Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why The Insurance Companies Hate Nationalized Healthcare

Duh, it's the money:

Humana Inc.’s second-quarter profit grew more than 34 percent as the health insurer posted an increase in revenue from premiums and services.

The Louisville, Ky.-based company’s net income rose to $281.8 million, or $1.67 per share, diluted, from $209.9 million, or $1.24 per share, a year earlier.

Humana (NYSE: HUM), a major provider of health coverage to Wisconsin members, reported 7 percent growth in consolidated revenue for the quarter, to $7.9 billion, from $7.35 billion a year ago. Total premium and administrative-services fees rose eight percent from the same quarter last year, according to a news release.

I think we found a good place to start in how to pay for nationalized health care in just savings alone.


  1. Actually health care insurance would be a dying industry if nothing is done. Think of how people more and more cannot afford it as they lose their jobs.

    The big windfall for them would be if health care is done the way the rad right (including Paul Ryan) and the blue dogs want it -- insure the uninsured by using private insurance, paid for by the government, with no requirements that the health insurance companies are not forced to actually provide the coverage they are supposed to provide.

    Imagine the flood of money. Once again actors in the economy that have exhibited bad behavior are being rewarded richly.

  2. Oh, my, the horrors. A company makes a profit.
    Oh, BTW, if you run the numbers, that is only a 3% profit based on income vs profit. That is not very much. But keep spinning.

  3. Dan,

    The plain truth is that there are some things, like peoples' lives, that shouldn't be profitized.

    Unless human life means that little to you...

  4. Really, capper? We shouldn't have for profit hospitals, ambulance companies, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, OT and PT, speech pathologists, X-Ray companies, ER docs, social workers, nursing homes, wheelchair companies, pharamcies, home health agencies, group homes for the disabled, rescue helicopter services, transportation companies that transport the disabled and elderly, dentists, optomotrists and the list can go on and on. Is this what you really want, capper or are you just reading the talking points put out by Obama and the DNC.
    And no, Keith and Jay's posts were short on substance and facts. Not to mention just flat out lies.

  5. Sure, let them be for profit. See how long they will last, you nitwit.

    Most of these services are non-profit, meaning they take government dollars. Are you OK with your taxes going to make someone rich and let poor people die?

  6. "Most of these services are non-profit, meaning they take government dollars"
    Umm, no, many, if not most of the services I mentioned are not non-profit. They also receive money from the government, but not enough to cover their costs. That is why if the government takes over the majority of health care, health care will suffer. But thanks for playing.

  7. Dan, any medical company that takes Medicare and/or Medicaid are non-profit. Thanks for making me feel smarter on this rainy Friday.