Sunday, November 4, 2018

Scott's Pre-Existing Lies!

By Jeff Simpson

I am one to criticize the Dem party when they deserve it, so I want to praise them when they also deserve it. 

The Dem party, statewide has done a great job standing together, being consistent on their messaging that the Democratic Party is the party that will protect pre-existing condtitions clause of the ACA (Obamacare). 

That message has resonated (imagine the effect a consistent message has) and it has caused Scott Walker and the GOP fits.

Scott Walker and his gopher Brad Schimel have been suing in federal court to get rid of Obamacare for years, which would end the pre-existing protections safeguards and put millions of Americans at risk. 

The WISGOP even had a vote earlier this year where all Republicans voted to remove Pre-existing protections in Wisconsin.   The proof is in the pudding!

Walker, if he has one strength, it is that he is politically savvy.   The fact that he realized the voters were on to him, so he decided to jump on the ACA bandwagon(while he is still suing to end it).

Which at this point, people saw it as the desperation move it is and were not buying it.  Like the boy who cried wolf, the Governor who has attacked anything Obama for 8 years now wants us to believe he supports it.   Like any product "As Seen On TV", no one is really buying it.

Hence even more desperation:

Our friends at OneWisconsinNow checked into and had a new Note to Media and Scott Walker:   There is something very very new about you talking about pre-existing conditions protections. 

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson

Please, whatever you do, whoever you vote for on the rest of the ticket ...we need to get this Governor on the unemployment line and quick! 

Please vote Evers/Barnes on Tuesday Nov. 6th.  

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