Friday, June 16, 2023

Vos: Let Them Sell Cake!

Memberes of the Milwaukee Common Council had a few choise words for the local government funding bill that WISGOP is forcing down our throats, rightfully calling it "overreaching, micromanaging, and frankly racist." Proving that the truth hurts, Wisconsin Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos had to show that he really is a racist little weasel with this response to the criticism:
Before the state Assembly went into session Wednesday, Vos said liberals "want race, color and gender to be a part of everything and almost mandated for what people should believe." 
"That's not what taxpayer dollars should be for," he said. "If you want to raise money in the private sector, if you want to have a bake sale or put money into your own ideology, you have every right to do that because we live in America. But it's not the right to use taxpayer dollars to try to push one ideology over another."
Um, no. Equality and respect are not ideologies. They are common courtesies and constitutional rights. Only a white supremacist and a bigot would think of equality and respect as an ideology. 

 There was no word if Vos donned his white hood before or after entering the chambers.

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