Thursday, March 29, 2018

Right Wisconsin - We Read It So You Don't Have Too

By Jeff Simpson

Ever since Charlie Sykes decided to take his career in a new direction as the "thoughtful conservative" instead of the screeching hate monger daily, he had to drop all of his ties to his the chapter of hate in his life and gave up his website "White Right Wisconsin". 

In yet another act of wingnut welfare, he handed it off to his buddy James Wigderson.  Wiggy, who did not actually have anything else to do, has been much more aggressive pushing his propaganda.   He has come up with the idea of a daily "news" letter where he showcases his lack of humor and blend it with his lack of information, and mixes in occasional lies. 

Let's look at a few examples:

*  In one, Wiggy is explaining to his kid, how Orwells books are coming true thanks to the Democrats taking away our rights(making a strong argument against homeschooling). 

Then let's us know that the NRA is in serious danger of losing their "Constitutional Rights". 
Meanwhile, the "Two Minutes of Hate" described by Orwell has been in evidence in every anti-gun march in recent days, demanding that the NRA become silent. It's not just disagreement, it's a demand that the NRA loses its voice to defend rights that are in both the state and federal constitutions.
This is the political college campus atmosphere now on a broader societal level. If the Left is successful with the NRA, nobody's right to free speech is safe.
While I understand he is trolling for advertisers and NRA Dollars, look back at where I showed that the goal of all on the right is to make their followers look at Democrats and liberals as the enemy

Speaking of two minutes of hate:

*  Here was some actual humor.  One day Wiggy, trying to mock Hillary says this:

 So I gave my wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, some shocking news today. I told her that she votes for the candidates that I support because she's married to me. Yes, that was quite a shock to my wife who wouldn't even include the word "obey" in our wedding vows.
Heck, Doreen would have a hard time even guessing at my chosen candidate because I rarely tell her for whom I'm voting. We went two years once before she learned which candidate I finally chose in a local election. Because of my position as a political writer, it doesn't make sense to broadcast my preference, or even to have one, before Election Day, especially in primaries.
Yes who in the world could possibly guess who Wiggy votes for?  I am guessing if his wife does not know, then I would wager that no one in the house can work the microwave or washer. 

Two days later, Wiggy writes this:

 Before we start today's newsletter, I want to thank the ladies of the Republican Women of Greater Milwaukee for listening to my speech on Saturday. It was a pleasure speaking in front of you, and always fun to run into Dr. John McAdams as well. I hope that I both entertained and informed.
Towards the end of my little speech, I warned how Governor Scott Walker's agenda is in trouble. 
As an independent thinking political "writer"(term used loosely), nothing says disguised vote like talking to a bunch of old white Republican women about how Scott Walker is in trouble. 

*   And right there, among all the kids yesterday, was the state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, a Democratic candidate for governor, encouraging the kids to miss school. Why not? It's not like Evers has done anything to improve school safety, including getting rid of teachers watching porn in their classrooms. Nor has Evers done anything about the failing schools these children are attending, except opposing anything that would hold the schools accountable.
Unless the kids can be used as political props, it doesn't appear at all that Democrats care about them. 

This is where the lies come in, Tony Evers absolutely had no chance or authority to dismiss a teacher who was caught watching porn on his lunch hour.   Evers has also put out Wi education budgets every budget cycle that would help all of the schools that are not performing as well as we would like, but the Governor has ignored them and taken a machete to public school budgets. 

Walker, though under the correct assumption that he is in trouble for re-election, plagiarized Evers budget this cycle, except added way too much to unaccountable private/voucher schools. 

*  Kelda Roys, put out her first ad in her Gubernatorial campaign where she talked of working bipartisanly to ban BpA.   

Democratic candidate for governor Kelda Roys launched her first video capitalizing on the BPA scare. The problem is, even the European Food Safety Authority found no health risks from exposure to BPA. So much for Democrats being the party of science (again).    
Yes Science that tells us that BpA is problematicVery Problematic:

But in 2010 the agency altered its position. The FDA maintains that studies using standardized toxicity tests have shown BPA to be safe at the current low levels of human exposure. But based on other evidence -- largely from animal studies -- the FDA expressed "some concern" about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants, and young children.

You get the idea, save yourself the 45 seconds a day.  There is nothing of substance to see here.   Nothing beyond #fakenews anyway. 

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