Thursday, June 29, 2023

WISGOP Desperate Not To Face Another Fair Election


Meagan Wolfe courtesy of WEC

Ever since the 2020 presidential election, MAGAts and WISGOP, but I repeat myself, have been scapegoating Meagan Wolfe, administrator for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, for running a clean and fair election.

With 2024 fast approaching, the were bound and determined to get Wolfe out of there so that they didn't have to face another fair election.  They didn't want her there because, as we all know, when people are allowed to vote, Republicans lose.

So the MAGAt WISGOP thought they would be clever.  When Wolfe was nominated for another term as the WEC administrator, the Senate Republicans would shoot her down.  With her out of the way, they could put in one of their own people, who would make damn sure that the Republicans won in 2024, no matter how much they had to cheat.

But before Wolfe could be the nominated, she had to be approved by 4 of the six elections commission board members.  When it came time for them to vote, the three Republicans all voted for Wolfe.  

However, in a beautifully played counter to foil the MAGAt GOP, all three Democrats abstained, thus preventing Wolfe from being nominated.  Making the move even sweeter, per a State Supreme Court ruling in 2022, this meant that Wolfe would be the administrator indefinitely, until such time that she would withdraw her name or she gets the fourth vote and moved to the Senate for their consideration.

This left the GOP in conniptions.  They rattled their swords and made impotent threats of lawsuits.

However, on late Wednesday, the Senate Republicans just figured they would ignore the laws that they themselves had written and just consider Wolfe to be the nominee.  As pointed out earlier, she cannot be considered the nominee because she had not gotten the minimum four votes required.

The GOP's logic was as twisted as one would expect:

State law requires two-thirds of the six-member commission to nominate an administrator for a new term. But LeMahieu told reporters on Wednesday the commission's vote of three Republican members voting in favor of reappointing Wolfe and three Democratic members abstaining from voting at all qualified as a two-thirds vote.

"They could have voted no. They didn’t vote no. That would have been a tie vote. But it was a unanimous vote," LeMahieu said. "3-0 is a two-thirds vote."
Someone might want to cue LeMahieu and the other GOP that voting to abstain doesn't mean they did not vote and thus it was not an unanimous vote.  If the GOP ill-advisedly proceeds, you know this will end up in the courts.  Then Wolfe will still have her job and a chance for a nice little pay out to boot.

All because the GOP is really, really scared to face another fair and clean election.

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