Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Representative Sargent Deals With NRA Death Threats!

By Jeff Simpson 

A couple months ago, someone posted a threat on Scott Walker's facebook page and the guilty person was immediately called out in the press and charged.   

A Menomonee Falls firefighter has been charged with making online threats against Gov. Scott Walker earlier this month. 
Nicholas Hager, 45, of Lannon was charged with disorderly conduct and using a computer message to threaten injury or harm, according to the criminal complaint filed March 19 in Waukesha County Circuit Court. Both charges are misdemeanors. 
 The post allegedly mentioned taking guns to the governor's home, according to the complaint.
"I suggest we take all our firearms to the governor's mansion and execute the parasite," Hager allegedly wrote. 
A random facebook comment, is call to get the media in Wisconsin scrambling and it also gives cover to Scott Walker to push his latest talking points:

Walker, who is up for a third term in November, made the charge against Democrats on Twitter the night a liberal-backed candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court trounced her conservative opponent. Walker has repeated it many times in the week since, as he also sounds an alarm about Wisconsin being hit by a "blue wave" in November.
"Their rhetoric is increasingly not just liberal, but filled with hatred and anger towards me, towards the president, towards Republicans in general," Walker said on the "Fox and Friends" show broadcast nationwide Monday.
As one would expect, what the right wing accuses the left of doing, they are doing but turn up the vitriol to 11.

However the difference is, do not expect these thugs to be charged, ticketed, questioned, written about in the media or even mentioned by Walker. 

As my friend, Assembly Rep Melissa Sargent found out tonight.  If you have a D tacked on to your last name you are open game and no one cares. 

Rep. Sargent posted that she proudly would accept no money from the terrorist group AKA the NRA.   Then the positive things that the Walker told us the WISGOP stand for, showed up:

Josh Muth Traitor.
You will hang with the rest of your ilk once found GUILTY.

He wants to hang Democrats and we will see today if anyone cares in the press or the police.   next thing you know White Supremacists like Josh Muth, who are empowered by the Donald, will be shooting up a waffle house or blowing themselves up making bombs.  Yet the poor Republicans will continue to play the victim and the reality, as always is something completely different.    

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