Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scott Walker: (Sinking) Like A Rock!

Public Policy Polling came out with a new poll earlier today taking a look at how the citizenry of Wisconsin is taking to having their constitutional rights stripped away, public safety becoming a thing of the past and having their tax money being taken away from worthwhile projects so that road builders and out-of-state insurance companies can make ridiculously high profits.

Turns out, the people just aren't too keen on any of that:
Scott Walker's popularity has continued to decline over the last three months and Wisconsin voters now say they would vote to recall him if there was an election today. They also say they would pick either Russ Feingold or Tom Barrett over Walker in a head to head match up.

43% of voters now approve of the job Walker is doing to 54% who disapprove. When PPP polled the state in late February it was 46% of voters approving to 52% disapproval. Walker's numbers now are virtually identical to where they were before with Democrats and Republicans but with independents he's seen his popularity continue to decline from a 45/53 approval spread to a 40/56 one.

Voters split evenly in February at 48% on the question of recalling Walker but now the needle has moved towards bare majority support for removing him early from office. 50% say they would support a recall to 47% who are opposed. That Walker's disapproval is 54% but the support for recall is only 50% shows there are still some voters who dislike him but wouldn't go so far as to support removing him from office, but there aren't many.
Things aren't looking so good for Republican senators either:
And the implications of this finding are probably limited for the upcoming State Senate recall elections but by a 50-42 margin voters in the state would rather have the Democrats in control of that body than the Republicans.
You can see the full results of the PPP survey here.

Meanwhile, I hope all good Wisconsinites will join me in saving up boxes so that we can help first the Republican senators and then Walker to pack up and move out to make room for people who still love this state.

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  1. It is shameful that still too many people stand behind Walker when he admitted to Capitol Hill what he still will not admit to Wisconsinites - that collpasing collective bargaining is NOT a fiscal matter. It will not balance the budget. Yet, he continues to spend outlandish amounts of taxpayer monies on high priced consultants and on highway projects and "business initiatives" that are just another way to compensate his political donors. I think Scott Walker's corruption will far outweigh ANYTHING we have seen in Illinois and I hope he goes down in the history books for the crook that he is.