Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Moment You've Been Waiting For!

You've seen the teaser for it...

You've read the reports about it...

And now, the moment you were waiting for...

The video of the social media panel of which I had taken part of:


  1. Watching you in the posted video, I can't understand why people would write in death threats to you. I was angry to read that.

    I can't believe someone would go to the effort, when you seem to be doing a good enough job killing yourself.

    Mix in some salad greens and a gym visit once in a while, eh?

  2. Meh. I've never denied being fat. But I could always change that if it bothered me.

    You, however, will sadly always be a small, very small, person.

  3. capper, you're a rock star!

    On Wisconsin!

  4. That was painful. You sit like a bump on a log for 40 some odd minutes in the beginning.

    If you want to convey an effective message to an audience, don't slouch and don't mumble.

  5. @Anonymous: yeah, yeah, were the bully king of the 6th grade playground, we get it. Never let anybody forget that time in your life where you peaked.