Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Photoshop Of The Day

Did someone order an accomplished mission?


  1. White House is now changing stories. It was or wasn’t Osama’s wife that was or wasn’t killed while she was or wasn’t being used as a human shield. Osama did or didn’t fire on the SEALs. The chopper was or wasn’t shot down. Now Osama was buried at Sea, no body is available for autopsy or post mortem examination.

    Never mind that Obama had the existence of Osama’s hideout since August of last year – yet dithered continually over what to do about it. Rather than simply hit it with a Predator missile or other ordnance – he risked the lives of some 30 of America’s most elite fighting forces to reduce collateral damage and in order to appease the neighbors. Now he can’t decide what to do with the photos and videos that he and his security team get to watch by themselves. Why?

    Obama is a fraud and you lack the balls to post this, Liebenthal. Obama is going doooowwwwwn in 2012, and there's not a fucking thing you or your union scumpals can do about it.

  2. Guess that makes you twice as wrong.

    I posted it, and I don't give a damn about what the right wing blogs have to say with their idiot conspiracy theories. They would be better served to worry more about the reality that is coming their way.

  3. Anon, I love it when wingnuts try to pretend they know something.

    What kind of Predator? Do you mean the drones? They're built to carry and fire two Hellfires or other ordinance. A single Hellfire costs around $69,000. a single Predator drone is closer to $5,000,000. If Barry had wanted to blow the place up, a cruise missile would have been a less bad choice. It's a big three story building. If you don't know where OBL is or what floor he's on, you could easily miss him and kill more women and children.

    We weren't even sure OBL was in that compound. Once you blow up the building, Pakistan won't let us near it and we would have never known the outcome.

    Bush ignored OBL for eight years, but suddenly you're claiming (inaccurately) that Barry ignored him since August. You're pissed because a mildly pro-choice Republican like Obama, did what the Chimp couldn't.

    "I feel your pain,"/s

    That has to hurt.

    Any problems with using "missiles" to attack a SOVEREIGN country (who is NOT covered by the current and spectacularly un-Constitutional War Powers Act) just never entered your empty head. If you knew anything about Predator drones, you know they have a very high failure rate. To protect the technology, you only want to use them where you can recover the wreckage. The reason the Pakistani's stashed OBL there was BECAUSE it's about a mile from Pakistan's version of West Point.

    Pakistan has nukes. They're the ones who gave the technology to the North Koreans. Despite the surgical precision of Seal Team 6, the Pakistani military still wants payback. They would have wanted it more if we had used missiles. "Don't trouble your pretty little head," but it's hard to tell Hamas and the Israeli's not to lob stuff at each other if we're doing it into Pakistan.

    Real conservatives, and that leaves you out, would have pushed harder for Congressional authorization and capture. You know, the Constitution, which says that only Congress has the right to declare war. IMHO, this was always a KILL mission, but Barry is smart to spin that he was trying for capture. Trying OBL in a CIVILIAN court would have been the best for US credibility and the world.

    I doubt very much OBL's remains are in the ocean. IMHO, they're at Gitmo or some uber-expensive shrine to the police state we've become.

    Is it embarrassing to get spanked by a "union" guy?