Thursday, March 28, 2019

Robin Vos: Stop Sign To Progress

By Jeff Simpson 

The legislative season is kicking in, and the one person you will be hearing from a lot, is Robin VosRobin Vos is the "leader" of the Republican Party and Speaker of the Assembly.   Vos problem, is when he actually speaks and show his true colors. 

Under the Walker admin, the WISGOP had a plan of demonizing anyone in a union with a special emphasis on teachers.   Their hatred of public education, started with our local public schools, then expanded it to the UW system. 

This led to Vos, Walker, etc... amazingly calling Professors lazy and wanting to make sure they were in the classrooms and not being paid to do research.   Especially research that Vos did not understand (which is about 99.9% of all research done). 

Vos incredible ignorance led to this infamous quote:

In the wake of Republican victories at the polls last Tuesday, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos opened another chapter in a contentious relationship with the University of Wisconsin System.
Vos said he wants university research to be geared toward helping the state's economy, "not on ancient mating habits of whatever."

Apparently the fact that UW system research brings in a billion dollars to the states economy was not good enough, or lost on the uninformed Vos. 

However what I want to focus on here is how incredibly ignorant and dangerous the WISGOP can be to Wisconsinites. 

If Robin Vos had his way, this would have never happened:

UW-Madison researchers have discovered one way a gene that usually protects against tumors can, when mutated, spur cancers of the breast, ovaries, lung and bladder.
The finding involving the protein p53 — for which no drugs have been developed, despite its link to many cancers — could provide a target for drug development, the scientists said.
“If you can eliminate mutant p53, you might be able to eliminate cancers driven by p53,” Richard Anderson, one of the cancer researchers involved in the study, said in a statement.
“Our discovery of this new molecular complex points to several different ways to target p53 for destruction,” said Dr. Vincent Cryns, who also worked on the study.
We have to be diligent in making sure that our politicians work for us, and not for special interests who care about profit and not the people.  No one embodies that  more than Robin Vos.    He puts being a Republican over anything else in his life and we are paying the price for that.   

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