Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Save Stephanie or Keep Klett

By Jeff Simpson

There has been some push lately, for Tony Evers to keep Stephanie Klett, as head of the Department of Tourism.   I would like to state that I publicly agree with this idea, with some context. 

While I have been critical of some of her decisions, I think that Ms. Klett has done a very admirable job running the Department of Tourism.   In an era where her boss has been openly hostile to public employees, unions, teachers, LGBTQ community, people of color, the English language etc...  she has still found a way to market our great state despite the obstacles.     Stephanie  has done such a good job, that it amazes me that it was a hire Scott Walker actually made.

Now some quick caveats, I am all for bipartisanship but it has to work both ways and there has to be some sanity and logic involved.   I hope everyone on the right who wants Governor Evers to show some bipartisanship and keep Ms. Klett on, also calls Vos and Fitzgerald and tells them to not redefine the Governors powers. 

Let's also remember that Scott Walker, and the rest of the GOP, would not give you the time of day if you signed the recall petition.   If Governor Evers keeps Ms. Klett on board that everyone recognizes that he is not the partisan petty child that his predecessor is. 

Finally, as we see by the crony appointment of Schimel to a cushy judgeship,  that competence has never been in any job description that Walker has ever written,   

I am on board, I thoroughly recommend keep Stephanie Klett on as head of the Department of Tourism.

I am also of the strong belief that anyone else that Scott Walker has hired or appointed in our Government, gets walked to the door the second Governor Evers gets sworn in.   

It can not happen soon enough!   

*  Full disclosure, Stephanie and I attended Beloit College together in the 80's, and while I would not say we are friends, I would say we are acquaintances. 

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  1. If you really want to know how Ms Klett is as Secretary ask her staff. She was as complicit as the rest of Walker's cabinet on supporting Act 10 so I have no reason to support her continued employment.