Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tell The Whole Story, James

James Wigderson, whose blog is on an on again/off again hiatus, is also a columnist for the Waukesha Freeman.

He has a column in today's paper pointing out that the lack of decorum in politics, but in a rather slanted and juvenile way. He continues to play the victim card for the right's boorish behaviors, but demonizes even the slightest offense created by actors on the left side.

We will look at one example, and you will have the flavor of his entire column. The Republican front group Americans For Prosperity had a rally in Madison. Their gripe, as it always is, was that taxes were too high. Their solution, as it always is, was to can the public employees. So basically, this was nothing more than a rally calling for public workers to be fired. Apparently they believe that little pixies will come out and fix their roads, plow the snow, arrest criminals and keep them in their pixie jails, and fight fires.

As one would expect, AFSCME, the union that represents government employees (full disclaimer, I am a government employee and active in AFSCME) staged a counter protest to save their jobs. Go figure, people wanting to keep their jobs.

Anyway, Wigderson goes on to limn the event this way:
When Americans express their concerns, they’re told to shut up and take it. At the first rally in Madison by taxpayers in October 2007 led by Americans for Prosperity, state union employees counterdemonstrated by attempting to drown out the speakers with their shouting and intimidated the participants as they headed to their vehicles.
Apparently, in Wigderson's world, you cannot be American and work for the government. Also, in his world, if one should happen to be insulted and have their jobs threatened, they are supposed to thank the aggressors and maybe invite them for a drink. Oh, I am sure some of the union members could have been on better behavior, but there is no doubt that things get emotional when one's integrity is slandered and one's source of income gets threatened.

Also interesting are who are some of the darlings at this AFP event. It was led by Mark Block, known criminal. One of the key speakers was Fred Dooley, known racist. But hey, if that is who he wants to associate with, so be it. Just don't whine about the consequences.


  1. I wonder...does James read any of his conservative friend's blogs?? Hitler seems to be a general theme from the (far?) right when it comes to our President.

  2. Not to mention mindlessly tossing around charges of communism and socialism. In the process, they water down already watered down words.

  3. Was the AFSCME looking to save jobs like the Mercury Marine union was?

  4. If you compare that Mercury Marine's way of saving jobs is to take them out of the country - yes, the unions are looking to save jobs here.

  5. I like the part in this column by Wiggie's where he claims "the left" (it's a changeless monolith from the 1960s to today) were the sole perpetrators of violence and boorish behavior in Chicago in 1968. From what I've heard, Daley's blue-helmet police did an uncanny impersonation of the fellow Mayor Barrett met in West Allis a couple of weeks ago.
    Jim Wigderson often maliciously mangles history.

  6. Anon, your'e just an idiot. Please cite your sources.

  7. Dan, you are the idiot if you have not seen it.

    But thanks for making us feel smarter already.

  8. No, capper, I have not seen any, so please enlighten me. I don't run with the lunatic crowd.

  9. Really, Dan? Really?

    I've seen that your read Dooley's blog,and just today he refers to "Obama's brownshirts". I've seen you at Dad29's site where he often refers to Obama in a commie version of Godwin's Law.

    Yet you haven't seen any? Either you are an idiot, or a liar. Which one, Dan?