Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scott Walker Opposes Aid To Veterans

Governor Jim Doyle announced today that $17.6 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be used to strengthen 37 communities across the state through community development. Among the communities benefiting from these stimulus funds is Milwaukee County.

Since the press release and the greatly diminished local daily newspaper did not cover the story, I took it upon myself to do so.

I called Supervisor Theo Lipscomb who is the Chair of the County Board's Task Force on Economic Stimulus.

Lipscomb told me that Milwaukee County will be receiving $750,000 which has been designated to build a residential center for veterans, and it will be associated with VETS Place Central, which serves to meet the needs of homeless veterans. The new center will be built on the corner of 35th Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

Since Walker has come out publicly, on a national stage, to denounce stimulus funding and stating that he will not be accepting any stimulus funding for Milwaukee County, he is also opposing allowing homeless veterans to have a place to live.

We already knew he was opposed to helping the homeless, but apparently it doesn't even matter that they are also veterans.

And since he opposes veterans having a place to live, it follows that he opposes the United States of America, for whom the veterans served.

Why does Scott Walker hate America?

See also: Walker Opposes Cops and Walker Opposes His Alma Mater (if you can call it that, since he did drop out before graduation).


  1. Wow, what convulted thinking.

  2. I'm not sure what "convulted" means, but I doubt it applies here.

    Methinks someone doesn't understand parody.

  3. "Convulted" must mean right on target.

    Parody? Oh, yeah, parody, that's the ticket. I was doing parody. ;)

  4. wow I don't think I've ever heard someone twist something so much.

    I praise Scott Walker for trying to stop slavery. In this case slavery to the federal government. Is good that a politician has a backbone and is willing to stand a principal that he right.

    While getting money for veterans is important, I don't think don't using extortion(taxes) is the right way to go about it.

    These men fought for liberty and individual freedom, I'm not so sure selling us off to the fed is really in any ones best interest except our wonderfully power hunger politicians.

    So while passing on that money may be a painful thing to do, it's the right thing. We'll just have to personally donate more money to make up the difference.

  5. PsiloLiberty-

    The thing is, we're going be paying taxes on it whether we use the stimulus money or not, so why not get some benefit out of it.

    It will create jobs (building the building, staffing) and give homeless vets a home.

    Under Walker's plan, we would be paying taxes, still have all those people unemployed and still have all those vets homeless.

    Not a good thing at all.

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  7. Well, I don't necessarily disagree. At least we'd be getting something from the money they stole from us.

    Unfortunately, accepting the money leads the Fed to believe that we condone that behavior.

    I think money not ethics drives way too many political decisions. I'm not a fan of any politician except Ron Paul for this very reason. Walker got a +1 in my book, but I'm still not sold. I takes years to determine if someone is actually ethical or just playing the part because it's politically expedient.

  8. I think money not ethics drives way too many political decisions.

    I fully agree.

    As for Walker, he is no different than the rest, sad to say.

  9. "The thing is, we're going be paying taxes on it whether we use the stimulus money or not, so why not get some benefit out of it"

    This comment shows your completely flawed thinking. You might as well have said: "Hey! this money was stolen form the American taxpayers against their will, and were gonna get drilled in the ass for taxes and so will our great grand children anyway, so might as well go ahead and go play with it!"
    Thats the most childish, backwards, anti-progress thinking Ive ever seen. How about helping the veterans in another way instead of raping the taxpayer? All states should have rejected any "stimulus", because intelligent people dont try to improve one thing by tearing down another. In other words, you dont rob peter to pay paul, and think youre getting ahead.
    Also making fun of someones typing error is extremely childish, and again shows your mentality. Ive yet to have a discussion with a liberal yet who didnt quickly resort to personal attacks and name calling. Youre classic.

  10. So your answer is to just pay the taxes, since most states took advantage of the stimulus, and not get anything for your money.

    No wonder the nation was left with such a crappy economy, with that type of mentality.

    And I can see why you're so sensitive about spelling problems.