Monday, April 30, 2018

Michelle Wolf Did Not Fail Us, Everyone Else In The Room Did!

By Jeff Simpson

The White House Correspondents Dinner was held this weekend and they hired Comedienne Michelle Wolf to be the headline entertainment.  Ms. Wolf did exactly what she was paid to do, 20 minutes of on point, funny, political commentary. 

I personally have always had a problem with the White House Correspondent Dinner.   They use this night to show the world that, while they all pretend to have and do their different jobs, its all just one little club of people who need to be seen and want to be liked. It reminds me way too much of this:

The Donald, who can not stay away from anyone who criticizes him, had this to say:
 On Sunday, he called comedian Michelle Wolf -- who ripped into Trump and his aides on national television -- "filthy" and suggested that the organization "put Dinner to rest, or start over!"
Coming from this guy that is rich:

The White House Correspondents Association, while under pressure from many of the inside club to apologize, did what most "leaders" do in these situations - parsed her words to save her ass. 
 the association’s president expressing regret that Wolf’s monologue did not live up to the “spirit” of the dinner’s mission, which is “not to divide people.”
Sorry that ship has sailed:

The reality is that there should be a wall between the press and politicians that they cover, not a wall keeping people from seeing them partying together. 

The reality is, if this is the worst thing that Sarah Sanders has had to deal with in Washington D.C, after things like this, there is no real press in D.C. 

The reality is, if a comedian telling jokes laced in truth, makes you uncomfortable, then you have never asked a tough question of the people in power. 

The reality is if you think that you do not deserve any criticism and anyone who would dare is "elite" than you are the problem!

MoreMy wife and I walked out early from the wh correspondents dinner. Enough of elites mocking all of us.

Who is Matt Schlapp and what the hell does he mean by "all of us"?

Let me introduce you to Matt Schlapp:
Matthew Aaron "Matt" Schlapp (born December 18, 1967) is an American political figure who is chairman of the American Conservative Union,[2] the oldest conservative lobbying organization in the country. Schlapp also serves as principal at Cove Strategies, a government and public affairs firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Previously he served as vice president of federal affairs at Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC. He also served as George W. Bush’s deputy assistant and political director.[3] He is also a FOX political contributor.
 By "all of us" he means anyone who just wants to cash in on America and not be called out for it. 

A true Snowflake!

Let us help the Donald finally be right about a promise and end this silly event.

Until the members of the media realize that they are not on the same team as the elected officials, that they are there to bring us unvarnished truth, no matter who it makes uncomfortable, then we will continue to be in this mess and it will not matter how many times we change the faces of Congress. 

It is much more important to our children's future that we know everything going on in Washington D.C., than it is that Mike Brezinski, Andrea Mitchell(a walking conflict of interest) and Brit Hume get invited to the private parties so they can have free bacon wrapped scallops and 18 year old Scotch.

We must demand they build that wall, our Democratic Republic depends on it!

Flint STILL doesn't have clean water

Neither does Milwaukee! 


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  1. Good stuff, and right on the money. The WHCD is DC crap that shows just how out of touch the (largely GOP-run) Beltway is with the real world that we have to deal with. And the Beltway Boys and Girls really hate it when their access-based grift is exposed.

    And doubly hilarious that a DC-BASED KOCH LOBBYIST AND STINK TANK PRESIDENT is calling anyone else "elitist".

    Good work here.