Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Outside Agitators - Will Walker Complain About These?

Even as he was traveling the country, hitting up national GOP angels for big donations to defend his corrupt friends from being recalled, Scott Walker would lament that outsiders were throwing money at the people's efforts.

Even has Walker was asking the person he believed to be David Koch for help in getting people to Wisconsin to support his besieged cronies, he mewled about how the unions and even President Obama were supposed to be shipping the hundreds of thousands of protesters to Madison.

And speaking of outside agitators, look at what the local paper finally got around to reporting (which is actually old news to anyone following the #wiunion on teh Twitter):
Democrats who filed challenges last Thursday to recall petitions filed against three Democratic senators broke down the number of signatures collected in each of the campaigns by out-of-state circulators. Such signatures accounted for more than 44% of those collected by the recall campaign against Sen. Dave Hansen (R-Green Bay), Democrats say.

According to a  Republican Party campaign finance statement filed last month, the party spent $92,000 on a Colorado firm, Kennedy Enterprises, to provide staffing for several recall campaigns.On its website, Kennedy Enterprises lists circulating petitions as one of the services it provides.

A Journal Sentinel spot check of Hansen recall signatures found that more than 150 of the 200 pages of signatures checked were circulated by people with out-of-state addresses.
But, wait! There's more!
The Democrats said 44.65% of the signatures against Hansen were collected by out-of-staters, while the out-of-state proportion in the campaign against Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) was 36.64% and of the campaign against Sen. Robert Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie), 33.12%. 
Democrats say some of the out-of-state circulators misled petition signers about what they were signing, and argued in their challenges to the petitions that anything these circulators collected should be thrown out.
I'm sure that we will soon hear from Walker that this was great news and was somehow going to lower taxes and create jobs.And I'm equally sure that no one with a modicum of honesty and/or common sense will ever believe him.

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