Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ron Johnson Fails All His Tests

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin Right Wing Senator Ron Johnson, the former Gopher who married his way into prosperity, decided in 2010 to run for Senate, and his Father-in-law's company(PACUR) staked him $10 million dollars to buy his seat

Johnson, who graduated from U-Minnesota in 1977 with a degree in business and accounting, has decided that since he was so successful marrying a rich girl, he must be an expert in everything, so he has dabbled over his head.

RoJo took a shot at dabbling in science and told us Sunspots cause climate change and is unsure about Evolution.   F in Science! 

Then RoJo took a stab at world history and told us that Greenland was called that for a reason:

“There’s a reason Greenland was called Greenland,” he said. “It was actually green at one point in time. And it’s been, since, it’s a whole lot whiter now.”
 A quick reality check shows that Greenland’s ice cap is hundreds of thousands of years old and covers over 80% of the island. The vast majority of land not under the ice sheet is rock and permafrost in the far north. How different could it have been just 1,000 years ago?

World History is an F also! 

Then RoJo, being the uber Catholic he is, dabbled in religion and just as Jesus would do, testified to defeat the victims rights bill so that pedophile Catholic Priests can be protected

  As a member of the finance council for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay until he resigned to run for Senate this year, Ron Johnson served alongside a bishop named Robert Morneau who, as a Church leader, had been made aware over two decades ago of the abusive tendencies of Rev. John Feeney.
Rev. Feeney was convicted in 2003, before Johnson joined the council, for sexually assaulting two brothers in the late 1970s. But according to documents obtained by the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP), the Church sought to cover up his crimes, which one reverend called “sexually very inappropriate.”
Seven years later, Johnson testified before the Wisconsin State Senate against legislation to eliminate the statute of limitations for such crimes, making it easier for victims of sexual abuse to seek damages from the Church or any other culpable institution.

Wow, he was on the council of a local  Catholic church that was covering up their own sexual predator, then not learning his lesson and testifying to make sure pedophile priests do not have to pay for their crimes. 

Ron Johnson earns an F- in Religion.  

Now Ron Johnson is stepping up his ignorance game.   In the wake of Dr. Blasey Fords testimony under oath that Brett Cavanaugh attacked her at a party in high school, Ron Johnson used his accounting degree, to diagnose her as having "false memories"

 In a video taken by a local filmmaker of Johnson at Mitchell International Airport on Friday afternoon, the Wisconsin Republican senator said he would be voting to confirm Kavanaugh, calling him a "good, decent person" and a "great judge."
Asked what he believes motivated Ford to testify this week, Johnson responded: "Read about false memories. Read about people who have actually confessed to crimes and then later proven totally innocent, OK?"
Apparently after watching Scott Walker and Paul Ryan speak of their incredible accomplishments the lats eight years, Ron Johnson is very familiar with "false memories". 

Ron Johnson also fails his Psychology class! F

Unfortunately, for women in America, Dr. Blasey Ford is ten times smarter than anyone who tried to explain away the sexual assault on her and the GOP members who keep desperately trying to do so are embarrassing themselves and their heirs!   

I guess, with Ron Johnson allowing his staffer to be sexually assaulted and preyed upon by WISGOP leader Wild Bill Kramer, for the good of the Republican party, We know where his loyalties lie.    Crimes, and lives, do not matter if it might mean losing a seat in power. 

I guess since the GOP has a Bro Caucus, and GOP women say no biggie, all boys attack women, and being groped against your will is no big deal, Nothing should surprise me anymore!


  1. Greenland was settled by the Viking Eric the Red in about 980. The Norse established settlements along Greenland's fjords. Excavations have shown that the fjords at that time were surrounded by forests of 4- to 6-metre tall birch trees and by hills covered with grass and willow brush.The Norse probably cleared the landscape by felling trees to use as building material and fuel, and by allowing their sheep and goats to graze there in both summer and winter. … The oxygen isotopes from the ice caps suggested that the Medieval Warm Period had caused a relatively milder climate in Greenland, lasting from roughly 800 to 1200.

  2. Even with a milder climate, the island had relatively small areas of green compared to the icecap at the time it was settled, despite Eric's hyping that feature with the name "Greenland" to help recruit settlers.

    In short, Johnson's citing blatant propaganda as literal truth, just as he does re Walker and Trump.

    Now, it's true that Greenland "was actually green at one point in time"... 2.5 million years ago... but Erik did not know that, so did not name it Greenland for that reason.