Thursday, May 5, 2011

If You Can't Dazzle Them With Your Brilliance...

There's and old adage that the WISGOP has been following to the letter:
If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullsh*t.
It became quickly apparent in the early days of the Walker regime that he and the Fitz boyzzz weren't dazzling anyone with their version of brilliance.  Despite their grand speeches and exuberant promises, it was easily discerned that this gruesome bunch had absolutely no interest in creating jobs or holding people's taxes down.

Indeed, it didn't not take any great power of observation to not that this overreaching bunch was more interested in doing a power grab in order to secure their positions for as long as possible and for rewarding their wealthy campaign contributors.

This did not sit well with the majority of Wisconsinites, who rapidly took to the streets and started an ongoing series of protests drawing hundreds of thousands of people from all over the state to march around the Capitol, to sleep in it and then, when their rights were further violated, to camp out around it.  When the legislators failed to listen to the people, they again took to the streets, but instead of picket signs, they carried clipboards and were successful in collecting enough signatures to recall six Republican senators as well as prepare for the gales of November, when they start in earnest in taking out the most belligerent politician of them all, Scott Walker.

So failing miserably in the brilliance side of things, the Republicans decided to go with the baffling of the dwindling number of people that still believed them, much less supported them.

First they tried to BS their way by ramming their ill-spirited bills through, even if it meant breaking the law to do so.  They're hope was obviously to break the will of the people and wait for them to give up and go away. Instead, they only drew bigger crowds and were the subjects of greater outrage.  They tried to break the people's will by taking away "their house." The people responded with not broken spirits, but by breaking out tents for camping around the Capitol.

The Republicans then upped their fear and smear with finding some bullets that were mysteriously strewn about the Capitol.  This quickly turned into a non-story, especially in light of how peaceful the protests have been.

The right wing continued to hurl selective outrage after selective outrage without anything sticking.

The most recent attempt was the supposed plan of some unnamed group who was supposed to be putting stickers on items that some of the people of Wisconsin are boycotting, such as Johnsonville, Angels Soft toilet paper, etc.  As many on the left had already figured, it was just another stunt by Walker and friends that turned out to be nothing but their usual brand of exaggeration and conflation.

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