Friday, August 21, 2009

Johnsons Park

Check out Milwaukee County First where I just put up a post about Johnsons Park.

Some really great things are happening there. The alarming part is just how bad the park was allowed to get, that it took the county, the city, and a number of organizations and businesses to raise only 20% of the money needed to restore it.


  1. I never realized that that was a "park." I thought it was vacant land from the freeway that never got built, just kind of a non-entity. That would be great if it were a really nice park, not just a place where a lot of houses got torn down for no reason.

  2. It's also very good to see it in an area that desperately needs one, instead of the suburbs.

  3. Yeah...well capper...we appreciate our parks here in the "suburbs" too.

    I heard on the news the the park you are talking about used to be nice...until crime took over...let's hope that doesn't happen again...otherwise it's just throwing good money away.