Friday, April 20, 2018


By Jeff Simpson

Local entrepreneur and owner of the only progressive radio show/station in the state - Michael Crute - has thrown his hat in the ring for Governor.

Lets let him tell his own story:

Crute took a look at the field and so no one who had the fire and was seriously campaigning.   He felt they needed bold so he stepped up. 

Again more from Crute:
Liberal talk radio host Mike Crute announced on his Devil's Advocates radio show that he intended to run, saying anyone who doesn't take him seriously does so "at their own peril." Crute has used the show to promote liberal causes and give a platform to Democratic candidates and office holders since its debut in 2012.
"You've never seen bold like I'm about to bring down on the state of Wisconsin," Crute said. His campaign slogan is "We're all Badgers."
You know that he has already turned some heads because it took all of one day for the righty hack from the Journal Sentinel to write a column lying about him(remember when newspapers had credibility?). 

One has to give Crute credit for sheer audacity. To date, he has cajoled other Democrats to spend $10,000 in advertising on his liberal station to promote their own campaigns — money that he could indirectly use to subsidize his own campaign.
As Crute says:
 2h2 hours ago
Hey Christian @Schneider_CM, realize you do columns, not journalism. BUT, you could verify facts you don’t comprehend, right? Candidate spending on my station is public-FCC file, go look! The Dem field hasn’t spent $10k in TOTAL on #WRRD.
Go look?  Like actually do work and try and bring facts to your column? Ha!  Crute must not have read Schneider much or he would not have wasted his time giving him facts or asking him to do research. 

But wait there is more, there is always more:

Schneider sends out a coded signal to the businesses around town they had better stay away from advertising on Crute's radio station:

perhaps more people will have heard of his station in the short-term, but what advertiser is going to spend money on his airwaves knowing they’re simply contributing to his campaign? Will any of the area’s businesses fork over their cash to subsidize the Mike Crute vanity reality show? 
Of course he fails to look in the mirror and ask why would anyone advertise in the Journal Sentinel when all they are doing is feeding this clown who then turns around and writes ridiculous bile.   Also why would anyone buy popcorn from RoJo's popcorn, when what they consume is just going to fund the ALEC agenda in WI? 

However I digress, thinking that Schneider is there to actually bring something worthwhile to the public debate.

I am all in for Crute!  If you are, or want to take a look - visit:

Crute for Wisconsin!

Also help him get some signatures!

We are all Badgers and now we have someone who will actually fight for us! 

Vote Crute!


  1. Just like Crute, I assume you're joking about this candidacy, Jeff. While I like what those guys do, and I like that Crute is pulling this stunt to draw attention to a station which is a sorely-needed counter to the racist garbage WISGOP puts on AM radio, he is not a serious candidate.

    And he needs to make that clear soon, because between Crute and Barrett opening up their bug mouths in the last week, it's made pundits denigrate the Dems in the guv race that can win, and can end this disaster known as the Age of Fitzwalkerstan.

    We all want Walker gone, and the energy is there to do it, which is why so many,candidates have gotten in. Byt now it's time to get serious, Crute is,not a serious candidate, and you cannot even kid about supporting him or some other joke candidate. It's dragging down all the other Dems.

  2. No I like Crute and im in, i looked at the field and am not that impressed Crute it is