Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank You, Natasha Chart. I Am Honored.

Natasha Chart, a woman who I greatly respect, while writing at the SEIU blog, goes over some of the bigger social media aspects of the last several weeks of Wisconsin history as people of all walks of life are joining together to oppose the tyrannical and unethical ways that Scott Walker is trying to destroy everything that is good about our great state.

As I read through her post, I found my jaw falling to the desktop as I saw that she paid me the grand honor of including me and this little old blogspot blog site as one of the top milestones in the relatively short history of our fight for our rights and our freedoms.  She gave me the third spot even, right after the infamous faux Koch phone call and Zach Wisniewski's block breaking story about Randy Randy "Bed" Hopper.

So, thank you, Natasha. It is no small honor to be included with the giants you have listed in our movement.

And thank you for your support of #wiunion.


  1. You're very welcome. And I think, not that I'm alone in this, that if Wisconsin bloggers including yourself hadn't been on this from the beginning and really kept it going, all our work would have been harder.

    And thank *you* for supporting #wiunion.

  2. natasha, well said.

  3. I'm not a giant; I'm just a regular guy.

  4. Oh, Zach, you're too modest at times.