Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Screnock The Supreme Sham

By Jeff Simpson

Next week, we get a chance again to tweak our Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The choice is down to Hard Core right winger Mike Screnock and Rebecca Dallett.   While Dallett has run an all over the board, low road campaign, she has to be the choice. 

Screnock, who likes to pretend he is nonpartisan and will follow the rule of law to a T, yet his whole career has proven the exact opposite.

When Screnock was younger, he took time away from playing tennis and the tuba for the Baraboo Thunderbirds:

To get himself arrested twice for blocking women's access to healthcare and refusing to give his name to the police when arrested

It is always nice when the Supreme Court Justice can share his mugshots. 

But wait there is more, there is always more:

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), Scott Walkers boss, have spent north of $600,000 to elect Screnock.  The Republican Party of Wisconsin, is in for about $150,000, The NRA has given him their strong endorsement and Right Wisconsin gives him unlimited free press because he is their largest advertiser.

Screnock has hired some of the worst of the worst right wing extremists to run his campaign:
 His campaign is staffed by longtime Republican operatives including Sean Lansing and Luke Hilgemann, both formerly with the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, and Nathan Conrad, formerly a spokesman for the state GOP.
To make matters worse, Screnock knows that he is running as a GOP Justice and has unlimited funds trying to get him elected.   That means he has no interest in even attempting to do the work needed to win grass roots support!
Screnock has blown off candidate questions from the League of Women Voters. He avoided some joint appearances prior to the primary and backed out of a March 13 debate before the Dane County Bar Association, after originally agreeing to take part. The group’s treasurer, David Friedman, says that “to the best of the DCBA’s knowledge,” no other major candidate for state Supreme Court has ever failed to appear at its candidate forum. 
Screnock has even engaged in artful dodging to avoid discussing his own actions in court.
While Mike was in Mock Trial his senior year, it seems that all he has learned to mock are the citizens and voters of Wisconsin.

It is time to upgrade our Supreme Court even if it is only slightly.

Please do not vote Screnock! 

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