saving research being done in Wisconsin. Groundbreaking research on cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, blindness and diabetes could have ground to a halt under Jacque’s anti-stem cell bill. And Wisconsin’s biotech industry, including the many jobs it supplies, would have been decimated.  A UW dean said the bill would make these researchers “criminals” and their “research would be shut down. It’s quite chilling.”
It would seem that being against, birth control, healthcare for women and research for debilitating diseases, would not completely mesh with being anti-abortion but no one ever accused Andre of being the brightest bulb on the tree. 

Caleb Frostman has other priorities:

What are the most important issues you would work on if elected?
Making sure that jobs pay a living wage; adequate job training for people entering the workforce and also those seeking to advance their careers; public education; groundwater quality.

The choice in SD1 is very clear, do you want someone that treats women as second class citizens and property or do you want someone who wants to advance the career of everyone in his district! 

The other race is AD 42:

In AD-42, Republican Jon Plumer is running against Democrat Ann Groves Lloyd. 

Plumer is a newcomer,  who for some reason has decided to run one of the most unethical ridiculous campaigns in recent history, is known for one thing....fighting with his wife and daughter. 

According to police reports, Plumer and his family were living in Sun Prairie in October 1997 when Plumer kicked his 18-year-old daughter, Jennifer, out of the house during a family argument.

Neighbor Darwin Dobson told police that the teenager showed up on his doorstep and told him that Plumer had physically pushed her out of the house. She said he tore a phone off the wall and pushed her mother, Christine Plumer, to the floor.
Dobson told police he went over to the Plumer house to check on Christine Plumer. When she opened the door, her eyes were red and puffy from crying, Dobson said.
She said she was all right, but Dobson said Jon Plumer then confronted him in the driveway to accuse him of prying. He said Plumer challenged him to step closer so Dobson could see what he was really like. Dobson told police he went home, noting that Plumer was a black belt in karate.
Interesting candidate the Republicans have decided to run.    Robin Vos has personally decided that Plumer is the one person that should represent the 42nd, and cleared the field for him.   

I guess the campaign slogan Plumer has decided on really appealed to Robin:

If I can fight my wife and daughter, I can fight for you!  

His opponent Ann Groves Lloyd however, contrasts well with her uneducated opponent while Ms. Lloyd has her PhD from UW- Madison.  Ms. Lloyd grew up on the farm and has been working hard to represent her constituents in Madison. 

The Assembly district 42 has been unrepresented for so long the good people there deserve to finally be represented in our Government!

Please vote for Ann Grove Lloyd tomorrow! 

PS:   I will not tell you to take ten friends to the polls, but I will say, call one person and remind them to vote tomorrow.   This June election, turn out will be key!   

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