Monday, March 5, 2018

10 Stories Flying Under The Radar

By Jeff Simpson

It has been a busy time of the year, and as you have noticed we have not done much blogging lately.  I still have somewhere around 783537 tabs open so time to clear it up a bit and share what I have been reading.

1.  The Donald has a new man crushChina's President Xi Jinping:

 "He's now president for life. President for life. No, he's great," Trump said. "And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day."
Nothing says Patriotic American like admiring a Communist dictator who has suspended all laws, to stay in power for life.  To be fair, we are nothing if not fair here, its a sweet gig to be able to golf 1/4 days in your job AND make a profit and full salary! 

You would think that golfing that many days in a year he would be good at it and not have to "cheat like hell".

If only we could call a Mulligan on his election. 

2.  Six teens are running for Governor of Kansas.  Following Sam Brownbacks incredible mess, Ole Yeller would be an improvement so why not some intelligent teens? 

Interesting fact, from the article that has been overlooked.  Every one of these teens has more experience around girls than Glenn Grothman. 

3.  The AR-15 lover, Republican Assemblyman Adam Jarchow, has announced he will not seek re-election.  Jarchow recently got beat badly by Patty Schactner when he tried to get a promotion to the Wisconsin Senate.  Jarchow, decided to take his ball and go home after his whooping. telling us that he is full of shit and does not belong in government as his reasoning.  The story here though, is the person running on the WISGOP side to replace Jarchow  - Gae Magnafici.  Gae has a great name but might possibly be the worst dresser in the history of mankind.

4. Tammy Baldwin recently was the guest at a Wispolitics luncheon where Leah Vukmir, tried to confront her with a gotcha question of "What do you have against corporate share buybacks and massive layoffs?".  If it is good enough for the undead, it is good enough for all of us!

5. Speaking of Vukmir - does she ever work?

6.  Did you hear there was another school shooting.  Dale Hansen explains why we can not do anything about it:

7.  Leah Vukmir again(remember her from above), says your wrong, if we stop worrying about teenagers feelings we can stop these shootings!
 The self-esteem movement has become an entrenched feature in our schools and homes. The emergence of a psychotherapeutic culture of cushioning self-esteem at all costs has led to school programs aimed at coddling teens instead of encouraging their growth and independence …[O]ur national obsession with the feelings of teenagers has played an enormous but heretofore unrecognized role in what is transpiring nationwide. Unless we change our attitudes and approach to dealing with the normal developmental phase of years known as adolescence, I fear another Columbine is inevitable.
Dont worry Leah, The Donald hears you!

8.  Ben Shapiro, the racist snowflake who Robin Vos wrote special protection legislation in WI for, really hates that African Americans are allowed to be in movies

9.  Speaking of Republicans, progressives, independents, moderates and the citizens of America have a new arch enemy - The DCCC!
Last night, Annie Rice won a resounding victory, with nearly 60 percent of 8th ward voters choosing her to represent them on the city's Board of Aldermen.
But later this month, the Democratic Central Committee will weigh a bylaw change directly aimed at punishing Rice's supporters. If members approve the proposed amendments, anyone who "supports or endorses" candidates like Rice "shall be subject to censure." Committee members who follow in Rice's footsteps and run for office without the party's blessing could face removal.

10.  Want to make your boss happy?  Send people to his hotel so he can make some more money

Bonus:   Remember when after the last election all local progressive talk was taken off the radio because "no one listened", well not sure it was the best business move.  With hate radio dominating the air waves, what happens? 

Bankruptcy of course! So long Iheartradio we barely got to know you.

Double Bonus:  Nothing really matters because the crayfish are going to take over the world anyway

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