Sunday, September 23, 2012

Robin Vos Has Big Ambitions

Robin Vos has big ambitions.   After former speaker Jeff Fitzgerald crushing defeat in the race for Wisconsin's US Senator, the assembly speaker seat is wide open.    Robin Vos thinks that seat belongs to him.

First a quick refresher course on who Robin Vos is.   Robin Vos is the Wisconsin chair of ALEC(a shadow extremist hate  group) and he is also a Hingst!  It is not surprising that Vos feels that rules do not apply to him, as he got his start working for caucus scandal star, the highly unethical Bonnie Ladwig!  When your mentor only cares about power, and your own father likes to use Government to line his own pockets, then Vos is a product of his own environment.  

We also know that Vos is quite the ladies man, and after throwing his 2nd wife to the curb is back on the market.  (edit note: rumors of why he got divorced and coincidences between his divorce and other republican family value lawmakers divorces will remain as rumors for the time being.  However know that since the republicans have taken over our government, it has been like Melrose Place in Madison. .  Draw your own conclusions for the time being)

Ladies think you have what it takes to fill the bill?  Here is what turns Rockin Robin on:

 His "turn-ons: Long hair, Skinny dipping, Flirting, Public displays of affection, Dancing, Power, Money, Brainiacs, Boldness/Assertiveness.
Also, do not be afraid, this family values "conservative" always plays it safe:

 Vos says: "I'm a single guy," he said. "To say I am against birth control is to say I am against water."
It is obvious now that while Vos has more skeletons in his closet than John Edwards and he is void of all ethics, now we find out he has lost the last shred of credibility that he had.  Vos was so passionate to lead the charge against voter fraud in our great state, that he was willing to break the law to do so.   The problem that Vos faces, is the one case of voter fraud we found in WI came from his household.

It turns out that Samantha Vos, the dumped 2nd wife, was voting in Wisconsin while a resident of Idaho.  

Which brings us to asking some questions that need to be asked:

* Did Robin go to the polls with his wife?  Did she tell Robin that she voted those days?   Why would she be a resident of Idaho and living in WI?  What is the difference between Robin Vos & John Edwards?  How can a family values "conservative" bring themselves to vote for Robin Vos?   Is it simply because he has an "R" after his name?   Why doesn't the Racine Journal Times cover this?   If she voted during the recall, does that mean that Scott Walker is not a legitimately elected Governor?   Why doesn't the republicans who SEEM to care so deeply about "free and fair" elections, not seem to be the least bit upset about this?  Why has Robin Vos gotten away with such despicable behavior?  

Finally, one last item to clear up:  DO NOT RENT FROM ROBIN VOS!!  

Help Kelly Albrecht beat robin vos


  1. Any truth to the rumor that Robin Vos sits on the "Editorial Board" of Racine's Journal Times, pushing those hysterical voter ID stories that G.A.B. and local sheriff have researched and debunked, and, quashing any coverage of his challenger Kelly Albrecht? Any truth to the rumor he actually called Ms. Albrecht a "bitch" in a Journal Times meeting and then later had to backtrack? Any truth to the rumor that he'll soon be exposed?

  2. Cant answer about the Racine Journal, as I dont live there but it appears so. Similar to the way the Jansville Gazette has becom a PR wing of the paul ryan campaign.

    I will check on the Kelly Albrecht bitch comment and as for exposing.....

    Read above!!! Ive been writing about Vos for over a year now!

  3. vos cannot possibly be as unethical as you suggest. methinks he is simply trying to keep up with his buddies reince and scooter who are doing much better in politics and marriages. the good news? as romney/ryan sink in the polls the ryan congressional opening will be closed; no DC ladies for vos.

  4. Thats funny i thought I was understating his ethics problems. As i saidwhat is the difference between Vos and John Edwards(besides the fact that Edwards was a success before he joined Congress.

  5. js7. I agree with you but have no actual facts to support the premise. vs Edwards? Edwards has lots more hair, lots more money and has actually served his state and his country (and his girlfriend). Vos believes that his svelte-ness will be in high demand among the new crop of madison ladies- married or not- that come around every two years after the elections. husbands beware.

    1. I was referring more along the way Robin Vos treats his wife.......but yes edwards has a much mire successful life