Monday, May 9, 2011

GOP Paying Koch Bros. Front Group With Your Tax Dollars

If I may, I would remind the gentle reader of a group called ALEC, which stands for American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is one of the heads of the Koch Brothers' hydra. This particular one is the legal think tank which comes up with legislative bills for the Koch-owned politicians to pass, in order to make the Koch Brothers even more filthy rich.

ALEC came to the public's attention when Professor William Cronon revealed their entanglement with Wisconsin Republicans.  For his troubles, Cronon received the same witch hunt tactics that I have been subject of and will be again in a week or three.

ALEC is again in the spotlight. This time, One Wisconsin Now has put their collective head in the proverbial lion's mouth by doing some actual investigating and found that no less than 12 current Republican state senators have paid dues to belong in ALEC.

In itself, no biggie. But it becomes a biggie when the fact is that these Senators are using tax payer dollars to pay for their membership fees.

Or to put it another way - the Republican Senators that said they were going to be responsible with our tax dollars are using those dollars to pay a group funded by the Koch Brothers, who in return, give the GOP Senators bills to pass which would help the Kochs'  cause of literally owning the state.

Imagine the uproar that would come from so-called government watchdogs or from squawk radio if some Democrats would use tax dollars to pay to be members of Milwaukee County First (if we had people pay for their membership, which we don't).  Their pinheads would just explode. But now that it's the GOP Senators doing it, these people are oddly silent.

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