Wednesday, April 3, 2019

WISDEMS Caught Looking

By Jeff Simpson

The Spring elections came and went and left the Democrats and the people of Wisconsin stuck on the 1500's again.    Brian "Hagar" Hagedorn was elected by a small margin(recount probably coming) but will cement the right wing activist control of the Wisconsin Kangaroo Court for years to come.   

This race was particularly egregious, because many of the normal right wing big money players left Hagedorn out to dry.    He was too extreme for even them, but apparently not for the voters in Wisconsin.   

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is still too close to call, but Judge Brian Hagedorn says he's the winner.
Right now, conservatively-backed Hagedorn leads liberally-backed Neubauer by 5,801 votes, with 3589 of 3600 precincts across the state reporting.
Hagedorn tweeted this announcement just after 2 a.m. Wednesday.
From the Neubauer campaign:

"This race is too close to call. We are almost assuredly headed to a recount," said Neubauer campaign manager Tyler Hendricks. "We are going to make sure every vote is counted. Wisconsinites deserve to know we have had a fair election and that every vote is counted."
The reality is we do not have fair elections in Wisconsin.   We have a two party system where one (R) has a loyal group of followers no matter what and their only criteria to stay loyal is that whatever the R party does they better piss off the Democrats. 

On the other side of the aisle, Team Blue, is filled with too many crony capitalists, political lifers whose idea of success is come close, cash checks and get hired by their friends. 

Let's take a look:

Judge Neubauer hired Tyler Hendricks as campaign manager.   While I do believe that every candidate for a major office needs a campaign manager, maybe we should require more from them, to run elections with such consequences. 

Hendricks career in politics has been very ho hum and the Neubauer campaign he ran, fit right into that. 

The only ad I personally saw was one that they ran bringing Hagedorn's homophobic blog posts.  It was important to let people know that is who he is as a human.  However it is even more important to discuss YOUR own plans and strengths and beliefs and how they fit in with the rest of Wisconsin.

I am not the only one to see it either. the whole country could see that the WISDEMS dropped the ball.

But wait there is more, there is always more! 

While we can blame the WISDEMS, and they definitely should shoulder their fair share of the blame but as always, they had help.    As s typical the candidates hired consulting groups:  Nation Consulting, Scott Spector Strategies(Moonlighting from Tammy Baldwin's office). G Strategies,  Spiros Consulting, AL Media and 50+1. 

This is all to the tune of $893,656.60 in the last filing period alone. 

Almost a million dollars in Consulting fees, to end up losing to a homophobic bigot that his own biggest donors would not touch. 

Somewhere in that million dollars and multiple out of state Consultants, no one had the idea to blanket some areas in yard signs (I know yard signs do not vote, but neither do out of state consultants), or working with progressive people for local races to do meet and greets and share lit drop etc... 

There are ways to overcome the right wing lemmings and unlimited dark money, but we know that a Wisdems leader that has checked out and hiring out of state and incompetent consulting firms.   

This election was a lay-up and only the WISDEMS could figure out a way to muff it in grand fashion. 

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  1. My sentiments exactly. Is Tyler Hendricks an incompetent idiot, or a brilliant Republican operative? That fair, impartial, independent mantra was just really bad. Why didn't they follow Dallet's lead? Of course they did come up with,"I'm a mom with a 30 year legal career." brilliant that. smh.