Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Clearest Cut Race in WI - AD14

By Jeff Simpson 

I pointed out yesterday, that career politician Scott Walker, for the first time in his life, has criticized a fellow Republican and actually asked him to step down.   Of course Brooks ignored Walker's plea because after 8 years Walker has completely lost any effectiveness he even had in his own party.

As surprising as that was, there is another race that is even more surprising.   The race for the Assembly District 14.  Dale Kooyenga, apparently his drinking problems on the Assembly floor, and his kleptomania not being under control, has decided he has earned a promotion.  While that is a story for another day(Vote for Julie Henszy), lets look at the race to replace him. 

 The Democrat in the race, and ONLY one competent and qualified to be making decisions in OUR government is Robyn Vining! 

Vining is a founding board member of Exploit No More, which works to end child sex trafficking. According to Vining, the Greater Milwaukee region has become known nationally as a hub for sex trafficking, and it’s a problem that occurs in every county in Wisconsin.
She is also the founding member of Help Portrait Milwaukee and The Milwaukee Portrait Project, initiatives that serve some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. Help-portrait is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give back to those in need.
Vining and her family moved to the 14th District a decade ago. She has bachelor’s degrees in psychology and fine/studio arts from James Madison University and a master’s degree in religion from Trinity International University.
Vining is a former pastor turned entrepreneur who has spent the past nine years building a successful photography business. She recently launched Folio MKE, a collaborative workspace/community for women entrepreneurs.
She was awarded the United Way’s Philanthropic 5 award in 2013 and was named American Mothers’ Wisconsin Mother of the Year in 2017 in recognition of her commitment to the community.
Her children are 12 and 14. Vining lives in Wauwatosa with her husband of 17 years (a professor), their children and rescue boxer. 
 Mom of the Year, Pastor, Masters Degree, photographer, business woman who found a need and stepped up and started a much needed organization to help address sex trafficking in Milwaukee.

Seems like one of the easiest choices on the ballot, especially when compared to her opponent. 

Republican Matt Adamcyzk,

Matt is currently the State treasurer where he ran on a promise to end the position,  When he was rejected soundly by the voters of WI, he moved on to try and win an Assembly seat.   He found out that while he is anti Government, he really means he is anti Government for everyone but himself.

Adamczyk likes being on the public dole, with taxpayer funded health insurance, a set salary, no one to answer to for being an anti social ass and bully and lots of perks.   

Unfortunately for Adamczyk, he has a record.  The State Treasurer is one of three people on the Board of Commissioners of Public Land, which operates a trust that provides funding for school libraries and makes loans to municipalities and school districts. 

Matt, being a Bully, probably had very bad experiences in his school libraries when he was actually forced to read a book, so he came in from the far right and wanted to prove his "conservative" credentials. 

Instead, he fit right in with the new Trumpian era and came up with such ideas as:

Wisconsin's new state treasurer is making waves on an obscure state board — trying to get it to cancel its subscription to The New York Times, change its letterhead so the top administrator (Tia Nelson)doesn't appear on it anymore and make sure any references to global warming are dropped from its website.
Nice way to start, coming in with his best Augustus Gloop impersonation. 

Now here is Matt Adamcyzk interview with WI eye Its not even

This is where the political surprise of the century comes in. As the OOmpa Loompas say "Matt Adamcyzk is so big and vile, so greedy, foul and infantile", that the ultimate Republican Hack Brad Schimel has criticized him.  Schimel overlooked the crimes/sins of Ken Kratz and Scott Jensen but was pushed to the brink by Augustus Adamcyzk,

"Matt, I gotta tell you, I’m counting the days till you’re not on this board. I’ve had enough. Doug is absolutely right. The string of demands you've made on the people who work hard on this agency has been unreasonable and abusive and I’ve said this before on the record and I'm going to say it again on the record: Your personality and approach to these people is abusive and unreasonable so we’re done with this. You made your unsubstantiated allegations for the whole world by claiming these guys are unqualified ... they have performed very well in the functions they are doing," Schimel said.
Schimel went on to say that he's anxious for Adamczyk to be done with the board and said he's scared they would otherwise have to hire new staff because current employees would quit over how they're being treated.

For once we can work across the aisle and make sure that Matt "Agustus Gloop" Adamcyzk is done sucking taxpayer funds to bully people  and done very soon. 

Let's Help Robyn win the 14th for all of WI:

Go to her website and give her a couple bucks or more importantly a couple hours of your time.   

Like Robyns Facebook page.  

Follow her on Twitter @robynvining  

Especially call anyone you know(family, friends) in her district and tell them to make sure for all of our sake to show up on November 6th and Vote for Robyn! 

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